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Let's talk about makeup ! (Like when did we not ? 😂) I see a lot of people shaming bloggers (or anyone really) because they wear makeup. Its ok to love make up and it's also OK to go out bare face ! We all have insecurities, i know I do ! I'm mostly insecure about my skin, I have acne and acne scars, you can see it on the second picture (dert ha en seconde position bech manekhlaach les gens qui scrollent tranquillement 😛) And most of the time I go out bare face, sometimes I don't have time, sometimes I don't want to, sometimes naadjez. But I love makeup, and I'm not ashamed anymore for saying that ! I love the fact that you can make yourself prettier, enhance the beauty you already have. And I hate when boys (or girls) tell me that I'm supperficial for doing it because I'm not. I'm a smart girl who fkn loves doing her makeup and I refuse to be called supperficial 😁
#365happydays #day206 #makeupisamazing #letsbeprettyandsmart #letsloveourselves

Oh God have mercy on me
Hold me down under holy water
I fear I been laying with the devil😍 #inthismoment #ohlord #makeupisamazing #mariabrink

I showered, got dressed, and put on a face like a real grown up today. 👍🏼#day1nopainmeds #makeupisamazing #sunshine

Way back Wednesday to the first time I successfully covered up my beard shadow enough to actually feel pretty (June 2015). Tinted concealer + foundation can do wonders. Haha.
#transgender #girlslikeus #prehrt #thisiswhattranslookslike #makeupisamazing

It only took a little visit to King Henry VIII's palace for our munchkin to fall asleep in her pram for the first time and then finally took her first crawl forward in the grass. On another note, I really think a child's first birthday should actually be a celebration for the parents with a registry included. The first year is quite quick, but definitely a bit blurry and bloody hard at times. #hamptoncourt #babyevaline #parenting #makeupisamazing


Certainly not as good as the professionals but getting the hang of this make up thing. Gotta practice that contouring and purchase better products 👌 #practicemakesperfect #willsavemealotofmoney #makeupisamazing

OMG OMG OMG OMG. besides the point, but it's the season premier of American horror story tonight!!!!! #americanhorrorstory #omg #excited #seasonpremiere #favourite #love #makeup #cute #adorable #nyxcosmetics #nyx #elf #elfcosmetics #covergirl #addiction #makeupisamazing #passion

I bought my 83 year old grandma concealer to cover her age spots that were bothering her. I chose the @katvondbeauty concealer as it covers literally everything. The smile she had when she saw her face for the age she feels was precious. Im so happy I could help her out.

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