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Go up, up, and away with these ADORABLE DIY hot air balloons! #crafty #diply #makersgonnamake #homedecor

Ya or Na?

Packing up this amazing aura crystal mug and I'm so excited for it to arrive at its new home! Also check out one of the cups I couldn't say goodbye to quite yet over @theindievillage 💙💎 #indiemakers #crystallove #auraismyfavoritecolor

We walnut lie: this is amazing 😎
Did you know we have a Facebook group exclusive for woodworkers? Join it so you can meet other woodworkers in your area, ask questions, and post your coolest creations! Please search for: KNOT & GRAIN WOODWORKERS on Facebook!
PC: @holzstangl

Hair by @jonreymanhair color by @colleeneflaherty 🤙🏼🌊 much needed from those long days in the wood shop. Thanks for getting all the sawdust out 😎 @spokeandweal

i spent all day painting & now I'm waiting for @lonesome_joe to get home so we can watch game of thrones. so excited! no spoilers! how was your sunday?
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I've just updated my shop with a new collection of work! No inkwells yet, sadly, but there's a whole assortment of other pots.

Inkwells, to be partnered up with my thrown ink pens and their rests or the larger palette sets—although they seem to be equally useful as bud vases. They will have corks to keep them sealed too, but for now I’ve rather liked having them around as lone, decorative objects.

These forms are lovely to throw, like my other bud vases with the downward sloping rim these are first thrown taller than they need be before the clay is carefully thrown inward in a collaring motion. I use the tip of my index finger to create the undercut beneath the protruding rim, which is mostly covered in glaze once finally fired. These are modeled off the old Victorian salt fired ones you can find quite commonly, although surprisingly I haven’t found a whole one since I started making them, but I’d like one in my pot collection at some point.

I don’t have a measure for the diameter the whole needs to be on these, I simply throw them to be a touch wider than my forefinger. Of course they’ve got to allow the pens to pass through comfortably, which they do. My latest batch of thrown pens are especially thin, far more so than any I’ve made before, which was a challenge. In the next few weeks I’ll be firing the rests for them so hopefully a handful will appear on my shop soon, for the first time ever.

Each of my palette sets will also include a pen, rest and inkwell, together with the wooden tray and pots that fill that, alongside anything else I feel is appropriate to that specific group, be it a single vase, or a bowl perhaps if it matches numerous other palette pieces or the pen.


203/365: getting weird with the condiments / clover honey: today i feel so glad to have laughter, thrifted goods, and an a hot shower all at arms length.
grateful for you. i see you doing all you are doing and doing it with STYLE !!!
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Another shot of the Goals chalkboard I finished up today!

Guten Morgen ihr Lieben 🌸 mir ging es die letzten Tage nicht gut, daher war es still hier bei Insta. Hoffe, dass ich das diese Woche nachholen kann. Schaue gleich bei euch vorbei 😚
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Look at the shimmer on those legs! This is good old Aussie Spotted Gum with a Grey Gum top. Beautiful when finished but challenging to work with due to timber movement. Adrian knew this from the outset but wouldn't be persuaded from his timber choice. Having now made 2 small and 2 large tables in the same design Adrian concedes the warnings were not unwarranted. We used 3 coats of Livos oil and late afternoon Sydney winter sunshine to show off this interesting timber.⠀

#spottedgum #greygum #aussietimber #table #spottedgumfurniture #occasionaltable

R O S E . G O L D
I want money, power and glory, sings Lana del Rey. Those shoes might help me. Have nice day ! -----
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Du kannst alles erreichen, wenn du es nur willst. Du musst lediglich deine Techniken, dein Umfeld, deine Visualisierungen oder einfach immer noch mehr von allem ändern, optimieren, perfektionieren.
Du bist der Designer deines Lebens. Du darfst niemals aufgeben, denn wenn du niemals aufgibst, wirst du am Ende immer gewinnen. Dein Ziel erreichen.
Also dranbleiben. Weiter kämpfen. Immer weiter.
Das ist die simple und klare Wahrheit.

Doch es ist auch der größte Bullshit.
Denn die Wahrheit ist: Du kannst nicht alles ändern, du hast nicht die Macht, alle Umstände zu ändern. Manchmal hast du die Chance vor den Umständen wegzulaufen, doch die Umstände bleiben. Und manchmal hast du einmal nicht die Chance wegzulaufen.
Das fängt im Kleinen an und hört im Großen auf. Menschen wie Nelson Mandela, Frida Kahlo oder auch Guido Orefice aus "Das Leben ist schön" sind dafür großartige Vorbilder.

Manchmal ist es wichtig einfach anzunehmen.
Zu akzeptieren, dass du die Umstände nicht ändern kannst. Das ist schwer. Sehr schwer. Manchmal ist es ein langer, schwerer Kampf.
Doch am Ende dieses langen Weges, wenn du es geschafft hast anzunehmen, dann erkennst du, dass du nur eines ändern konntest:
Deine eigene Haltung zu dem, was ist.
Und da ist dann Friede, Ruhe und Zufriedenheit. Das Ende des Kampfes.
Und wo solltest du aufhören zu kämpfen? #annehmen #acceptance #nofighting #zufriedenheit #bonn #nelsonmandela #fridakahlo #lifeisbeautiful

Hey...hey... Its Monday a bright new week to start something amazing!
I thought I should say hi! I've had lots of new followers lately.
So this is me 👆🏼and my "sewing is my happy place t-shirt!" Im a thirty something mama of 2 cheeky children and 2 even cheekier kittens 🐱 I make all the lovely things you see pop up on my page with my own fair hands and you can find them all in my etsy shop. (Link in the bio)
My little business runs along side my day job although it's gradually taking over and my dream is to make my business my full time income.
So with all your gorgeous orders and support.....the sky's the limit.
Thanks for staying with me and please say hi 👋🏻 I'd love to meet you all 😘😘😘 Love Lucy aka @madebylucyx .
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Block number 79 of #100days100blocks2017 😍

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