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Moody Port by @jennakayphotography
Model: @goldrosewine
Selection: Admin @drelladarko
Tag #MoodyPorts
Make your photos Moody w/ our Lightroom presets- link in bio ❤️

[ 26 January 2016 ] #MmdeThrissurMeet

I guess you could say that once things settle down, I'm really looking forward to shooting. This was an awesome photoset. It was a challenge trying to cull these, but I guess you could say that it was a good problem. 😂
Model: @nvnea
Swimwear: @steellocrochet

Well, I'm taking a risk today and posting a black and white portrait. This is literally the first I've ever shown in black and white. I really hope it does well or I may have to take it down and post the color version. If you like what you see, please leave a comment.
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“Night lights” - Thank you @well_retratos ; São Paulo, Brasil 🇧🇷 - based photographer for this shot of @lulumalanda via #pursuitofportraits

Selected by: @anishaspice


around this time two years ago, I started spending every single weekend driving for hours to visit and photograph the most beautiful places in the Pacific-Northwest as a way to heal the worst and possibly longest episode of depression I have ever experienced in my life. when my anxiety is so permeating it morphs back into a similar depression and self-loathing, I remember those adventures and I return to the outdoors: the woods, the fields, bodies of water--and my insides quiet and I begin to feel grounded again.
now, I am turning this healing into my life's practice by earning my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and I couldn't be more proud of the path my life is taking. the amount of work it took to here was at times unbelievably overwhelming and there were times I honestly didn't think I would even make it here alive! and much less with a clear vision and goals I refuse to be derailed from, a sense of purpose.

it's worth it to hold on, it's worth it to claw through. it's worth it to keep trying your damndest, even when it hurts.

//📸: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain🍁 📹 #Pondering

I'd make a caption or share a poem here but I'd rather use this space to request every Tracy Chapman album ever made and send you sweet, sweaty kisses today. A shot by @alxznder of me, being ~ free ~

Cheers to these two who pulled off an epic wedding despite the hurricane 🎉🌪 #intheheartofthecc #nowayjose

ok i'm posting one more from this magical set of photos because why not 🍂 if you want to see EVEN MORE, you can check out my website, link in bio fam!!

De-stress 💤


Let's make the reformat quick, ya? Tayy doesn't look scared at all, does she? ;) ⠀
💃 - @tbrooksxx
🎬 - @stevenleemedia
[final reformat]


1000 tickets later..... 🙃

"...Pelapasan adalah pertahanan yang baik..."
Samarinda, September 2017

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