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Takes 21days to make or break a habit join us on our 21 day shake challenge. #day2 #makenewhabits #21dayshakechallange #dontwatchusjoinus 💚💚💚

The key to never ending forward progression, is to never collide your mind off to the knowledge around you...if you want to evolve in your career or your passion, commit to it 110% and see how your life changes #movemountains #makenewhabits #soblessed

Gjør det om igjen og om igjen til det blir ein del av deg‼️👊🏼💥 #healthylifestyle #sunnmat #sunnerevalg #lalifestylefood #makenewhabits Snapchat: Neeten💋

Reminder to myself: when I workout in the morning and I meal prep, I get extra time with the babies 🙂🙂 #makenewhabits #familytime #movienight #organizationtips #mealprepisworthit

If you're trying to eat less in the new year (and let's be honest--most of us would be better off eating a little less...😉) besides drinking a lot of water, my best advice is sipping hot tea or coffee. I'm not talking fancy, sugary drinks, but a simple cup of Joe or a nonfat latte if you prefer (of course sub. almond milk etc as you desire.) Holding something warm and sipping on it slowly can help you resist the urge to nibble, and can become a satisfying treat to look forward to. ❤✨#makenewhabits #healthyeating #coffee

Let's start again.
Step 1: Bismillahirahmanirrahim.
#66dayschallenge #stopoldhabits #makenewhabits

It may be hard.
But you can.
It may be tiring.
But you can.
It may hurt a little.
But you can.

You can. End of story. 💪🏼👊🏼😊 Total Body Cardio -21 Day Fix-DONE!

I love this program for many reasons, but one of them is because it's ONLY 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or to break an old one.

So who has 21 days to give me? 21 days of following a nutrition plan and working out. 21 days to a better you.

If you're ready to make a 21 day commitment to a healthier you-comment 21 below!! #21dayfix #makenewhabits

Вдохновение это то что помогает начать.. привычка, то что помогает не останавливаться #долойлень #makenewhabits #running #morning


Takes 21days to make or break a habit join us on our 21 day shake challenge. #day2 #makenewhabits #21dayshakechallange #dontwatchusjoinus 💚💚💚

HEY EVERYBODY! It has been a long time since I've posted. I'm still hanging around. A quick update-- I've been going to the gym, not as regularly as I would like but I make it. And I'm about 22 pounds down for the year. Not where I wanted to be but progress is progress.

Week2-Day2. I couldn't go for a run past two days. My body already got used to going out and jogging or walking. I felt anxious and miserable past two days for not being able to go out and run. Alhumdulilah (All praises and thanks to Allah(swt) for giving me another day to do what I love to do. Our mind and body is like a clay we can mold it to the way we want. We can change bad habits and make good productive habits for our life. So to today, change bad habits and make new habits and ofcourse key is consistency.

Howdyyyyyy! I'm answering questions about the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge! Post questions in the comments! Doors close in 5 Days. I'm so pumped to take you on this powerful journey. Link in bio for more info!

In your defense, we have all been there at one time. Making excuses for something that we know isn't good for us. Be mindful of your reasons and change that shit to better yourself! Make it a great day! 😘
#motivationalmonday #motivation #inspiration #inyourdefense #timetoquit #youcandoanything #itsworthit #sober #soberlife #makenewhabits #livefit #fitness #workout #gymsavedmylife #godsgrace #blessed

Did you know that feeling organized has health benefits?

It can...
💃Boost energy
😴 Improve sleep
🍎 Lead to better eating habits
😎 Reduce stress
❤ Reduce heart attack risk

To help myself feel a little more organized, and refocus on health and fitness so sickness doesn't take over, I'm psyched that my team ALONG WITH A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER is running a free 5 day group starting tomorrow. ⌚📝📅📦📁📌📎✂📆 The more the merrier!
So you are welcome to join!
Comment, tag a friend who you think would benefit and I'll add you!

Sharing yoga to keep myself accountable and have a record along the way. Working at your passions fuels the fire for the rest of life. By giving myself an hour or so a day, it allows me to give more of myself to others. #startingfresh #dontletstressgetthebest #yoga #restorativeyoga #yin #yogaeverydamnday #orwhenever #giveandtake #balance #wellness #hipopener #shoulderopener #positivity #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #makenewhabits #love #selfcaresunday #aimtoimprove #yogapractice

Retomando viejos pero buenos hábitos.
Antes lo hacía diariamente, me ayudaba a regular el estreñimiento, luego lo dejé para los fines de semana.
Ahora estaba tomando cafe con leche de soya en vez de esto.
Pero ahora lo vuelvo a sustituir, porque me siento mucho mejor cuando tomo el agua con limón. (Calma #coffeelovers que seguiré con mi cafe pero negrito 😉) 🍋el agua tibia con limón ayuda para michas cosas, de seguro ya han escuchado hablar de ellas. Entre una de ellas esta como les dije regular el estomago. 🍋 limpiar impurezas, 🍋 comenzar el día con algo suave para activar el sistema digestivo 🍋 da energía ... y NO, no da gastritis ni es malo para quien lo padece, yo hace mucho tiempo sufrí de gastritis y no me cae mal ni se siente ácido en el estomago. 😉
Pruébalo y me cuentas!
#sundaymorning #changinghabits #makenewhabits #beatips #Beabusymom #healthylifestyleforbusymoms

