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Gjør det om igjen og om igjen til det blir ein del av deg‼️👊🏼💥 #healthylifestyle #sunnmat #sunnerevalg #lalifestylefood #makenewhabits Snapchat: Neeten💋

One of the best things you can do when #makingachange in your life is to #makenewhabits to get over the fear of taking on a new experience.

The key to never ending forward progression, is to never collide your mind off to the knowledge around you...if you want to evolve in your career or your passion, commit to it 110% and see how your life changes #movemountains #makenewhabits #soblessed

Вдохновение это то что помогает начать.. привычка, то что помогает не останавливаться #долойлень #makenewhabits #running #morning

If you're trying to eat less in the new year (and let's be honest--most of us would be better off eating a little less...😉) besides drinking a lot of water, my best advice is sipping hot tea or coffee. I'm not talking fancy, sugary drinks, but a simple cup of Joe or a nonfat latte if you prefer (of course sub. almond milk etc as you desire.) Holding something warm and sipping on it slowly can help you resist the urge to nibble, and can become a satisfying treat to look forward to. ❤✨#makenewhabits #healthyeating #coffee

Reminder to myself: when I workout in the morning and I meal prep, I get extra time with the babies 🙂🙂 #makenewhabits #familytime #movienight #organizationtips #mealprepisworthit

Berhenti sejenak setelah nugas. 📒

🍵 Green Tea and ....words to live by 👌🏻 "Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken" Warren Buffet
#MakeNewHabits #EvaluateYourShit

It may be hard.
But you can.
It may be tiring.
But you can.
It may hurt a little.
But you can.

You can. End of story. 💪🏼👊🏼😊 Total Body Cardio -21 Day Fix-DONE!

I love this program for many reasons, but one of them is because it's ONLY 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or to break an old one.

So who has 21 days to give me? 21 days of following a nutrition plan and working out. 21 days to a better you.

If you're ready to make a 21 day commitment to a healthier you-comment 21 below!! #21dayfix #makenewhabits


We're going to get our waffle lovin' on! This is a great way to make some healthy eggs each day carb free😁
#wafflelove #eggwaffles #spinacheggs #carbfree #brookesfitnessjourney #healthyeating #makenewhabits #healthyhabits #itsajourney

⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ Are you signed up yet?! .
Don't wait until it's too late, this challenge will be INCREDIBLE and FUN!! .
With a massive community of support and motivation, combined with snack and meal plans everyone comes out a WINNER!! .
So what are you waiting for? Text me today! 📲 561-927-5270
📧 joinlisadee@gmail.com
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Day 5/21
I forgot that #cardiofix is no joke! This was an exercise to let my heart rate come back down from doing something intense. Getting my 30 mins in before my busy day.
How are you being active today?

How can we be females, especially mothers, and continue to consume/support dairy!!! Any person with a soul can see! Please #maketheconnection It's 2017, we have all the proof we need .... #WakeUp Cows don't just produce milk because they're a cow, there's a process of hell they have to go through, time after time. #DoSomething Raped at least 6 times, 6 babies, 6 births, ripped away from her, painfully milked 3 times a day, for 6 years, at least. #forced Then taken away and slaughtered in front of her friends and family. This is one cow. Imagine the cows. Millions. The years. The lives. The love. The pain. The fear. The angst. We create hell on earth. And it's so beyond unnecessary and inhumane. It's also killing us. Health and planet. #VEGANFORHER #veganforthem #veganforerrythang #veganforyou #veganforbabyanimals #veganforme #notababycow #notourmilk #notyourbaby ✊🏼🐄💖✨ She wanted her babies. She wants to live. This is not our right, it's theirs. #ditchdairy #NOMOREEXCUSES #spirituallyconnected #wokeaf #forEVERYTHING They are not ours. #soulnotforsale #wearenotcows #cowhormones #postpartum Children learn behaviors. They don't have to continue this. #teachthembetter #bebetter #changeyourdna #eatveggies #makenewhabits

This is just what I needed this morning. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #motivationalmonday #makenewhabits #youvegotthis

I don't ever post photos like this, primarily because my transition story is not stellar and I just see someone I wasn't happy with. None the less I decided to compare myself the other day. The top left was at my heaviest, the bottom left at my skinniest and the right now. Guess which one I never complained about anything.... top left. My story isn't stellar, but it is real... I did not care about what I ate or what I did to my body because I was happy with the love of my life by my side who has been an amazing best friend the entire time. Justin never once let me think I've ever been anything less than he most beautiful girl. #ilovemyhusband #heisamazing❤️! Now I wasn't the unhealthiest person in the world but I was in the road to be... I'm only 23 in that photo and I on a regular basis would eat half a tub of cake icing for snacks... it wasn't until I deployed at 24 and I grew inspired by my fellow comrades and gained the need to be healthier and more fit for myself and my husband. There born was my new lifestyle of 6 days a week at the gym, which I've been consistent with except when I had babies, when I took 2-4 weeks off. The crazy part is today I'm so eager to gain weight and add muscle when I really don't need it, but everyone finds the flaws in themselves right. What others may not see drives me crazy.... all I can do is stay persistent and #thankgodeveryday for being my strength in everything I do. #haveconfidenceinyourself #staypersistent #makenewhabits #strongisthenewskinny #youcandoit #hegivesyoustrength #huntingtonbeach

