Porsche 904 racecar rear chassis subframe just back from powder coating nice yellow to match my coil over springs #porsche904racecar #porsche904project #porsche904 #powdercoating #powdercoat #makingprogress #nuxalk #nuxalknation #nuxalkmc

Hoy les voy a platicar cómo comencé con mi cambio de vida, me preguntan mucho como le hago o como le hice para comenzar..
Muchos de ustedes me conocen y otro no, así que les cuento, soy mamá de tres hermosos hijos que adoró, ✌🏼 barones Joseph de 25 años y Diego de 21 años y mi nene Catalina de ✌🏼 años, soy de Mexico 🇲🇽 viví en Las Vegas 22 años, este año me mudé para Arkansas.
Cuando súper que seria mamá me quede en shock 😨 pues yo pensé que después de tantos años sin tener más hijos quizás ya no podía quedar embarazada 🤰🏻 pero como ven no fue así, y bueno con mi embarazo llegaron todos los cambios, tube un embarazo no muy bueno y tube que dejar de trabajar y para aquellas que trabajan y son independientes saben lo duro que es dejar de trabajar, una porque ya no tienes esa entrada económica y otra te vuelves muy solitaria, tú vida social termina y acabas siendo ama de casa 💯 % y bueno nació mi bebé y una alegría inmensa y al mismo tiempo una gran depresión, soledad y un vacío que nada ni nadie podía llenar ni mucho menos entenderme y justo cuando mi bebe tenía tres meses mi mami falllecio y no conoció a mi bebé, viaje de emergencia a Mexico 🇲🇽 dejando mi bebe de sólo tres meses, regresé y un poco después la noticia que nos mudaríamos y algo dentro de mi me daba un poco de esperanza pues pensaba que quizás eso me ayudaría con lo mal que me encontraba y bueno un día viendo a una chica su página de IG la comencé ha seguir y no me perdía todo lo que ella hacía pues se escuchaba feliz 😁 y se veía súper bien con su cuerpo apezar de tener 2 hijos y de ella segui a otras más, pero no hacía nada por preguntar como comenzaron que exactamente hacían pues al igual que muchas de ustedes pensaba que no era para mi, que no tenía dinero, que no podía hacer los ejercicios, que yo jamás lo lograría y saben que estaba súper equivocada un día una de ellas me envió un mensaje agradeciéndome que seguía sus post y me pregunto si me gustaría hacer lo mismo, lo pensé uno o dos dias y dije porqué no , con preguntar nada pierdo y saben que ese día a sido el día más feliz de mi vida, hoy estoy y me siento inmensamente feliz 😁 la decisión que tome me a dado 👇🏼

This is one of the last pictures of me that I have before all of my medical problems. This was also the last time I saw my goal weight on the scale. .

Today was HUGE, for the first time since my first surgery I have been under 140 and it wasnt just by a few ounces it was by 2 lbs!!! Now some of your are rolling your eyes, but I am short and a healthy goal weight would be 128-130 for me. Liift4 helped me gain a lot of my strength back and loose a few pounds, but since I ended that program I just couldn't get the scale any lower. 2 days ago I started doing my food freedom group hard core and this morning on day 3 I have already lost a few pounds and I have had a glass of wine AND a freaking slice of pizza during those days 💥boom my mind is blown💥 This program legit gives you the FREEDOM to enjoy the things you love and still see results. . So excited I now know I dont need to stress Thanksgiving because this is working for me, as long as I stick to my plan and even more excited to know my goal weight isn't to far out of sight.

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We have a reader on our hands now! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #mybaby #proudmom #makingprogress #hehatesreading 📚📖

It’s a snow day! This is my first snow storm that I had to drive anywhere in and I have to say I am not a fan! People are so impatient and unsafe when they drive in “safe” driving conditions and they don’t get much better any other time. Here’s to having the university close tomorrow and getting a 3 day weekend!

