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~Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want~ .
#motivacion #hardworkpaysoff #ketogenicdiet #makepositivechange

Change is scary but what if you always did what you have always done and you always got what you have always had? Would you be happy with that? #makepositivechange #beyourbest #happyvibrations

Totally buzzing for tonight's meeting in Edinburgh. Some very inspirational people coming along to help other people build a fantastic future. 💚💚🕍 If you are like me and you - • enjoy being surrounded by positive people 😀😀 • have great visions for your future 👀🐝
• don't have a pension set up for retirement 😬😬
• enjoy helping others achieve greatness 🤘🤘
• enjoy living a healthy active lifestyle 🏃🏃
• are looking for new challenges in life 🔥🔥 You can't afford not to know what goes on - if you can't take 45minutes out of your time then you prob don't deserve a change in your life.
Hit me up for all the info.
Tonight at 7pm marriot hotel in Edinburgh. If you can get there I would highly suggest it. If your from fife let's hook up and share lifts with my team.
Mark my words guys this is gonna be the business of the future - your best checking it out sooner rather than later
#makepositivechange #takepositiveaction

cubaan untuk sorok pipi yang semakin mengembang🤣🤣🤣 #simplegirl

No only does this make me giggle because of how cute AND intense it sounds, but if you've got haters, embrace it! It means you're doing something great with your life and others are jealous.

And if you're hating on someone, stop being jealous and start making positive changes in your life!

Time to take action! I just supported this fundraiser by @imaginegnats and @whatsammade and I encourage you to check it out and take actionable steps to stop injustice. #makepositivechange ・・・
#Repost @imaginegnats
kicking off a fundraiser to benefit #blacklivesmatter on the blog today, in collaboration with @whatsammade. I'd be honored if you read about it, contribute, and share. direct link to fundraiser in profile, and a bunch more info at imaginegnats.com. #lovetrumpshate #ally @boosterllc

That’s it. My big secret, revealed. No oil, just rub it on chicken breasts, grill for 6 minutes each side. Penzy’s spices are legit. Perfect. Easy. Good for you.

Happy Earth Day everyone! Let's take care of this beautiful place 🌎💕🌍💕🌏 #earthday #earthday2016 #pickupyourtrash #makepositivechange


I like to cook. A lot.

That’s it. My big secret, revealed. No oil, just rub it on chicken breasts, grill for 6 minutes each side. Penzy’s spices are legit. Perfect. Easy. Good for you.

Le swoon 😍 why be flat when you can sparkle!!?! ✨

Thank you @k_zilla you have no idea how much i needed this today

When it’s been 4 weeks since you’ve done @sweatboxdc and @therealmunoz09 kicks your ass, buuuuuuutt. It was super awesome and and such a good workout. I miss this class!!!! Also when you come back to your desk and find a healthy snack lol. Who did this? I love you and also hate you but mostly love you. 💪🏼💋

It’s come to this. Winter is stupid. But my legs are warm!!!!!!

They grow up so fast. Last week he was drinking my coffee and today I caught him trying to drink my wine. .....#larryvelveteenaloysiusjackson

cubaan untuk sorok pipi yang semakin mengembang🤣🤣🤣 #simplegirl

First attempt, not too shabby but i can make it prettier next time. Spaghetti squash with mushroom marinara and the Italian royal four cheeses.

Happy Sunday!
I love this time of year! It’s my time to switch from sandals to boots!
What is it that you need to switch from? We live in a world of I see I want I need, but that’s not true is it?
What is it that we need?
Before we can do anything, we need to fuel and maintain our bodies! Otherwise, you can’t be the best you. Your artistic, sewing, writing, cooking, teaching abilities and more will be less than your best.
How do take care of you?
Like anything else, we need to learn how. Take some time today to think about how you need to improve your health. I know I’m happy that I am on the right path to health and wellness. Need tips ? Send me a message. Change is always easier-together. #curlygirlonamission #healthjourney #lifetimefitness #beyourbest #sundaythoughts

Happening now!! #piyolive

OPEN HOUSE TODAY!! Everyone that purchases a Health Coaching Program or a Personal Training Package TODAY between 12-4pm receives 25% off!! Happy December Everyone!! See you soon! #soulhappyandhealthy #exercisinggratitude2017

