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To say this year has been busy would be a huge understatement. Lil behind on logging expenses. -
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All the things I need to teach:
HIIT List (they don’t even know what’s about to happen to them.)
Great music
@beachbodyperformance Energize
Wind screen
@myzonemoves HR monitor. Let’s go!!!!!

The first time I saw this shirt, not gonna lie, it made me feel a certain way. 😬
Like, wow. That’s kind of an awful reason to work out. Buuuuuut the thing is, it’s totally not up to me, to tell YOU what your reason is. 💪🏼
Look, everyone has their “for the public” answer which usually involves “getting healthy and fit” and while that’s fine, is that really what gets you out of bed in the morning and drives you to push yourself harder each time?!!?
Nope, it doesn’t. And now that fitness & COACHING people is my business a couple truths need to be told:
1. If you aren’t honest with yourself about WHY you want to change, you never will. Ever. You’ll repeat the cycle again and again and never get anywhere because you’re lying to yourself from the jump.
2. Your reason right now will probably change. As you learn and grow, you WILL make this a lifestyle and you really WILL want to hop out of bed every day and workout because it will make you feel amazing!! Eventually. Not tomorrow, so for now focus on your true “WHY”. 3. Accept and love yourself at all stages. What drives you, drives you and I won’t judge you for whatever that reason is. Please tell me you want your ass to look amazing in a pair of jeans. Or that you want to feel confident and sexy again. Anything that’s the real REAL truth! THAT is what will push you.
If you’re ready to really get in it and make some real, lasting and positive changes to your body and yourself, I’m your girl. DM me for info and let’s find out what your real reason is together.

Spent the afternoon breaking bread with the team who has become family surrounding @arthurjwilliamsjr. Can't wait to see the blessings still ahead this year. -
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Our 4TRESS is getting stronger! Only a few spots left!! 💪🏼
Join our team of coaches in the EXCLUSIVE COACH TEST GROUP with @liift4 creator @joelfreemanfitness and learn WITH him and us, as we crush this program together.
30 minutes a day

4 days a week 📅
8 weeks to a rocking new you
It’s even got a built in cheat day and a nutrition program anyone can follow. DM for details and let’s goooooooo

Arlo wishes it was still Pride...

@daniellenatoni you sure know the way to a fit girls ❤️ Thank you for the leadership, the love and for always believing in me. I’m so grateful to be a part of your team!
Thank you thank you thank you!!! Mostly for this LIFE! Wow. Blown away.

Give me 8 weeks. Better yet give @joelfreemanfitness 8 weeks.
Join our EXCLUSIVE COACH TEST GROUP and see how you can transform your body, your life and everything else as part of our 4TRESS of kick ass coaches!

We want you!!!
30 min a day
4 days a week 💪🏼
It’s filling up fast! Inbox me MEOW. You’ll get the inside joke about the cat, I promise. And a banging program, too.

@vidafitnessdc event with @mrjoeym !!

We are almost HALFWAY to building our FOURTRESS!!!!! The momentum of this program is going to be HUGE and we want you with us!!!!

You have to join us a COACH to get into the EXCLUSIVE COACH TEST GROUP with @joelfreemanfitness .

Inbox me if you're ready to ROCK and join our FOURTRESS.
8 Weeks
4 Days a week
30 minutes a day
Solid and LIVEABLE nutrition program and a CHEAT DAY! What what?????

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else.”
-Judy Garland

This photo was taken at a time in my life where I fully embraced myself as is. Though I was drowning in other areas, now that I am well above water in those areas time to accept myself with more love and understanding than I did then. Now not only to I want to embrace that person I want to accept and honour her. I want to work on bettering, accepting, growing, and loving myself each day. So I can share positive healthy love with those around me.

I challenge everyone to find themselves, accept yourselves, love yourselves as is, only then will you grow, only then will you become the person you been fighting to be. Without acceptance we cannot grow. •
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It is never ever ever too late to become what you’ve always wanted to be. 💪🏼
Obstacles will get in your way!
Smash them. If you want it you have to Make MOVES not EXCUSES.

Choosing Joy becomes less of a struggle when the body is fueled with nutrient-dense foods and beverages. 🌿☘️🍎🥑🍓🥝🥕🍋🍐🍏🥗☕🍽️ If you were to rate your health and wellness on a scale of 1-10, what would it be?

What's the smallest thing you could do to make a positive change?

I love me some @hightowa1200 did you know we met at a gay bar in Indiana?
That’s a non-negotiable for me, by the way. If we are going to have a relationship of any kind, you have to be 100% ok with letting people love who they love.

Wise words to live by, now pass me that cookie! 😛

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Life. Death. Whatever & maybe have a cookie
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