Hasta la vista baby. Did a @schwarzenegger Terminator linocut this evening. Decided mid cut to add a wee circle to colour red when the ink dried and I was so chuffed with how effective it looked added a splash of red to the Dredds I printed on white last week. Reckon I'll art drop a few of these down The Green in Aberdeen tomorrow. #linocut #linocutting #linoprint #linoprinting #linocutprint #newhobby #ink #printmaking #printing #practice #creativity #practicemakesperfect #art #terminator #t800 #arnoldschwarzenegger #hastalavista #illbeback #dredd #judgedredd #splashofcolour #red #redspot #makingimprovements #makingprogress #learningprocess #2000ad #splundigvurthrigg #comicsofinstagram #igcomicscommunity

WIP continua. Sono contento del risultato anche dopo un anno e mezzo che non prendevo il pennello in mano
#handpainted #spacewolves #makingprogress

#FreakingOut #excited over the silly scale... The past few days has been rough with being able to eat the way I should be, so I wasn’t going to weigh in this week (yes, bc I was scared. Ha!). We’re heading out of town in 2 days, so I hopped on anyway to at least know where I stand before the turkey and everything else that comes along with Thanksgiving. Glad I did... UP .8 lbs in weight ✔️DOWN almost 4.9 lbs of body fat ✔️ and UP 3.1 lbs of muscle! ✔️ #MakingProgress #StickToThePlan #Yoga #Pilates #Weightlifting #CoreStrength #Stretching #Movement

Great workout today!! Everyday making a lil progress.. Been dieting for a lil over 2 weeks now and you can definitely see the difference! #workout #exercise #abs #flex #diet #makingprogress #muscles #shredded #rexostallone #training #🔥🔥💪🏽

I guess you can say something has happened over the years...
2013-14-15-16-17-2018 😄
#dressagehorse #makingprogress #fiveyear #roadtograndprix #grandprixhorseinthemaking #dressurpferd

L4W7D4: Shoulders and Arms.
Can a sista get an EFF YEAH!? This week I did most of those killer triceps pushups!! Making progress both physically and mentally! .
Towards the end of the video ya girl was making some awesome faces! 🤪.
#accoutabilitypost #mombod #fitmom #boymom #breastfeedingandfit #stayathomemom #postpartumfitness #naptimefitness #liift4 #makingprogress #kickassmom #tricepspushups #liiftingfaces

left photo: trying to be liked so much so that I’d make sure my pictures ‘fitted’ with what was popular, that I forced how I looked to be ‘good enough’ and I would make myself think that I needed to look #fitspo to be validated.
right photo: I’m on a mission to like myself for all I am, away from a platform that I used to think validated my self-worth and in a way where I can really appreciate who I am.
here’s the thing, the need to be a people pleaser or gain acceptance from others is the first sign of low self-esteem and something I really opened my mind to learn about over the last year.
100% I was that person that had such low self-esteem I needed to find validation through this app and acceptance that I was worthy through others opinions.
but also, I am that person who realised that something wasn’t okay and that my confidence was being controlled by something that shouldn’t have any power over me.
I’m not embarrassed to say I looked to this platform to feel good enough at one point, but I’m equally proud to say I found help away from this platform and now identify the reasons why this wasn’t making me feel any better.
over the last couple of months I’ve stepped away to find out who I am and what I like about myself, far greater than just the things I share on Instagram.
& so far, I’m feeling better and stronger. but it’s a process and definitely not easy (some days are easier than others).
this is just another one of my reminders that it’s okay to not have things figured out, it’s okay to have no end goal but to be just trying to get through each day as it comes and it’s okay to be continuously working on developing yourself into a more confident and self-aware person.
beyond this app, you have a story far greater than what you share online & you are so incredibly worthy 🌈 #workingitout

Litt bryst som avslutning i dag 👌50kg hantle

“Make sure to build time into your schedule for the things that make your soul happy!” - @fallontaylor2 - - -
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Reading a book while waiting on new AFOs #afobraces #cpwarrior #makingprogress #24weeker #twin

Finally got it all cleaned up and ready for a decent coat of primer #restoration #evo8 #evo8mr #fastcars #betterbeworthit #makingprogress #thebigcleanup

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