Divine customer who is looking forward to sweet dreams in her tropical palm print Majmakes eyemask. See link in bio. More sleep makes the world a better place!
Available at oval market on sat 25th, Hernehillmarket on sunday 26 th august. Also at the amazing Bermondsey Street Festival on sat 15 th September. See you there
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What do you think about these VERY IMPORTANT ANIMALS phone cases? Do you want one?? I just made them for fun but they actually they turned out pretty cool 😍🦒🐧 #veryimportantanimals #saveanimal #saveanimals #stoppoaching #stoppoachers #savewildlife #nationalparkrescue #goodcause #makeadifference #maketheworldbetter #ikkoopbelgisch #belgiandesign #belgianbrand #buy1itemsave10lives

The greatest thing i learn in life is the ability to hear those who can’t speak the same language as i do. Animals are wonderful creatures, if you only stop for a second and think about the stuff you eat and the things you consume as a costumer, you will realize that giving them love and receiving love back from them, worth so much more then any food/clothes. do the right choice, it is never too late to be better as a human. choose love, kindness. choose to open your eyes and hears to those who are different from you. the best decision i made in my life is to go vegan, and i definitely recommend it to everyone. it is a life changing experience, and the best choice you can make. ✌🏼🌱☮️💟

• I took this picture yesterday after the slutwalk. it’s really empowering to me as a woman to see so many people walk to end rape culture. This walk has been getting hate from so many people that may not understand the fact that most of the women got sexual assault at least one time in their lives. before you hate, or judge, please go out and read about it. alot of people are ignorant when it comes to women rights and why we didn’t fully achieve them yet. read about slut-shaming, rape culture, prostitution culture and why it’s so wrong, the porn industry and so much more. please educate yourself becuase this stuff is really important❤️ •

I'm trying out washing my hair with a shampoo bar. The results are not great so far. I have washed my hair with it for 10 days now, every other day, but it's still all greasy, matte and stiff. Also do an apple cider vinegar rise after every wash, which only helps a little and the smell does NOT go away after the hair dries...So the ponytail is my new style and I try to stand far away from people because of the smell... My daughter has already complained about it 😩. I really hope there is an end to the transition period soon, I don't think I can take it much longer! Thankfully my husband is very understanding 😍

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Для жителей многоквартирных домов собраны пошаговые инструкции по самостоятельной организации раздельного сбора отходов в своих дворах! ♻ http://мусорраздельно.рф
Все инструкции основаны на успешном практическом опыте и предназначены для активных жителей и представителей жилищных объединений (ТСЖ, ЖСК, ЖК и т.д.) из разных регионов России, которые хотят наладить раздельный сбор рядом с домом. 👌
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Babylon is falling.
The truths, the accepted notions, the day to day realities that you live and breathe, those are shifting, turning and releasing the tight grips of blindness and inequity. A slow gear has started turning, opening our eyes, releasing the veil.
Babylon is falling. Can you see?
Our religions are flawed, our societal structures are inevitable, our society has forgotten what it means to be a Good Samaritan.
Last night I was at a popular fair here in Maine. 2 white men (between the ages of 17-19ish) started beating on each other. A crowd around them stopped and stared. The by-stander effect in place. I realized what was happening and ran over to shout “someone break this up!” This broke the bystander effect of passive watching into action.
Immediately 2 men jumped into action, trying to release the grips of the fighting men. A minute went by and a white police officer came over shouting “Get the fuck away from them!” to all of us trying to help. He then managed to detain both parties fairly aggressively albeit quickly.
Its a confusing time we’re living in. Where doing the right thing gets you screamed at by a police officer. Where going to church runs you the risk of being molested. Where people want to turn a convenient blind eye. It’s no wonder people have forgotten the ways of the Good Samaritan. It’s no wonder we don’t know what to do.
Babylon is falling and I’m here to help take it down brick by brick. To help raise a new foundation - where we all can know the ways of love and interconnectedness. Where our humanity dismantles the aggression and infuses love and spirituality back into this chaotic world.
Babylon is falling. Can you see? Will you help rebuild?
Photo by @houseofwadada
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Animals are so wonderful and have the amazing ability to fill me with joy and happiness 😀🌱🌓

This is your Sunday evening reminder that you are capable, you are enough and you are loved just as you are. #sundayscaries

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