Happy Saturday! Its weigh in day... down another 2.6lbs; for a total of 13.8lbs since I decided to do something about my weight.
Nothing is going to change if you don't change. You have to break old habits, before you can create new ones, and it gets easier every day!
Doing this for myself 😚

Happy FRIDAY friends!😍
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective 🙃🤓😁 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I dare you to change 1 little habit that's not so good and see how it affects you in almost every aspect of your life😉

Going Greek and still on plan! I will be toasting pine nuts for the rest of my life - they're THAT good!
#ultimatereset #reclaimyourhealth #21days #makenewhabits #cleaneating #anotherdayanothersalad #soulmatemealplan

When life just keep giving you shit. Take your 200lb ass in to the gym and break a sweat to help settle your mind. I haven't been consistent and I can blame a list of shit including work but we are all given the same 24 hours to do what needs to be done. I've been making excuses and excuses only keep you from advancing. And if you not advancing you're getting worst. Don't allow your self to get to that point were your daily activity are sleep, work and feeling sorry for your self. Get your ass up early and do something about it and make a change. Life isn't fair but it is what you make of it. So start writing your own story and stop allowing daily stresses over populate your mind! #selfreflection #selftalk #selfcare #createabetteryou #fuckdepression #dontoverthink #makenewhabits #writeyourownstory #createabetterfutureforyou #donthalfassanything

A different type of #tbt to my wedding day. 2009 and my life was about to change. Not really lol , we were already living together in GA ( I moved with him) bought our first house there and our first dog. So this was just sealing the deal 👊. The deal was, dont leave me or I'll 🔪🔪 you 😂😂😂😉😉 from a fitness standpoint , look at how much cardio I did! Hahahaha . Hence the skinny arms and no muscle 😂. Everyone starts from somewhere 😎 and I started from the typical "lifting will make me bulky" 😐😒😒 and do ALL the cardio ALL the time ! I ate crap and drank on the weekends and thought I could just "run" it off. I mean you can still drink and meet your goals , but I'm talking about I drank like a fish and partied like it was 1999. 😂😂 No bueno. So the point is, you can change your habits and reach your goals if YOU really wanted to, with no excuses . That's all. 😉😉 Byeeee!!! #guesswhatdayitis #ha #happythursday #tbt #jopwedding #bestdecisionever #mrshenry #lifestyle #balance #dowork #makenewhabits #weddingdressstillfits #myarmsjustlookbetter #iliftheavynow #bodybuilding #girlswholift #namethatsong

#ThursdayThoughts .

THIS. There is nothing more important than this. .

No secrets. No magic pill. No quick fix.
Nothing is more important to the success of your diet and lifestyle changes than consistency. .


Come to your mat every day, they say. So I came to the mat this morning. Did 4 of the most awkward, uncoordinated, uncomfortable, twisted sun salutations in the history of the world. Soon as I have yoga pants and am not attempting these in my fuzzy cow pyjamas which slide off my butt while I'm contorting myself, I'll show you just how ugly it is. And hopefully over time we'll see how gorgeous and easy it gets. I gather all it takes is to come to the mat every day. Here we go! #yoga #yogabeginner #beginneragain #iusedtobemuchbetteratthis #makenewhabits #sunrise #practiseeveryday

Did you say HARD LABOR?? 😯
Jk....Not that kind of labor! Yet.. 😝but I did just finish #Day1 of my "5 Days Of Hard Labor" weightlifting workout! 💪🏻👏🏻
Once I finish, I will be doing another round next week so let me know if you want to commit to 5 days with me!! If this prego can do it, so can you 😘
#HardLabor #5Days #YouCanDoItToo #JustCommit #MakeNewHabits #7MonthsPrego #BabyLovesIt #BoyMom #PregoFitness #AtHomeFitness

This is what happens when you finally go through your "junk drawer" and find all your unopened products, and you message your knowledgeable little sister 😂 #ireallyneedtocleanthatdrawerout #thatoneuselessdrawerthatyoufillwithanything .
Who knew little sisters could teach their older sisters stuff?! 😂😂😂 I'm really not knowledgable when it comes to beauty products, facial treatments and make up. The extent of make up I use it the occasional eyeliner 🖊 and lipstick or lipgloss 💄 and well I don't even use mascara anymore since I get my lashes done lol #lowmaintainance #aunaturel .
I honestly can never remember what to use when and writing it on a piece of paper, I'll eventually loose or ruin, isn't gunna cut it lol she literally had to spell tbout for me step by step lol then I literally took a marker to it 🖍😂😂#imavisuallperson #ineedtobeshownnottold #iaintgottineforthat #mommybrainisstrongwiththisone #atleastihaveeverythingineed #timetofixthisskin .
Permanent marker to the rescue!! #thatsonewaytodoit .
Now let's hope I can remember to do this every day 😳😂 #makenewhabits #itwillbecomesecondnature

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