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Comfort zones are great, until your 60 years old and look back and wish you tried stepping out of yours #trysomethingnewtoday #makenewhabits #movemountains #soblessed

Berhenti sejenak setelah nugas. 📒

Gjør det om igjen og om igjen til det blir ein del av deg‼️👊🏼💥 #healthylifestyle #sunnmat #sunnerevalg #lalifestylefood #makenewhabits Snapchat: Neeten💋

If you're trying to eat less in the new year (and let's be honest--most of us would be better off eating a little less...😉) besides drinking a lot of water, my best advice is sipping hot tea or coffee. I'm not talking fancy, sugary drinks, but a simple cup of Joe or a nonfat latte if you prefer (of course sub. almond milk etc as you desire.) Holding something warm and sipping on it slowly can help you resist the urge to nibble, and can become a satisfying treat to look forward to. ❤✨#makenewhabits #healthyeating #coffee

Reminder to myself: when I workout in the morning and I meal prep, I get extra time with the babies 🙂🙂 #makenewhabits #familytime #movienight #organizationtips #mealprepisworthit

One of the best things you can do when #makingachange in your life is to #makenewhabits to get over the fear of taking on a new experience.

Вдохновение это то что помогает начать.. привычка, то что помогает не останавливаться #долойлень #makenewhabits #running #morning

It may be hard.
But you can.
It may be tiring.
But you can.
It may hurt a little.
But you can.

You can. End of story. 💪🏼👊🏼😊 Total Body Cardio -21 Day Fix-DONE!

I love this program for many reasons, but one of them is because it's ONLY 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or to break an old one.

So who has 21 days to give me? 21 days of following a nutrition plan and working out. 21 days to a better you.

If you're ready to make a 21 day commitment to a healthier you-comment 21 below!! #21dayfix #makenewhabits


Old habits die hard. BUT THEY HAVE TO DIE IF YOU CREATE NEW HABITS. Normally for lunch I'd go grab whataburger or Taco Bell, even if I was working close to home. Now? Swing by the house, bake up fish and sauté some asparagus, and I'm back out in thirty minutes or less not feeling like I need a nap because I ate junk food. You can't just quit bad habits. You must force them out with new ones. You can start tomorrow or you can start now. #tomorrownevercomes #trustme #startrightnow #makenewhabits #forgivenfelons #forgivenfelonsfamily #fitfamily #fitdad #fitnessgoals2017

Has el cambio hoy! Da el primer paso 🙌🏼 No tienes que esperar un Lunes, 1 de Enero, o comienzo de mes para comenzar un nuevo habito, cualquiera que sea, escribir una lista de cosas por hacer, leer un libro, caminar 15 minutos, añadir una ensalada a tus cenas.. lo que sea! Se empieza con las ganas de cambiar 😘💗✨ #Beatips

🌱🌱 || PROTEIN & SUPS || 🌱🌱
Kid tested and Mother approved! My babies love shakes and the mint chocolate was a hit 🙌🏻 Now these supplements are all min and I don't share! ( @erikleemendoza get your own 😳) Healthy habits are the best habits. Ask me how to get started and let's set you up on a plan.
One day at a time, one inch at a time, one pond at a time, I believe in you! ========================== #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #mealreplacement #healthyhabits #supplements #getFit #loseWeight #accountability #discipline #getlean #fitmamaof3 #ImHereToHelp #eatClean #makenewhabits #imYourCoach

It's a hot day in Philly... so stay hydrated! I'm about to get my workout in- so I'm loading up on the water. 💦What are your plans for the day? Hope all the fathers have an amazing day!

Looking to change or form better habits? Pick up a copy of The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg: ⠀

“If you want to do something that requires willpower—like going for a run after work—you have to conserve your willpower muscle during the day.”

Getting out of my comfort zone today & trying something new!
Working on strengthening my weaknesses to help stabilise a happy stronger body, mind & soul. So very grateful for what my body allows to me to everyday. I certainly need to focus on building a stronger foundation for myself, which I seem to neglect..🙌🏻#needswork #hotyoga #fithq #movement #stretch #strength #bodyflow #mind #body #soul #relaxed #breath #yoga #fitness #makenewhabits #believe #getusetobeinguncomfortable

Tips para hacer ejercicios justo al levantarte en la mañana:
Aquí les resumo algunas ideas que pueden aplicar desde ya para lograr una mañana exitosa:
1. Deja lista tu ropa de ejercicios, colócala afuera de tu cuarto, junto a tu pre-workout drink si eres como yo, o alguna fruta que comerás antes de comenzar.
2. La noche anterior dale una visteada al ejercicio que harás el día siguiente, esto te ayudara mentalmente a visualizarte haciéndolo. También te ayudara para no perder tiempo el día siguiente buscando el calendario para ver cuál te toca.
3. También ver el ejercicio la noche anterior te ayudara a planificar el tiempo, a veces un mismo programa tiene tiempos de duración distintos. De esta manera no te toma de sorpresa y en la mañana decides no hacerlo o cortarlo por la mitad. NO-NO
4. Acuéstate pensando en tu rutina del día siguiente, el ejercicio de la visualización funciona! Si no pregúntale a los atletas que hacen esto una y otra vez antes de su competencia.
5. La mañana siguiente PEGAS el brinco! Una vez que suene la alarma. Cero snooze nada!, no le des tiempo a tu mente de pensar. (esto es lo que aplico cuando madrugo) no le doy chance a mi cerebro de que me de excusas. Y ahorita casualmente estoy leyendo un libro BUENISIMO sobre eso, se llama “the 5 second rule” de Mel Robbins. Súper recomendado! Y habla sobre como el cerebro luego de 5 segundos empieza a enviarte señales para hacerte desistir de esa idea o en este caso de levantarte de la cama. Hagan la prueba! Y si quieres escuchar el libro en Audible gratis, escríbeme un directo o tu correo electrónico y yo te lo envío. 💡Déjame saber si pruebas estos tips como te va, y mejor aún toma una foto y me etiquetas @beaoo y usa la etiqueta #BeaTrainingMom #trainingmom #weightlossfromhome #makenewhabits #onlinefitnesscoaching #Beatips

Tonight I was laying on the couch after I meal prepped and thought I should go for a 'run'. OUT OF HABIT I tried to allow myself to forget the thought and stay home. It's time to make new habits.

I became vegan because I saw the horror in their eyes and then realized that the monster was me.
- Passion fruit cake / Cornmeal cake with fennel seeds
Eu virei vegana qdo vi o desespero no olhar dos animais e percebi q o monstro era eu 😓
- Bolo de maracujá / Bolo de fubá com erva doce
#sundaylunch #sundayafternoon #vegancakes #caketime #cake #passionfruitcake #passionfruit #veganoptions #lunchtime #peta #breaktime #pacifist #activist #friendsnotfood #makebetterchoices #makenewhabits #veganism #veganisthefuture #veganistheanswer #jointheteam #veggieworld #realtaste #realfood #reallife #veganworld #bestofvegan #veganbook

22 minutos de estiramiento que necesitaba mi cuerpo. Las que hacemos ejercicios de pesas es muy recomendable hacer estos ejercicios de estiramiento porque la mayoría del tiempo el músculo está contraído. Yo confieso que debo hacerlo mas seguido, porque cada vez que los hago se siente super bien 🙂 Feliz Domingo ✌🏼 #makenewhabits #Beatrainingmom #weightlossfromhome #stretching #sundayworkout #trainingmom

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