It seems like every gardener I talk to says they have sooooo much mint. I wanted to make it my mission this summer to make the most of what is abundant in my garden so am packing handfuls of mint into our ‘spa’ water as our favorite summer refresher. To help you appreciate this enthusiastic grower, here are some great benefits that mint has to offer that go beyond its fresh flavor . Mint can help aid digestion and is often used to relieve nausea, excess gas, motion sickness. It is also beneficial for treating common colds, coughs and asthma. Mint is also an excellent skin cleanser and is antiseptic and cooling and can feel great patting your face with chilled mint tea to treat skin inflammation. Come see me at the @lindenhillsfarmmarket this Sunday at 11:00 where I will be giving a cooking demo and chat about making the most of your summer bounty and incorporating more herbs into your meals. #mint #peppermint #makethemostofyourherbgarden #summerherbs

Chive blossoms are pretty but also so tasty! I like to dehydrate them when they are abundant and store them in an airtight jar to have on hand for adding to biscuits, breads or crackers or sprinkle over cheeses, salads and other dishes. The color and flavor intensifies when they are dry. #chiveblossoms #chiveflowers #makethemostofyourherbgarden #chives

Ah chive blossoms... so pretty to sprinkle over your food and add an onion-y bite , like these quick pickled radishes #chiveblossoms #chives #makethemostofyourherbgarden

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