When you are out of ideas of what to eat that is healthy... You contact me so I can add you to this group 😉 where a group of wonderful girls everyday show each other that eating healthy is posible! We all have the same 24 hours we all have obligations, jobs, kids, families to run, the decision is yours.. whether you WANT to make time to meal prep or you don't... .
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I've been really inspired by the #bulletjournal community Watching different ways people set goals and then actually accomplish them inspired this tracker. I have wanted to do a cleanse for a while. #doterra has a #cleanseandrenew plan with some great products that takes 30 days. I've never made it though the entire 30 days. I created this #habittracker a month before I started which allowed me to be sure I had the product and wrap my head around the plan. I started May 1 and with the help of the tracker it had gone marvelously! #bulletjournalforthewin #goals #makenewhabits

Yo sé que a veces puede ser muy intimidante unos ejercicios con pesas o de brincos locos. Sobre todo cuando tratamos de hacer un ejercicio y vemos en la pantalla a la persona más fit que hay haciéndolo de una manera tan fácil! 😒Yo se… Tu puede que veas hoy mis videos y pienses que yo nunca tuve problemas de peso o de falta de motivación para hacer mis ejercicios. Pero todo lo contrario. Hace ya más de 4 años cuando decidí comenzar a hacer ejercicios, me dolía muchísimo la rodilla, y no podía saltar, ni hacer burpees, ni planchas ni nada de esas cosas. Pero me gustaba el ejercicio que estaba haciendo, me gustaba como @ShaunTfitness me motivaba y veía la mejora en mi capacidad. Por eso seguí con ellos. 👉🏼Pero puede que a ti no te guste ese tipo de ejercicios, y es totalmente valido. Siempre repito y le digo a mis chicas cuando estamos eligiendo un programa de ejercicios para ellas, les digo que elijan uno que les guste y les emocione. Porque la idea es disfrutar de cualquier tipo de actividad física. 💡Esa será la clave para que los termines, la clave para que crees un habito y logres todas tus metas.
Y aquí es donde vengo yo con mi punto de este post; @BeachBody ha lanzado una nueva rutina de ejercicios YOU V2 @leandrofitness , (si ya eres miembro de su acceso digital ya está disponible para ti). Pensando exactamente en estas personas que no tienen ningún nivel de experiencia con ejercicios, que están comenzando literalmente de cero, que no necesariamente quieren un six pack. Pero quieren mantenerse activas y aprender poco a poco a comer sano. 👉🏼Este programa de un mes incluye: *4 rutinas de “cardio dance”, muy fáciles de seguir, *2 rutinas de entrenamiento “body sculpting” de movimientos ligeros utilizando tu propio peso. *Ningún equipo es necesario para hacer estas rutinas de 30 minutos al día. *un plan nutricional de 4 pasos donde cada semana vas aprendiendo a incorporar un habito saludable a tus comidas *Una agenda motivacional con el calendario para que tomes nota de cómo te sientes cada día y te llenes de motivación. *También cuenta con la opción de mostrar en la pantalla la versión de niños para que tus hijos bailen contigo!
Sigue en comentarios👇🏼👇🏼

Cada mensaje que me envían diciéndome lo bien que se sienten, cuantas libras rebajaron o lo agradecidas que están por mi apoyo me hacen sonreír gigante 🙂💓 Pero que tu mamá este totalmente cambiada mentalmente y ahora entienda las consecuencias de comer mal, y las maravillas de comer bajo en sal y alimentos nutritivos es PRICELESS. Por mucho tiempo mi mamá sufrió de un sin fin de achaques (espero que pronto nos de su propio testimonio 😉) colesterol, presión alta, migrañas... etc etc y después de tanto insistirle esta vez si decidió a cambiar completamente su comida y ahora es feliz sin sufrir de todo eso y aun mas bajando casi por completo las dosis de sus medicinas 🙏🏻👏🏼💥 siempre les digo que nuestra salud depende de nosotros, de nuestros alimentos, de como nos tratemos. Hacer ejercicios no sólo por rebajar si no por el BIENESTAR y la salud. 💚 estoy muy orgullosa de ti mami 😘 @marta_r_de_o #sisepuede #makeithappen #makenewhabits #onlinecoaching #healthymom #healthyhabits #healthyliving #healthybalance #weightloss #salud #bienestar

#latepost de mi ejercicio de ayer 😝 ya saben que si no no cuenta 😎 ayer si vieron mis historias se dieron cuenta de las pocas ganas que tenía de llegar a hacer ejercicios, después de unas cuantas vueltas en la casa, mi shake y pre workout estaba bailando y disfrutando mis ejercicios 🙌🏼💥 eso de las endorfinas no es mito! Es muy cierto que tu cuerpo las segrega mientras haces alguna actividad física. Por un momento dejas Los problemas atrás y las obligaciones y disfrutas el momento. Esa es mi razón principal por la que hoy en día hago mis ejercicios para sentirme feliz, sentirme bien, sentirme que logré ese tiempito para mi 😊💓. No dejes de probarlo, no te vas a arrepentir, te lo apuesto 😉 Feliz Martes 😘 #endorphins

Lets do this! Music and Beachbody 💥 ya mejoró este Lunes ☺️🙌🏼👍🏼
#homefitness #weightloss #healthymind #howbadyouwantit #workingmom #makeithappen #makenewhabits #endorphins #workingoutmakesmehappy #onlinecoaching

Great habits are HARD to form, but easy to live with. Bad habits are EASY to form but hard to live with. #makenewhabits

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