“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before!” -Maya Angelou ☀️ What a beautiful way to begin a day of God’s Creation!

What are your plans for the day? 📝

#ashleywatsonbeauty #makethisdayyours

God morgen! Fått levert den ene kid’en i barnehagen, fått lagt den andre OG satt på kaffe før kl.07.00!!! 😊😴☕️☕️☕️#liggerikkepålatsiden #oppommorran #moccamaster #makethisdayyours

The days keep rolling, even when you're not ready. The seasons change even when you're not done grieving. The sun comes up even when you haven't gone to sleep. Time truly stops for no one. It's overwhelming and beautiful and terrifying and motivating all at the very same time. #makethisdayyours #notestoself

Hello my friends, my life warriors! Make this day your by going for a dream, by setting targets or by hitting a goal and remember to pay it forward to help someone else to make it there day!

Have an awesome day and I know I will see you all soon, never forgetting fight today for a greater tomorrow ☺🤗🙏

HELLO MONDAY! I’m ready for you b*tch!! Lol #mondaymotivation #makethisdayyours

3rd and most important order of business of the day 🖕🏽👌🏽#makethisdayyours

So this is me! Back at 213 lbs after getting down to 181 lbs last year. Am I disappointed in myself? Absolutely! My advice to myself while I was on the stairclimber was: Don't compare yourself to who you were a year ago, six months ago, three months ago, 24 hrs ago. You are a different you, in a different place then you were a year ago, six months ago, three months ago, 24 hrs ago. Be grateful your heart is beating, your lungs can take in air, and you woke up to conquer this day. Make this day yours. #puttingmefirst #grantedanotherday #wakeupkickassrepeat #makethisdayyours #chronicles #thickgirl #fitnessinspiration #fitgirllife #healthybody #healthymind #peacefulsoul

You have two choices.. You can Run your day, or you can let your day run you.. Don't get run over. Get up! #YouCANDoThis #MakeThisDayYOURS

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