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Never lose power again! Disguise your charger with this fashionable DIY tassel! #crafty #DIY #diply #crafts #imadethis #makersgonnamake #feelingcrafty #charger #charge #fauxleather #charge #phone #iphone

This is unforget-TABLE 😍
Did you know we have a Facebook group exclusive for woodworkers? Join it so you can meet other woodworkers in your area, ask questions, and post your coolest creations! Please search for: INSTA WOODWORKERS // KNOT & GRAIN on Facebook!
PC: @tishonkel

There are going to be many photographs of pots in this spot over the coming weeks. The studio doesn’t have many places with good natural light, apart from Lisa’s corner of the pottery, atop her Alsager potters wheel. On days I’ve been firing the little gas kiln I have to be in very early and for a precious few hours there is lovely light and strong shadows that I’ve taken advantage of. The dark green glaze this bowl has pops much more here compared to the white I normally shoot on.

I throw my medium bowls from a one pound lump of clay. I’m sure many potters in this country throw with weights measured both in metric and imperial. Lisa’s notebooks and the past apprentice notes of dimensions and weights of clay have been kept in both over the years. In some instances I find it’s easier to use one pound as a measurement rather than four-hundred and fifty-three grams. For most of my own work, other than bowls, I use grams—it’s peculiar and doesn’t make sense but it works.

Much of this weight is turned away to create the tall foot-ring and bottom curve of the form. I never trim anywhere near the rim on these as they’re thrown very thinly, but also it’s difficult to work as the three lumps of clay that hold it onto the wheel get in the way. The next time I make bowls I’m going to make a chuck that fits the inside shape of these, it can be kept leather hard and wetted to stick the pots in place. The rims on number of this batch flare out a touch—making them more reminiscent of the old Chinese and Japanese pots I’ve been looking at for inspiration over the years. I hadn’t meant to throw these like that, subconsciously it just happens. The black marks below the rim aren’t iron specks, rather it’s carbon trapping that is just beginning to form. In small doses it isn’t something I mind, but anymore more than this and it becomes so.

Cool or nah? (@nk_woodworking_design)

Don’t let tired hands keep you from snipping, cutting, and crafting the day away. Get ready: Etsy Studio opens in just *three* days!

It’s #FreshShopFriday and we’re embracing spring to the max. Who’s to say you can’t display fresh flowers in a mug? Handmade marbled mug by Etsy seller @yyallie (shop name: Clay Therapy Ceramics). Handmade textured vases by Etsy seller @huskmilkpottery. Follow the link in bio to explore more from these fresh shops!

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My gorgeous Ella modelling one of my beanies that I will be donating to charity for this winter. She sure isn't a natural. 😊 #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #instacrochet #aussiecrocheter #crochetbeanie #backtobasics #crochetforacause #crochetforthehomeless #maker #makersgonnamake #sydneymakers #kymmiesboutique

What an amazing month of markets we have had! Thankyou to all of you who came by to say hello, and especially this Insta fam, we met so so many of you, thankyou!
Stayed tuned Mermaid Bay and Mexican Wave Ocean Dreamers will be loaded to our online store this week 🙌🏼🐚🌿

Work by #YanyanHuang at the #ArmoryShow this past March.

Day 19/100 of #100daysofsketchyfolks.

The first repeat person (the sistern) for this project! Hard to resist her cute hat and dinosaur shirt.

Building a unicorn during my weekly cry-along with @justastorypod. #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #unicorn #makersgonnamake #podcast

Made this awesome bead tonight out of two .40 cal bullet casings. #makersgonnamake #dirtyhandscleanmoney #bestjobieverhad look at the bead not the bad ass knife #striderknives

My Genny and Ruth quilt top is done 🤗🎉✂ #gennyandruthquilt

This sponge by scientists is designed to soak and clean up oil spills! Amazing example of using science for the environment! @techinsider

Since I'm on a roll of things I make other than hoops --I also make all my own wooden wick candles (like the one in this photo), rosin and medicated topicals, my own self grown organic herb bundles,organic tea blends, crystal grids, my own bath salts, bath bombs, bath melts, toothpaste, hair conditionar, lotion and my own skin toner... Oh and I make plushies and fabric dolls 😂 im super introverted and prefer to spend my time with myself making things rather than socializing.. I'm bad at socializing #makersgonnamake #makeallthethings #jackofalltrades #candlelight #singingbowl #selenite #palosanto #sage #meditate #zen

Hello from my corner of the globe to yours! This little embroidery of the state of Oregon, filled in with plants and flowers native to the different regions was especially fun to make. See my story for a few in-progress shots. #the100dayproject #hannahmariemakes

❤✉ Crafty things ✉❤
#crafts #envelope #cute #makersgonnamake #buttons

Fernie trying on her new fancy shoe🌿 I love to personify my plants 💚

Clay Sunday!
Behind the scenes in my first exploration with white earth clay. Lots of rolling, pinching, squishing, swearing and crazy lady laughs - its true what they say about clay being a test of patience!
Oh the joys! 🍃
#art #clay #pottery #ceramics #whiteclay #pinchpot #handmade #behindthescenes #makersgonnamake #melbourne #artist #creative #claywork #sunday #passion #craft #design #girlboss #workinprogress

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