Just took off my makeup and in my comfy sweats. Today consisted of 4 hrs sleep, a 12 hr work day with tons of dialogue on a new show, (@freshofftheboatabc ) working on a new character in a state of hyper concentration all day. Hell, it was fun, playing with my friends @randallpark & @constancewu, and @mrreggielee, but it was also oodles of stress!! I am SPENT! POOPED!! WIPED OUT!
But tomorrow morning, I’m back on #agentsofshield. I still have lots of homework & lines to memorize. Now, this is not me complaining. I’m just stating the facts. I’m telling you all this because no matter how much you have done, or are doing or need to do, it’s good to know your limits. Hell, you’re human! I know I am!! So make sure you take a break. Hit that damn pause button! Wenever™️ you’re out of energy, put your feet up. Close your eyes. Just give yourself a mini-break. It really helps to recharge you. 15 mins works for me!! That’s what I’m going to do as soon as I’m done telling YOU TO DO IT! Ok, I’m pausing now. Ciao! 😘💋#makeupfree

biological woman.

My face at 40, free of make up and filled with laughter lines, worry lines (those really piled on these past few years!) a few scars, and etched with my fears, hopes and dreams. Onward, into this new chapter...✨(also, this is what I used to look like with no bangs!!) _______________________________________
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Shameless selfie. #makeupfree #curlyhairdontcare

Everbody needs to keep our skin hydrated,refresh,and safe. Regular makeup can make our skin dull and lifeless sometimes.

MMR helps along on removing makeup residue without giving break off lashes, red patches and pulling off skin on your face.Only use water 💦 and your done. Chemical free and gentle and soft to skin.

Let ☺ be your umbrella ☔ on a rainy day.Pamper yourself for a while. Happiness is a habit so is your skincare.
Link in our bio.
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Hey yall! Meet Ferney. I met him while camping/hiking 🤗🌲
Also I've been quiet in regards to music, I've found a band and we've been working hard on reinventing the sound! Stay tuned, new material is on its way! 👀🎶
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