I don talk tire... They no wan hear
Make una helep make sure say they hear this message
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#BlackDebt This best sums up Africa today Neo-Colonialism The Last Stage of Imperialism, The Era of the Neo-Colonialist Puppet Negro leadership and FYI this isn’t the Chairman Mao Zedong Revolutionary Socialist China this is the new capitalist China two different Chinas, these type of negros are in every city in America as well! Selling out your people for money is the most treasonous thing you could ever do! #TakeItBack #SoworeForPresident #AAC #ACTION #saturdaygodsent #sowore2019 #UnitedStatesofafrica #unitedstatesofafricanfreedom #aacparty #makenigeriabetter #makenigeriagreatagain #nigeriayouth #nigeria #nigeriayouths #juliusmalemachallenge

Remember you’re the one with the dream and vision, so keep going. Some will even laugh, some will try to talk you out of it. Remember he gave you the map....not them. #makenigeriabetter Repost @adeolafayehun with @get_repost
I love meeting women entrepreneurs who have inspiring stories like @nucianobags This woman endured discrimination, but she kept going until she saw her dreams come true. Today she designs and makes these beautiful handbags, and you can order from anywhere. Check out her page for her contact #africandesigners #africanhandbags #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #nigerianssupportingnigerians #sisterssupportingsisters #bags #colorful

How did we get where we are currently? Lagos looking like Los Angeles back in the days. We can still be great again. #Nigeriacanbegreat #Letusmakenigeriagreatagain #Nigeriaisourland #itispossible #itcanbedone #getyourpvc #votewisely #nosellingofvotes #wearegreatpeople #lagosnigeria #makenigeriabetter

NIDO AGM 2018 Convention in DC! Come visit our booth and let’s talk about bags! Here with a rep from the Federal Ministry of Science & Tech Nigeria. Make leather better for Nigerians #NIDOAGM2018 #makenigeriabetter #supportsmallbusiness

Young people of Calabar, create time and attend. We must know our candidates and what they can offer us as a nation. #leadership #leaders #realtalkwithleo #vote #pvc #change #makenigeriabetter

It is time we all engage in bringing the vision of A #newnigeria to reality. We most and shall not be silent until we get a new and well organised Nigeria. Beloved let’s listen to what @feladurotoye want to say tomorrow 8pm on Facebook and Instagram live. Please don’t ignore Nigeria, don’t be silent and please let’s stand together to bring a New Nigeria 🇳🇬 to reality we owe it to ourselves we owe it to our future. Leaders of the latter House stand up and be counted. ——————————————————-
Please if you are in Nigeria and you are of the voting age, don’t forget to get your PVC and make your vote count.
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Single-use plastics pose one of the greatest threats to our environment; from the floods we experience during rainy seasons due to blocked drainage, to depletion of our marine lives. Yes, other factors contribute, but we can all do our parts in minimizing our use of single-use plastics and their inevitable consequences.
One simple way is taking reusable bags to the market or grocery stores when going shopping, encourage your friends and family to do the same! 🙏🏾❤️
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It stops being funny when these people take Nigeria by surprise. This is happened in Lekki, herdsmen seen walking their cows on the road and putting vehicles to a stop till they get through. This wasn’t the situation 4 years ago! Things are getting worse! #makenigeriabetter

Anytime we think we have seen it all! Cows being led through the National Assembly, it has gotten to this point that they don’t even fear the government because they know they won’t do anything to them. Just have a look at this mess! Can this happen in any other country except Nigeria! If this can happen, just imagine the kind of right they have granted these people. #makenigeriabetter

When we have policemen like this, how can we eradicate crimes in our beloved nation? I posted something on my Instagram story today, breaking news about Borno police protesting and shooting in the air scaring people, reason for their protest being that they haven’t been paid for 6 months.
This is why we see situations like this whereby a policeman will shoot someone out of anger because of bribe or recorded evidence like this of a policeman asking for bribe.
These policemen are supposed to be protecting us and fighting crime but they can’t do their jobs well if they are not well paid! These men are supposed to be one of the highest paid government officials in the country so that when you offer them bribe, they’ll just arrest you because they don’t have need for it. This looks bad and unfortunately the only way for them to sustain. The presidency, this one is on you, minimum wage is not enough for these men on the street. #makenigeriabetter #iampersonx

This exactly what I am saying. Laws are in place but the enforcement agencies only care about bride till a major incident happens. Somethings needs to change, God will not come down fix the problem. The people in the position of power and responsibility should do what they are meant to. Enough is enough, everyday people are dying like it is a new trend. It is only Nigeria that people don’t complete a driving test to get a drivers licence #makenigeriabetter #nigerianlivesmattee. My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected and I pray God will touch the hearts of people in authority to do what they are paid to do, cos this is too much

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was indeed a very bad day for us all am still in shock and am feeling soo sad like I can't even express how am feeling. I just want to urge us to be courageous and take heart. It wasn't a pretty sight yesterday. A few days ago it was Jos and yesterday Lagos. Please my brothers and my sister I really want us all to pray for our country Nigeria, Nigeria is our home we can never get another one. I just want us to pray from the deepest part of us get on your knees pray to the Almighty, sincerely call him cry if you want. I want us all to pray against affliction, against calamities, against bad news, against blood shears, against the evil once may they not succeed in ruining our great National Nigeria our beloved home. Let's pray that the Almighty who is a Turner of heart turn the heart of our leaders and any other persons that are responsible for the Affairs of the country let their only priority and aim be to see Nigeria has their home and let them see the need to protect and raise Nigeria higher. Above all differences, above all the hate may he make us see our Nigeria has a home for all and my He give us the strength and wisdom to build our Home. Ameen 🙏😢 #prayfornigeria #prayforjos #prayforlagos #makenigeriagreatagain #makenigeriabetter #lagos💔 #jos💔 #Nigeria💔 #myhome😢

As much as we should pray for mercy, let’s also strive daily to do better...

Happy EID MUBARAK to all our Muslim brothers and sisters in the world from all of us @make Nigeria better.

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