Enjoying the views we sometimes take for granted. Happy Wednesday y’all! ✌🏼💛⛰

In case y’all didn’t notice, this past week I disconnected as much as possible. Presley + I are finishing up what was much needed. A mommy/daughter vaycay, that included the two of us, the beach, + a few incredible humans in our lives. I could write paragraphs about we did this entire past week at our home away from home or about the next destination we will travel to but all I see and all I want to write about when I look at this photo is how blessed I am. This right here is what makes my life whole + it’s all thanks to my super woman work ethic 😉 that I’ve put into my home based business that allows me to work from wherever my heart desires.
I see the memories we have made and I see all the adventures still ahead of us. I know that sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m grumpy, and sometimes I’m just not sure but what I am sure of is, that in her eyes I’m everything she needs, everything she wants, and together we continue to take on life, hand in hand. She’s my biggest accomplishment + I’m so thankful we’re on this ride together 🌈

Anyone else doing some deep cleaning when the kids go back to school? 🙋‍♀️ I have a bunch of all-natural cleaning recipes on the blog like this carpet cleaner/deodorizer.

Meet Jessica ✨ @jessicasmithhairstudio is a talented stylist specializing in a variety of services! She's well seasoned in Color, Cuts, DevaCuts, Special Occasion styling and more✨you can book with Jessica online #linkinbio

Customer of the day goes to AVA REW! 🎉 This three-year-old has pranking in her genes, the most adorable deep (!) voice + Southern accent, and is quick to show you her A+ yoga moves + push-ups! 💕

Badgley Mischka 2018 ready to wear @badgleymischka

Like a big huge chunk of my heart headed off to middle school today. ❤️ He walked right in like he owned the place- not even a hint of nerves. And can’t wait to go back tomorrow! My first baby, my first love.... slow down on this growing up thing, okay? Your poor mama’s heart can’t take it! 😭 #firstdayofschool #lularoe #lularoerandy

You know I’m obsessed with fringing right?! Well......I’ve finally managed to get fringing on one of my new bedding designs ‘peggy’ and I could not love it more 😍 I know it seems like a super simple thing adding fringing to a bed, but we’ve had to jump through a lot of hoops and push hard to get this fringing on our bedding because I just KNOW you guys will love it!! I want to design you special things, and things you can’t get everywhere else, and things that make your heart happy.......I know this fringing is not mass market and I know it’s niche and I probably won’t sell as much of this design because of it.........but......sometimes I don’t believe that’s the most important thing in design, I believe it’s more important to do things like this so the people that DO want fringing (even though there’s not so many of them) and the people that love to be a little bit more adventurous, and that love textiles and colour, and something new and different, can actually buy it and it’s available to them as a choice! Because it’s important to have choice 💗 Sometimes the bedding market is a very difficult one to ever break the norm in, so this is for all you lovely people who love to break the mould and step outside the traditional bedding norms 🙌🏻👊🏻🛏😁❤️ link in my profile to see all our new season bedding 😘

All this posing is such hot work 😅 Flashback to the days of 30+ degrees, swanning around Covent Garden with friends and buying ALL the flavours of cinnamon bun from @fabriquebakery. Oh, and borrowing @iamkristabel @boden_clothing dress to embody the 💃🏻 [#bodenbyme#coventgarden#fblogger#gramminginlondon#colourfullondon#colorcolourlovers#makeyousmilestyle]

She’s home from her first day of pre-K! ❤️ All the snuggles for my big girl and for her mama who *mostly held it together this afternoon. #firstdayofschool #lularoe #lularoeirma #lularoescarlett

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The pathway to my heart is paved with single-origin coffees and vegan sandwiches. #ricchinigoesplaces

a bit of paradise 🌿

Love it while you can 🐚

Courtney & Evan got married under a majestic oak tree surrounded by vineyards and that is one of a thousand reasons that you should check out their blog post! Link in profile.

NEW POST ON THE BLOG ✨ how do you take care of your teeth?!? my review of a new electric toothbrush I tried out from @smilebrilliant ! I’ve been honestly wanting to try an electric toothbrush for some time now, so this was the perfect opportunity to clean my pearly whites and give an honest review of a new product! Check out the blog post, and ALSO I’m giving you guys a promo code for 50$ off your own brush kit!! That’s almost 50% off the normal price of it, so go read my review and I highly recommend, honestly! Use code “phd50off” on smilebrilliant.com! Cleaning your teeth to remove any extra food and preventing plaque buildup is super important for teeth health - there’s a whole science behind it.
Have you ever used an electric toothbrush? What was your experience like? Would you be willing to try this brush? Let me know in the comments below! ✨

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