Give this girl a ✔️....Productive day today. You know when you just feel frazzled and overwhelmed and that you’ll never get it all done? That was me last week and the week before!!! Sometimes my mind gets so full, I can’t process it all. But then I do a great brain dump in one of my (many) note books, make a to do list and “ouela” structured thoughts begin.
I’ve told you before. I’m not by nature a tidy person. I have to work at it. In my business, my house and my brain! 😆
So today, along with taking Holly and Lauchie to bounce at the trampoline and inflatable center and a belated Mother’s Day lunch (last week Lauchlan was sick, although this week Without Dan as he’s all gross and sick🤦🏼‍♀️). I have:
- Prepped all the downloads for Boot Camp 2.0 (1 week to go link in bio)
- Drafted all the daily emails for BC
- Wrote my slides for day 1
- Wrote an article for the magazine - Prepared my notes for tomorrow’s livestream - Uploaded my interview with Martha Mok to my You Tube Channel
AND Skyped my nan and grandad who are visiting my mum in Spain!
Good wifey (took the kids out) ✔️
Good mummy ✔️
Good daughter & grand daughter ✔️
Good business owner ✔️
See, told you, productive day 😜
If only the weather was as good as the photo. Bring back summer ❄️🌧

Buenas tardes 🖤

Super long boho style bridesmaid hair 🙌🏻

Hi guys!! Sorry I haven’t been posting but I haven’t had time to take pictures but I’m gonna try to take pictures today so I have some throughout the week! I hope everyone is having a good day!! ~
Backup Account: @makeupaddicted.xoxo ~
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This post is about the cheeks, 1st pic is before -filter-... (1ml in each cheek of juvaderm.) 2nd pic is after-no filter-
#juvaderm #cheekfillers #beforeandafter #beautyobsessed #makeupobsessed

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