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Given the enermous splish splash, I believe there's a dugong inside the pool 🤔
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My empty closet and the stuff that is not going back in it. #cleansweep #hoarder #curlylyfe #makeroomfornewadventures #marthastewartaintgotshitonme #imexhausted

For every minute spend organizing, an hour is earned.

Tonight’s project — our family’s fridge! How many times have you gone into your fridge and had to play Tetris in order to squeeze in new groceries? Yeah us too!

So tonight I decided to take action. Did we waste food? Of course not. EVERYTHING we threw away were leftovers gone bad or condiments, jams etc that have already expired…. Isn’t that crazy?! All of us for some reason hold on to more than we should. We carry around the baggage of our past and for what? Its not doing any of us any good and all it does is clutter our lives and block the new from coming it in.
So tonight we got rid of the old in order to make way for the new!

It is crazy how much extra room opens up in your life (and fridge!) when you rid yourself of the negative baggage holding you down.
What baggage are you holding onto? I challenge you TONIGHT to take action and rid yourself of it. Create some space for your the new to enter your world! Besides, a more organized home, workspace, and life, will save you hours of back tracking, stress, and confusion down the road.
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