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I miss how easy it was with you.
I miss how texting was fun,
talking on the phone was normal
and hanging out wasn’t an occasion.

I miss how effortless it was with you —
the conversations just flowed.
I wasn’t afraid of saying too much.
I knew you wouldn’t run away.

I miss how things made sense with you;
how you meant what you said
how you kept your promises and
how you always made time for us.

You ruined dating for me
because now I don’t get it,
now texting is a nightmare
and hanging out is a chore.

Now I can’t deeply connect with anyone
and I’m even more guarded.
Now the simplest thing I say
is enough for someone to walk away.

Now no one means what they say,
they don’t say anything at all,
they don’t do much either
and I can’t hep but remember you.

People tell me my standards are too high
and it’s because of you.
I never felt like I was settling with you.
I never felt like it was less than what I deserved.

But now I keep lying to myself
thinking that dating has changed,
not everyone is the same,
maybe I’m intimidating, maybe it’s me.

But you were never intimidated by me
and even if you were
it never stopped you.
I never questioned myself with you.

I miss how easy it was with you,
all of it; communication,
laughter, love, consistency.
You gave me so much.

Now I keep looking for someone like you
among cowards and empty souls,
between lame excuses and mind games.
I keep trying to make something out of nothing.

I keep trying to forget you
with people who only remind me
of how easy it was with you
and I can’t help but miss you all over again.

Words: @ranianaim
Photo: @mfcorridan

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Original Photo
Inframe @humairanuzula12
Make Over dan Busana Aceh by @nyakejha_rias_pengantin
Untuk konsultasi kontak ada di profil 🙋🙋
Ga usah segan. Tanya jawab free ya sis 🐰🐰
Captured with canon 60d + 35 F.2.8
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Hope everyone's having a peachy Friday. Heh. See what I did there? 🍑🌼😏 #myradearth -
📸: the beautiful and talented @taylornsumner ☀️

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Take care.

It’s sometimes a warning or instruction. Sometimes it’s a voice of reason or calming. Sometimes it’s a farewell. But at all times, it is something to live by.


Take care of the way you speak to others – your words have an impact on a soul and leave a mark.

Take care of the motions you make - there are more repercussions for your decisions than you realize in this timeline.

Take care of your body – you only have this one, so bless it in the ways of vitality.

Take care of your mind – challenge it by not accepting ways that bind you to a ritual and not reason

Take care of your heart - we were made not to hold back our hearts in fear, but we were given the spirit to heed warning and direction. So love, but guard the precious pieces that make you so unique. They were meant to be seen by someone who will treasure them.

Take care of your soul – do strive for freedom from expectation that others place and you place on yourself. The goals you have for self and character are to be fought for but should not be demanded from your growth. Grant yourself grace.

Your level of care to something mimics your value associated with it. It’s not measured by time or space or rhythm. But value is measured by how, not by how much.

So take care, because He cares for you.

Matthew 6:26 #nicaragua

Feminine ...

I grow the most in during the times I'm not even trying. So push yourself beyond your limitations. #motivation

Baby girl! Born 8.17.17 @ 4pm on the dot. 8lbs 15oz. miss Petra Jewel, best surprise ever 🙌🏼

Tb taken by @lvzphoto

hiding behind your reflection 👥 // mod: @vivirar_ #pursuitofportraits

Hope everyone has a dope weekend! 🤘🏼
Ft: @royalty__

I often wonder what sweet simple dreams my little clients are dreaming 💭 milk, cuddles and more milk is my guess but these simple dreams will turn into a knight who slays dragons, a princess who plays with fairies and a child who flys to never never land! Childhood is such a beautiful part of our world and being surrounded by children everyday either with my own boys or my tiny clients, I am reminded of this magic and I am so thankful for that ❤️ what are you most thankful for today?

the sweetest parcel you'll ever unwrap. 🌿#bubalakids #shopbubala

Ominous storm clouds left me scrabbling with flashes at the end of this styled shoot; the result was something raw, candid, and powerful. Looks like film, which is a slight relief for me. Love capturing all the pretty sunlight hitting white lace and illuminating flower bouquets, but it's nice seeing something different too. And to me, this feels more like a story.

🌞Hot summers make for a cooler fall season 🍂 ::
@kaylidawnoffish ::

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