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Need some 5' wide parota slabs on #slaburday? @exotichardwoods has you covered!
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A newly fired little espresso cup. For a long time now we’re lost our original yellow slip recipe, some of you might recall days when soda pots that looked similar to this were posted more frequently. We long used up the bucket of glaze that worked, mixed long before I started as an apprentice to Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. We’ve tried dozens of recipes since, littering the small studio with old buckets of tried and tested glazes. We had been using titanium dioxide primarily, but switched it out for a dark rutile, from a recipe found in an old notebook—this is it fired.

It’s like nothing else we’ve tested. There are almost two layers of surface, beneath, is the old yellow we used to get, albeit slightly more pale, and above, are crystals, that fade in across the piece. Where the soda hits, it begins to run with black and blue markings, and where the vapourised soda touches less a matte, crystalline surface forms. They might be a byproduct of the slow cooling, but the pot would have cooled very evenly, so you’d think the crystals would appear evenly over the whole piece instead of how they have.

Although it isn’t what we’re after exactly, it’s a good alternative until a better version is found. A recipe that yields colour more vivid without the crystalline flecks would be ideal—the search continues.

Alongside these very few espresso cups glazed like this, there are a handful of mugs too, currently cooling in the kiln we fired last night to be opened on Monday. If they’re any good we’ll bring a few with us to Ceramic Art London, which starts on the 31st of March, ending on the 2nd of April.


Started building out the bed of my '54 Ford using 9-foot-long boards of reclaimed Western Red Cedar. I treated them with 6 coats of raw Linseed (Flax) oil plus 6 coats of "Le Tonkinois" marine varnish (a blend of boiled Linseed oil and Tung Tree oil).

Fancy a nosey around this pretty sewing space? Take a tour of where @craftypinup makes beautiful lingerie - on our blog now 👆


Washi tape + twine, two of my favorite things to collect ✨
#papercraft #twine #washitape

Love the idea of support fellow needlework artists. Can't wait to see all the amazing work that's out there!

Two more Ren's finished.

I don't keep a lot of what I make for sweet Paul but this one I had to keep! #handmade #embroidery #patchwork #makersgonnamake #maker


I went and saw Beauty and the Beast the other night!😍 It was fantastic. So here's another "Be Our Guest" sign up for grabs in my Shop! (Link in my bio 💕) 🌹
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Shows are right around the corner! I need to clear out some room for new pieces! Anyone who buys these pieces I will include a free monogram letter. Large- 13"x13" $35 Small- 9"x9" $25

WELLLLL it's been a while. To make a long story even longer, there's a million reasons I haven't been on here. Mostly because I lost access to the account with the Instagram update. But also, life is busy. I'm finishing my Bachelor's degree, working full time and planning a wedding. I never want to half ass something I care so much about (@litsgetwicked) so I've kind of been on hold. I have a ton of plans for what I do want to once school is over, but in the mean time I will be posting HEAVILY discounted candles to free up space for new inventory and y'all can expect some NEW NEW this Summer. Thanks for everyone who has stuck around - there's more to come ✨💘🕯 Sale items will be posted this week!

Sweet lil double scoop with sprinkles on top 🍨💕🍦 #littleboys #sweetie #icecream #sprinkles #boymom #etsy #pegdolls

One more! When looking at these it's easy to forget that each piece is comprised of two separate thrown and trimmed pieces (the foot and bowl) that are then attached when they are leather hard. The pedestals are the most finicky because they require so much time to dry. It's taken a lot of practice and loss over the past year to learn about the best way to construct and dry them. There's still a long way to go in the process: bisque fire, wax, glaze, glaze fire, and sanding. In ceramics there are no guarantees. Pray to the kiln gods! 🙏✨🙏

my first ammonite fossil 😍😍😍 have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

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