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We have a lot great classic ideas and we have some great shoots in this season 😊 with this beauty.

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This is me letting go of all the things I can’t control, of all the decisions others have made that directly affected me in a negative way.
This is me letting go of all the things I can’t change, of all the moments I’ve wanted nothing more than to be able to fix and alter something beyond my control.
This is me letting go of all the relationships that I’ve held on to for far too long, of all the people who I’ve continuously bent over backwards for when they’ve never lifted a finger.
This is me letting go of all the expectations that I’ve created in my head, of all the forthcoming moments I’ve built up before they happened only to be left with less.
This is me letting go of all the fear I’ve created.
This is me deciding it’s time to stop trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. This is me deciding it’s time to put myself first. This is me deciding it’s okay to be the one who needs someone there for me every now and then. This is me deciding I can’t control everything and I have to be okay with that. This is me deciding things will be okay – somehow, someway.
This is me letting go of my control, my possession, my power, my fear. This is me letting go of everything that I’m allowing to consume me.
This is me deciding it’s time to just be. To let things go as planned. To accept what is and trust in what will be.
This is me letting go. For good.

Words: @beccamartin3
Photo: @linatesch

painting with light

Had the pleasure of shooting photos of Paige (@bringyourownstereo) around Santa Monica Pier the other day. Her colorful style and joyful expression truly matched the lively vibe of Santa Monica.

Just released my Rates for Portrait Sessions so if anyone is interested in getting their photos taken please visit my website at www.canahtam.com/rates for more information. 😉👍🏼 / #discoveraround

On my way to Dortmund 😍❤️ #Deutschland #Dortmund #Stylorama #TeamJoely

Todas las flores que salen a embrujar los amores...
w/ @manuosom

// they’ve gone into plaid / @marooshk


Amazing word shared this week! Don't miss out on our next club after thanksgiving break. We are super excited to see you guys again!! Have a blessed time with family and friends! Happy thanksgiving!! #thanksgiving #thejesusclubs

@picturesnme - LETS DANCE

Announcing winners tomorrow !

Tag me in your best dance pose and may be we could get a free dance shoot for someone 😎😌😊💙☺️😀 .
It was amazing working with this little one.
Talent: TEAGAN
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I found Sachiko in a back alley in Pasadena. She works as a waitress at Shaab Restaurant in Old Town and she was on a break. I told her about my strangers project and I asked if I could take her photo. She said "no." Most of the time if someone says no, I usually just move on, but this time I didn't give in right away. I told her how cool she would look in the photo and she finally agreed. #hasselblad

Weekends well spent with the best of friends


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