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Comfort zones are great, until your 60 years old and look back and wish you tried stepping out of yours #trysomethingnewtoday #makenewhabits #movemountains #soblessed

Great habits are HARD to form, but easy to live with. Bad habits are EASY to form but hard to live with. #makenewhabits

Gjør det om igjen og om igjen til det blir ein del av deg‼️👊🏼💥 #healthylifestyle #sunnmat #sunnerevalg #lalifestylefood #makenewhabits Snapchat: Neeten💋

If you're trying to eat less in the new year (and let's be honest--most of us would be better off eating a little less...😉) besides drinking a lot of water, my best advice is sipping hot tea or coffee. I'm not talking fancy, sugary drinks, but a simple cup of Joe or a nonfat latte if you prefer (of course sub. almond milk etc as you desire.) Holding something warm and sipping on it slowly can help you resist the urge to nibble, and can become a satisfying treat to look forward to. ❤✨#makenewhabits #healthyeating #coffee

Reminder to myself: when I workout in the morning and I meal prep, I get extra time with the babies 🙂🙂 #makenewhabits #familytime #movienight #organizationtips #mealprepisworthit

One of the best things you can do when #makingachange in your life is to #makenewhabits to get over the fear of taking on a new experience.

Вдохновение это то что помогает начать.. привычка, то что помогает не останавливаться #долойлень #makenewhabits #running #morning

Berhenti sejenak setelah nugas. 📒


Who has 25 minutes a day to squeeze a workout in? I'm sure most of us spend that scrolling on social media (I know I'm guilty of that some days) We all have good and bad habits that form over time. They become automatic to us. I always wear my seatbelt, but I don't remember putting it on. Why? Because it's a habit. We don't find ourselves overweight because we skipped one workout or ate one bad meal. Just like doing one workout will not get us where we need to be to meet our goals. I woke up at 4am this morning because I had a client at 6. I came home and squeezed my 25 minute workout in before I have to leave again to train another client and teach a class. What are you doing today to help form good habits and/or break old habits? #makenewhabits #breakoldhabits #goals #fitness #fitmom #fithomeschoolmom #homeschoolmom #fitwife #fitfam

I have a confession to make/story to tell... I'm super lazy and hate cooking for myself. Fast food is my Achilles heel. 🙈There I said it. I know, and yes, I'm ashamed to admit it. 🙊I don't even enjoy fast food; actually, I hate it 🙄(There's a whole psychology to this issue that goes way deeper than I had planned to get in this light-hearted post. That's a different story). I "oooooo" and "ahhhhhh" and drool over so many healthy, nutrient-packed recipes and take no action. Yep, uh-huh, I'm calling myself out. I have totally slid backwards. So after returning from a vacation full of delicious, thoughtfully-prepared meals, and coming home to decompress and get settled in, I think I got a little too settled. And after struggling in my tired old rut, I finally said enough is enough and made a conscious decision to start participating in life again. Changes will be made (and Erik is feeling the same). I often don't see myself slipping until I'm already pretty stuck. Depression is a sneaky little bastard. I'm ready to get rid of the excess baggage I've been holding onto. I lost 40 pounds a year ago and got comfortable with those results. Now I'm ready to let go of the rest. It's absolutely a metaphor for how I've been living my life, too. I'm afraid of being great, so I stop at good enough. Still protecting myself with the extra padding. It's so obviously a perfect metaphor. Again, more psychology stuff. More work I have to do. And that's a great thing to become aware of. So... yada, yada, yada... I made a different decision today, and I invite you to check out what I did. I'm going to try my best to continue to do this and share in my stories to, not only help me create a healthy habit, but maybe someone else feels the same and needs to see someone trying to break free of tired, old habits that no longer serve them. See how I wing an easy recipe idea I had while trying to finish up food in the house before we go grocery shopping. Check my story for this quick, satisfying, protein-packed, too-good-to-be-good-for-you quick bite.

👣👣👣👣👣💯 🙊🙈🙉 #MakeNewHabits #GoNewPlaces #DoDiffrentThings #NewNew

#upperbodysesh in the books!! 💪💪💪Feels great to get sweaty! 💦💦 My arms were so shaky I could barely hold the camera still 🔥🔥🔥 #burnbabyburn #chickswholift #fattofit #weightlossgoals #fatlossgoals #onedayatatime #makenewhabits #sweatsesh #awesome #fiyahh #yasss #ironlady

As a SoCal native I 💞tacos, #hodads chocolate shakes & other local favs *THE 🔑* is knowing #moderation & #balance
From my #personalexperience a solid 21 days (with a little wiggle room on weekends 🌮🥗) of minding what goes in (and comes out) of your mouth AS WELL AS working up a sweat with fun but challenging #intervals & #weights 🤸🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️ you're sure to see and feel a change! Remember it's a marathon - not a sprint. .
READY? SET? GO! 💪🏾👧🏾

Hey! I'm running a FREE group called the Intentional Bliss Project beginning July 17th! We'll be talking changing habits, finding motivation and dealing with that busy schedule I know you have! DM me for details! •

#intentionalbliss #changeisgood #makenewhabits #enjoylife #hectic #scheduling #findtimeforyou #beintentional

Just being real! Been there done that! Still fall into that but always keep trying and pushing myself because I've created new HABITS and I've got big goals 😉

Various studies have found that just being in nature, or viewing beautiful images of nature, makes you feel more alive. If that doesn’t make you want to pack up and spend a weekend in the woods, take a stroll down a forest trail, or at least hang a picture of a tree up in your office, what will? Nature is one of the best “drugs” you can ask for, and you don’t need a prescription for it.

If you can't figure out with a hug, a word, wild sex, or chocolate cake, then it surely is a problem ☺️
Se não da pra resolver com um abraço, uma palavra, sexo selvagem ou bolo de chocolate, então é de fato um problema.
#chocolateaddict #chocolatecake #chocolatelover #vegancake #cake #dairyfree #lactosefree #nodairy #soyfree #crueltyfree #caketime #lunchtime #chocolate #veganism #veganoptions #makenewhabits #veggiegirl #veggieworld #vegan #breaktime #whatveganseat #whatveganscook #eatyummy #foodiegram #fluffy #yummie

Healthier than KFC and quicker than going through the drive thru! Day 2 of 84 #chickenwrap #12weekchallenge #makenewhabits #foodie #healthyeating #instadaily #followmyjourney #healthyliving #goals

// DAY ONE. // We have all been there. We've started something new and been so super excited.
Today is that day for me. Day one of next round of 21dayFix Extreme is done! Before pics taken. Workout well... worked through. Lol. Let's get this day started!
How was your workout today?

Old habits die hard. BUT THEY HAVE TO DIE IF YOU CREATE NEW HABITS. Normally for lunch I'd go grab whataburger or Taco Bell, even if I was working close to home. Now? Swing by the house, bake up fish and sauté some asparagus, and I'm back out in thirty minutes or less not feeling like I need a nap because I ate junk food. You can't just quit bad habits. You must force them out with new ones. You can start tomorrow or you can start now. #tomorrownevercomes #trustme #startrightnow #makenewhabits #forgivenfelons #forgivenfelonsfamily #fitfamily #fitdad #fitnessgoals2017

Has el cambio hoy! Da el primer paso 🙌🏼 No tienes que esperar un Lunes, 1 de Enero, o comienzo de mes para comenzar un nuevo habito, cualquiera que sea, escribir una lista de cosas por hacer, leer un libro, caminar 15 minutos, añadir una ensalada a tus cenas.. lo que sea! Se empieza con las ganas de cambiar 😘💗✨ #Beatips

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