Attention! Looking for people to help hand out donations and care packs to the homeless next Saturday from 11am-2pm in Boston at the Commons. This is now a yearly tradition and I'd love to get more people involved. Best of all, it's an opportunity to help make a positive impact on our community. Hit me up if you'd like to be involved! Cheers! #HelpingTheHomeless #MakePositiveChange #BeTheChangeYouWishToSeeInTheWorld #LetsShredTerps #RockingAndRollingFatties #TwistedTech #Terpachusetts #TerpTownUSA #SoilToOil #Terpalicious #MidsV2 #RootsOrganic #ProMaxGrow #LEDs #Soil #GrowYourOwn #OverGrowAndShare

girl, do i have some things to say about being pregnant after miscarriage.
do i have some things to say about the ousting of the centuries-long existing “boy’s club” we have built our society around.
do i ever have some things to say about what the next generation—the one i am growing in my uterus—will grow up with, the good and the bad, the terrifying and the vindicating, all as a result of what my generation is working toward and working against.
it’s a whole new world when you aren’t living for just YOU anymore, and when you’re damn sick of old white men making poor decisions and fucking up your economy and your environment.
it’s a hell of an experience when you’ve lived through some of the worst things, some of the most feared things, and still wake up with hope in your heart and a willingness to try.
the words are coming. they are slowly filling the gaps that i left behind on my journey inward a few months ago. they’ll be here soon.
but before all that, i leave you with a question to ask and to answer yourself:
how has the past made you better, stronger, smarter, and more aware for the future?
and a follow up:
when the hell do you plan on making positive, lasting change?
don’t answer me.
answer you.
go in before you reach out.
#wolfwisdom #makepositivechange #revolution #thisisyoga #thisislife #meditation #journeyinward #thefutureisfemale #feministasfuck #mamawolf #fiercelove #wildwoman #wildwolf #resilience #ihadamiscarriage #pregnantagain #rainbowbaby #practiceandalliscoming #raiseyourvibration #bethelight #wolfgini #namaste

My hair is finally growing!!

Just 2 of the things I’m bringing to my Friendsgiving. Butternut squash soup shooters with bacon and pastry with Brie and homemade organic cranberry sauce. Not pictured are parmesan-garlic, sliced russet potato stacks, corn pudding “cupcakes” (for my southern boy), spiralized sweet potatoes with cranberry and hand made (yes It makes a difference) marshmallows and three pies. This is like the super bowl for me and I come correct.

People who meet me now think I’ve always been fit. I actually was fit for a long time and then lost my way (like whoa). But I found my way back to being healthy and I can help you too. We just have to get you started with small changes that lead to big results. It won’t be overnight and it won’t always be easy but you can do it. #transformationtuesday

Larry doesn’t know I have the squeaker in my hand. He’s destroying the toy trying to get the squeak. Watch what happens when he stops gutting the toy when he realizes I’m holding it and squeaking it.

Strong legs, hamstrings and GLUTES. Not mad about it.

Whew!!!!! You guys know I do some seriously intense & hard core training but please let me tell you that @chalenejohnson just kicked my butt in @piyoworkout Drench!! She always kicks my butt but if you look at this workout as “easy” then I challenge you to try it. I feel amazing and yeah. I’m a little drenched , haha

Arlo is me, all winter.

I had legs that needed warming

What do you mean you want me to go outside in this cold. That’s just INSANITY @insanity_beachbody

Ask for me!! jjackson@vidafitness.com for more info!

I get it. People hear “eating clean” and they automatically imagine depriving themselves of all the foods they love, starving themselves or becoming some kind of freaky hippie (I love freaky hippies, by the way) but whoa, whoa, whoa......slow your roll.
Dramatic, silly declarations (ahem, excuses) like “I’ll WILL NEVER PUT ANYTHING IMPURE IN MY BODY EVER AGAIN!!”are passionate and while we admire your gumption, you’re not going to do that thing you just proclaimed.
Nope. You won’t. At least not long term. Because we are human and food is delicious and nobody is perfect. And sometimes you need a frigging cookie, ok?
Ok, deep breath. Let’s back it up.
Clean eating gets really easy when you start thinking like the smart grown up you are, and just dial it back to eating actual food. Try to scale back the process stuff aka most things with more than 5 ingredients or a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce. Just keep it simple. Eat food, not boxed and preservative filled things that look like food, probably taste ok and have ZERO nutritional value! You need to eat real food. So let’s keep it clean.

