Unexpected and appreciated!!! Grabbing a last little bit of sunshine before the dark times are upon us. 🌝
Gimme all the vitamin D (and a cocktail)

Our brother @arthurjwilliamsjr was on the Chicago Fox News this afternoon which featured some of our video edits! -
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You have the power to believe in yourself. Loving yourself makes you shine bright. Stand confident in your light and radiate the beautiful person you are. #makepositivechange #wisdomwithin #inspiration #loveyourself #shinebright

It took me until age 25 to “be ok” with my butt. Guess how long it took me to love it?
It’s not ok to hate your body. And when you learn to accept yourself as you are, for what you’ve been given, that’s the first step.
Then when you decide that you can BOTH love yourself as you are and push yourself to be better, to be stronger to work harder than you ever have BECAUSE you love yourself. That’s a powerful thing. ✨✨✨✨
It’s magical. Nobody gets to tell you what you should look like or how you get to shape your body the way you want to. So do it because you love yourself. Do it because you deserve to feel beautiful and powerful and strong. 🔥
Will you let me show you how?

Youuuuuhoooooo! Hey you. Did you know you burn a shit ton of calories lifting heavy?? Yuuuup. Get off that treadmill, Boo. Just cardio ain’t doing nothing to change the shape of your body aaaand if you keep adding weight (safely please) you’ll burn more in less time.
51 minutes 💪🏼
459 Calories
Yasssss. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! Push yourself. You already know what *this* feels like, what’s it gonna feel like when you smash your goals?!? Hint: IT FEELS AWESOME

What can we teach you? You have to learn how to do YOU and that is scary sometimes. Nobody likes to admit they have a problem or weakness. But it is COMPLETELY necessary and ok to do so. You can't fix it if you don't face it. One of the things we are going to teach you in A Rising Tide 21 Day Fix Group - Beginners and Pros group is how to do a little at a time so you can make lasting change. .

What's my struggle? My challenge? I am a stress eater. I procrastinate and eat instead. I love to cook, its a great excuse. I eat things I shouldn't when I am BORED. So how do we fix that? .

If it is IN the house, you bet I am going to EAT IT. IT is SO challenging to say no but once we recognize our triggers, we can conquer them. I can't be trusted with salty or sweet snacks. So I don't buy them. I don't keep them in the house. .

If you've got a partner who does, and who isn't on this program with you, don't worry, that just means you're going to learn to be stronger on your own. This is about you, right? Not them. But you can do your best to prepare for success. and we will show you how. Pantry and Kitchen clean out is part of our first week and that starts next week. Ready to jump in and join us? Inbox me for info, we want YOU in our group. Don't be scared, we've got you covered.

🚨📣Today is the DAY, friends! Please consider donating to a charity of your choice today. We rely on our community to support our mission and vision to serve those in need, whatever the cause is!
Specifically, I’d like to ask my community to consider supporting Catholic Charities Fort Worth. We have a big goal of ending poverty for 10,000 North Texas families by 2026 and we need YOU! 💜 Check out our website to know more about us: www.catholiccharitiesfortworth.org
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@80dayobsession it’s only day 11 and I can already see my body changing back QUICKLY!! 💪🏼🔥🍑
Muscle memory is real and it’s ahhhhmazing. Check out these knee pulls on sliders. Have you used these things before? ✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨

New filters and features in the iOS 12 update. Woot!

Nailed it! Just kidding 🤥 but it’s oooook. I don’t sleep much but when I get even less than normal due to adulting, little mistakes sometimes are gonna happen. NBD! Some days you just don’t nail it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but you push through and you kick some ass anyway.
Expecting every day and every workout to be amazing is really kinda crazy. 🤪
Can it be fun, yep! Should you stay positive and just do your best? Of course! Should you laugh at yourself a little. Most DEF. it’s cool, honey bunny. 🍯🐇
The secret to happiness is loving all of you and not getting hung up on the little weird things that are going to happen. Say it again, they are going to happen. Ain’t no thing. Just do you, smile big, keep working hard and crush it! 🙌🏼

New fitness toys to play with!!

Early morning pig snuggles.

We all make sure we take care of our physical health...Are you taking care of your mental health? #therpay #mentalhealth #makepositivechange

Documenting the process of wrapping this Wraith with @arthurjwilliamsjr. This thing is about to look insane!
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