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L❤️ving this! Sweater in progress! 😎💜☀️#wipwednesday #hedgehogfibres

Loving this yarn and the project! Hoping to finish before Spin & Spa 18. First unreasonable goal of 2018. #ravelry #strandeddyeworksyarn #makewearlove #handknitsweater #indiedyers #handdyedyarn #merinocashmerenylon

I knit a sweater in just three days! Hooray for knitting machines! Now I just wish it would dry quickly so I could seam it. #dailyplucky #lk150 #makewearlove

She is done!!! Gola by @lauranelkin in @pluckyknitter Crew. If you’ve never knit one of Laura’s Novus construction patterns, add one to your queue now!! #nelkindesigns #dailyplucky #pluckyselfie #pluckyknitter #thepluckyknitter #makewearloveretreat #makewearlove #shoreledges

Stripes! Thanks for lending me your carriage @melistocrat! #dailyplucky #lk150 #makewearlove

I received this lovely yarn as a present and think it needs to be made into a color block sweater. #hedgehogfibres #upnext #memoir

Hand-Knit Winter Woolies Day 2 of CT trip: Customfit Sweater, Rock the Pompom Hat, Infinite Cabled Cowl, and 2 @ Time toe up magic loop socks.

Tiny socks happening here: heel turns up next!

Happy New Year! 💙 2018 dawned bright and beautiful (and cold! ❄️) here. Today I am grateful for all of you, for a new beginning, and also for happy times this past week with family and friends. 💫⭐️🌟✨This is my second #christmasevecaston that is coming along nicely thanks to the Pride and Prejudice New Year’s Eve marathon. (We are so exciting.) It is the #riggingsweatshirt by @amyherzogdesign. It’s going to be my monogamous knit this month because it is a birthday gift due for a very special teen at the end of January. So my feed will be mostly this gorgeous Hempathy in hard-to-photograph purple-ly blue. #sorrynotsorry We’ll see if I get it done. It is also my first foray into the #2018yearofthesweater. I have mountains of yarn for sweaters and scads queued up on Ravelry. I would love to finish at least 6 this year, but can only knit one at a time, and my knitting time is often shorter than what I hope for in my dreams. Are you knitting sweaters this year? Tell me what patterns have caught your eye. Please. I need more ideas. Especially because it is 20 degrees here today and I am wondering why I didn’t knit more sweaters in 2017. Remind me to knit on in August when it is 🔥, because I need them for the short but frigid winter we have here.☃️☃️☃️ And yes, I have three finished objects to show off, but they are still wet from blocking. 💦 it was a happy knit weekend here. #makewearlove #youcanknitthat #amyherzogdesigns

success! I finally have a picture of the entire sweater. It's lovely and cozy and fluffy as heck. It's a nice end to what has been an absolutely awful year.

#knittersofinstagram #customfit #makewearlove

Last sweater of 2017 finally blocked! Confetti fade. #mixthosebases #dailyplucky #sofadedsweater

I finally got around to finishing another @merchantandmills Factory dress in a snuggly brushed cotton check. As predicted, it is a perfect foil for handknit cardigans, but this is all you will see of it today, since I cannot be faffed to make myself look presentable enough for a photo with my face in today 😁 #handmadewardrobe #sewing #makewearlove #knitting

tfw you ask your boyfriend to take a picture of your new sweater and he doesn't even get the bottom half in the picture. In any of the pictures. "I thought your face was supposed to go in the box in the center!" Apart from that I'm very pleased with this. It's made with CustomFit in a totally different yarn than the sample, and it came out gorgeous.

#knittersofinstagram #customfit #makewearlove

54 hours left for this year. Is that enough time for these sweater pieces to dry, be seamed, Knit neck and button bands? Or will this be my 1st finished project for 2018? 🤔 #knittersofinstagram #customfit #swansislandyarn #makewearlove

If you can't walk you knit hats! I love that they match the candy bars. #😎💗☀️#brokenpatella #urbancacao #urbancacaoamsterdam

First on the list-#cushingisle #makewearlove
It has taken me way over a year to finish this sweater even though I've been dying to own a dark brown sweater for years. All I have left to complete is the final sleeve. Yarn is Wool of the Andes Tweed from my stash.

My #2017bestnine ! A lot of knitting and one HP memory. My favourite pic is number 4, when we were leaving for our AU/NZ adventure. 2017 was a great year for travel, family and creating :)
#ravelry #tanisfiberarts #outlawyarn #pixelatedpullover #customfit #makewearlove #vividblanket #tincanknits #allwaswell

Finally got around to taking pics of my Custom Fit Fade Sweater. Yarn is Squish Worsted from the lovely @thefarmersdaughterfibers! #customfit #makewearlove #sofadedsweater

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