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We are looking to expand the team in the graphics department! Can be remote just need to have quality design work and be able to follow written directions. Hit us with your portfolio if interested!
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🚨📣Today is the DAY, friends! Please consider donating to a charity of your choice today. We rely on our community to support our mission and vision to serve those in need, whatever the cause is!
Specifically, I’d like to ask my community to consider supporting Catholic Charities Fort Worth. We have a big goal of ending poverty for 10,000 North Texas families by 2026 and we need YOU! 💜 Check out our website to know more about us: www.catholiccharitiesfortworth.org
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@80dayobsession it’s only day 11 and I can already see my body changing back QUICKLY!! 💪🏼🔥🍑
Muscle memory is real and it’s ahhhhmazing. Check out these knee pulls on sliders. Have you used these things before? ✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨

New filters and features in the iOS 12 update. Woot!

Nailed it! Just kidding 🤥 but it’s oooook. I don’t sleep much but when I get even less than normal due to adulting, little mistakes sometimes are gonna happen. NBD! Some days you just don’t nail it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but you push through and you kick some ass anyway.
Expecting every day and every workout to be amazing is really kinda crazy. 🤪
Can it be fun, yep! Should you stay positive and just do your best? Of course! Should you laugh at yourself a little. Most DEF. it’s cool, honey bunny. 🍯🐇
The secret to happiness is loving all of you and not getting hung up on the little weird things that are going to happen. Say it again, they are going to happen. Ain’t no thing. Just do you, smile big, keep working hard and crush it! 🙌🏼

New fitness toys to play with!!

Early morning pig snuggles.

We all make sure we take care of our physical health...Are you taking care of your mental health? #therpay #mentalhealth #makepositivechange

Documenting the process of wrapping this Wraith with @arthurjwilliamsjr. This thing is about to look insane!
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Vision Quest Physical Therapy
Dumont, New Jersey 🔹 Treatment: Active Release Technique
🔹 Biomechanical Analysis
🔹 📲 201-614-4625
🔹 💌 info@visionquestpt.com
🔹 🌏 www.VisionQuestPT.com
🔹📍52 East Madison Ave Suite B Dumont, NJ
We help empower active adults and athletes to return to sports and activities they love without injections, pain medications, and surgery.

@copyright 2017-2018 by Dr. John Nagatsuka, PT, DPT Certified and Licensed Physical Therapist ▫️
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Calling all haters....yup. I’m talking to you. If you’re hating on my fitness and nutrition posts I want YOU. If you see my selfie post flexing and roll your eyes 🙄 I’m looking for you. .

Why? Because I WAS you. Because then it was so much easier to be annoyed by people doing the damn thing and talk shit, instead of doing what i knew damn well I needed to do.
I was afraid to fail. I’d tried everything and failed.
I see you. I know YOU. And I’ve got your back. If you are thinking about this and realizing it’s time to stop being a skeptic about everything and using that as you’re excuse, I’ve got you. IF, and only if you’re tired of feeling this way and want MORE, let’s talk. We won’t let you fail. You ready? Inbox me, and let go of that hater and start LIVING.

Just finished up pulling and editing stills from video from the @murdockmfg 165th Anniversary party in Cincinnati over the weekend. We will have a bunch of photos and videos posted over the next week!
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Today’s “don’t care” ‘Do is brought to you by Hurricane Flo. Apparently my hurricane hair is curly. She ain’t doing anything but this so might as well embrace it.

Long stoplight selfie lol. I love my shades from NYC! What’s your fav brand?

Know your dragon to slay your dragon.
JUST KEEP GOING. If you've worked in one of my groups before, you've seen this graphic. The more we understand our biological and emotional baggage when it comes to our health and fitness, the easier it is to manage. 💪🏼 It's not "woo-woo" to learn how and why your brain tries to trick you out of building good habits. It's science! It's emotional intelligence. It's realizing that a little taste of success is going to tempt you to quit. DO NOT. Be ready for that temptation and face it head-on. What do you want? Why are you doing this in the first place?
🙌🏼 The more you know about why we tend to quit things a couple weeks in, the easier it is to manage and control it. You've totally got this, just keep going, even when you don't want to and you can push past the valley of despair and into some serious accomplishment. Just keep going.

I’m looking for you! Ever wondered why you can’t stick to healthy eating and daily exercise?

Have you struggled with weight loss and keeping off extra weight in the past?

Have you started and stopped a million times and can’t figure out why you just don’t seem to be able to get anywhere? .

I have a solution for you. The missing “thing” you’ve been searching for. .

Inbox me and let’s chat.

Set up and ready to shoot this Murdock Manufacturing 165th Anniversary party!
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