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A really rushed and simple edit of these cuties ❤️
- #vonstandsforhope
Theme: Emo Bands

I love these two

Decorating my Instax films 💕

There's more where that came from 🌸. Also the ones who haves autographs, I prefer to leave it that way 💕


A really rushed and simple edit of these cuties ❤️
- #vonstandsforhope
Theme: Emo Bands

I think Makoharu was already edited to this before but ohh well they're so cute lmao
- #ashesmonthly
Theme: Favorite ship

I've been trying to come up with a caption for like 15 minutes and still nothing ahh my head hurts I'm going to go to sleep now because I have to be up early for a tour lol so goodnight my friends ily 💞
DT: all my Makoharu shippers ;))

~Aru Akise~ collab with @mxn.dayy 🤤
part 1: @mxn.dayy
part 2: me

Sad angst with these cuties
~ Victoria @bloodyinspiring
Whoops repost because I forgot to crop the borders out

Ok so I didn't know what to post for fanart so I decided to make an appreciation post for this guy 💚🐳 (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) Makoto Tachibana is honestly one of my favorite anime boys ☺️His character is so adorable and his smile is the most precious thing that I have ever witnessed 😭 I can't wait to see the new movie o(^_^)o On another note I hope you guys like Assassination Classroom bc that's my edit for today 😅~Zuka 🍡 •
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Makoharu || Young & Beautiful 💞
Wow I almost didn't get this done it time lol this probably the longest amv I made in a while and towards the ending you can literally see where I was rushing oops

Out of curiosity if I did an MEP would anyone join? 👀
AC/IB: 'userless'

{YAOI WARNING} I regret nothing

" Sorry Rin, but I Iove swimming and Haru-chan ..so nothing is going to change that."
Yandere Makoto is a blessing omg

Sigh I've been feeling emotionally drained so much recently and I can't explain why.
Well anyways here's some dialogue that I wrote for this AU. Enjoy :)
" Haru..you know you can trust me right?"
" Yeah. Of course, why?"
" It's just..you seem so different lately. I can't help but sense you're isolating yourself from all of us. Especially..me."
"..Um it's nothing."
" Haru, I know you aren't the best at expressing on how you feel and I understand that completely. But..you don't know how much it torments me to see you like this!"
" Makoto. Really, I'm okay. Let's stop talking about this already. "
" Yeah, you say you're fine but are you really Haru?" Even before you had that fight with Rin this was happening. What happened to make you change so much? "
" I see we're still talking about it anyway. Just forget about it."
" Haru wait!"
" H-hey! Makoto let go of me!"
" No! Listen to me you idiot! I-I can't explain it clearly as to why I want to find out so much but something is telling me I need to know. We have been best friends since we were kids so why now are you shutting me out? This isn't just about me, you know? Whatever is going on is also affecting your health too! You're not sleeping, you're barely eating your meals and you don't enjoy swimming like you used too! Was that one incident with Rin really the cause of all of this beca-"
" Shut up, just shut up! You don't know what's going on inside my head or my life! I'm sick of seeing that expression on your face that shows you feel sorry for me. That you feel empathy towards me. But hey!Guess what? You are never, going to, understand. Stop trying because you're never going to be satisfied with the answer you're getting. "
" Then let me! You said it yourself you trusted me so stop resisting and show me you actually do. This feeling is suffocating with not knowing what to do with you. It's driving me to insane! I care about you so much that you're too stubborn to realize that." (more in comments)

the best boy.
the timeless melody movie was released yesterday I want to cry

orange blossoms are also the floridan flower and i live in florida. what a great time to be alive
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