Roasted potatoes
2 Meyer Lemons
Organic Thyme
1 Chopped Sweet Onion
Black and white pepper
Lotsa (that’s a proper cooking term) garlic
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Make a foil pocket, roast in the oven at 400 degrees to your desired crispness.
Tastes like sin, but not bad for you at all.
It’s ok to have a little starch and some carbs are good for you ( the right ones, duh)

When Wendy says Kanye could use some @shaunt workouts! But let’s be honest, everyone can, should and needs to. Trust and believe!!

Most people quit waaaaaaay before they should. Muscle failure is where the magic happens. Add weight, add reps, keep going a little further each time until you can’t. That is how we build muscle and change the shape of our bodies. Can you do a couple more? Don’t let your brain talk you out of it. Flex THAT muscle the most and keep pushing.

In and out in three minutes. I would rather see a line but now you’ve got no excuses. GO VOTE!!!!!! It’s important

Small, everyday good choices lead to lasting results!

A little peanut butter goes a long way . I used 2 bananas and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter In this oatmeal when cooking It. Added a 1/2 tsp on the top and some crushed banana chips and voila! Peanut butter banana oatmeal.

I like exercise. Take me to work with you. I’m little, I can fit in your bag.

I’m teaching tomorrow at 7am @vidafitnessdc U street! Come see me and let’s make Fetch happen

One thing we learn in our challenge group is about non scale victories. Lots of ways to measure success, and sometimes the scale is a jerk. Besides, it’s not a reflection of your awesomeness. Ever.

@qgause - Life is shorter than you think. People in this 🌎 fight against each other, kill one another, some people are corrupt, some people are ignorant, some people are racist and there isn’t enough love. My God mother Vanessa Morrison passed away yesterday from Cancer and she was a Lovely lady that fought very hard against it. I LOVE YOU Vanessa. Remember y’all life is too short. Give to others and make change in this world in a positive way. We only have a short time to do so.
#loveothers #restinpeace #Vanessa #love #life #short #Godisgood #Godgetstheglory #makepositivechange #impact #Knowyourpurpose #whatsyourlifemission

I know you’ve got your costume ready. If not, I’m pretty sure you can come up with something awesome. See you tonight at at Jimmy Valentine's Annual Halloween Bash

Just saying 😉

You do NOT have to give up foods you love. You just have to tweak them and make them healthier!
Arugula salad with homemade dressing, refried beans (instant pot, totally healthy) brown salsa rice and grilled chicken. 💥BOOOOM💥 super easy, very healthy and it satisfies the craving for spicy Mexican food without destroying your progress.

Two speeds:
Formula One.
Asleep on mamas belly.
Nothing in between.
Cameo by #OrangePig

Sweet potato hash with brown sugar ham.

TShirt Surgeon #202 #VidaFitness

I am 45 years old. I still have to beat down my inner brat every day but it is easier now. Sometimes. (She’s stubborn)
After struggling with my weight most of my adult life (even as an athlete) and finally almost giving up after reaching very close to that 200 pound mark, I decided to make a change.
Now I crush workouts side by side with people young enough to be my children. I learned how to fuel my body correctly.
It took me a long time of being unhappy and unhealthy to get off my butt and do so thing about it. I’m so grateful for Beachbody. It’s why I became a coach. It’s never too late. You just have to decide. And smack down that inner brat when she tells you to eat crap or skip a workout. What a pain in the butt.

I suppose this is a good problem to have.......sayonara, cute belts. Don’t worry, some of you can have new lives as low slung options. Time to go shopping again. And for winter clothes, gross.

This is why It took me less than 24 hours to get over food poisoning. This is why I haven’t had a hangover in 5 years. This is why I sleep well at night. Good. Gut. Health.
I drink a carefully crafted, super food shake, every single day and it has literally changed my life from the inside out. Your gut is amazing and the key to good health and feeling great. Get it right. Stop suffering.

Claws a la liberté.

@clawsoutpolish donates a portion of all nail polish sales to organizations that better our community and world. This lovely teal color, Liberty, helps support The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). :
#clawsoutpolish #liberty #pdx #pdxfashion #pdxstyle #nails #nailsonpoint #IRCO #pdxactivism #makepositivechange #integration #freedom #downwithopression #equality

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