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Turn household chores into a game with this fun, bingo chore chart! #Postit #makeitstick

...fats... #makeitstick

Tag your partner in crime. A @postit Note goes a long way. #MakeItStick

Scotch and Post-it will always be the products I'll choose to stay productive and organized. These have always been my obsession! 💖 Thank you for being a part of my life not just in school but also now that I've graduated! Stay organized as well and post your own Scotch and Post-it story 😙 #MakeItStick #BeHandsOn

Let's talk organization! I am a hot mess sometimes when it comes to my to-do list, but I love me some @postit notes 📝 to help me in the process. I shared a post on Monday that joined a 21 day productivity challenge in writing 5️⃣ things at night that I want to make sure to accomplish the next day, and I get such satisfaction in crossing it off the list. Sometimes I will add something to the list after I do it just so I can cross it off! Am I alone with that one?! Share with me your best organization tips... #capturingjoywithkristenduke #partner #postit #makeitstick

Trying to get ahead in the meal-planning game? Try out this system. #Postit #makeitstick

Tag someone you want to thank. A @postit Note goes a long way. #MakeItStick


Went golfing 🏌 with the fam today! So much fun!! #golf #memorialdayweekend @bowhunterguy

"Make it Stick™✓: Living intentionally without Snubbing the Source Code" "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty...I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well" ~ Theodore Roosevelt [Former President of the United States of America]

Hypothetically, think & ponder over how you get to where you are today. Indeed, it's not about your might or right. If you were to be told that you're going to build a multi-million dollar company, feed thousands of children, send the vulnerables to school, rescue girls from sex trafficking, dig Wells for remote villages in Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria among other places in the world everyone (including you) would have laughed. Whereas, while man is planning, God is laughing!

You never expected to be on the covers of magazines, appear on national T.V., or keynote speaker to thousands of employees at companies like Dangote, Google, MTN, Nestlé, etc. But that's often how life works. The ordinary become the extraordinary

At a point in your life you made that shift from desire to doing. And then your story became a perennial one of how everyday people can be transformed into a superstar in a twinkle of an eye. Lest we forget that the journey and ride is as important as the position you're today. You became formidable and better person because of the process....you chose to live intentionally yet you never snub the source code of everything - the one most people see as the casual factor - the God factor!

Obviously, we're living in one of the most exciting times of our social existence as there are so many problems to solve and attend to.....it's time to MAKE IT STICK™! Call/WhatsApp: +2348182939935

Remember, change begins at home! Enjoy your day! Love y'all!

#Coaching® #PersonalDevelopment #AkintolaSpeaks #MakeItStick #Success #Startup #Grinding #Business #Rooseveth #SmallBeginning

Ready, Set, Go! Start your week right and give your 100%. #MakeItStick

Beautiful Day for a Family Hike!! #hiking #getoutdoors #rockymountains #colorado

Pre-School Sunday School at Unity Gospel House of Prayer. Think Orange curriculum is relatable and fun. The Lions Race!!!! #thinkorange #makeitstick #makeitfun #makeittrue #danialinthelionsden #GodGotUs #ughop#oghbyrg @orangeleaders

Reading 🤓 + shade 🌳+ pool 🏊🏼 = heaven on earth 🌈#simplemath #makeitstick #myhandwritingsucks

#goodreads #makeitstick
خوانش پریشی یا دیسلکسیا (که در فرهنگ پزشکی ما از آن به‌عنوان نوعی معلولیت یاد می‌شود) به میزان بسیار زیادی در میان زندانیان شایع است، که می‌توان آن را دلیل انتخاب‌های اشتباهی دانست که عموماً از کودکی و به دلیل عدم توانایی در خواندن متن توسط مبتلایان به این عارضه نهایتاً منجر به شکل‌گیری الگوی شکست در شخصیت فرد و کاهش اعتمادبه‌نفس او می‌شود. دسته‌ای از این افراد نهایتاً رفتارهای ضداجتماعی (نظیر قلدری) از خود بروز می‌دهند که در صورت عدم‌تشخیص به‌موقع می‌تواند مقدمه‌ای بر انجام جرم‌های سنگین‌تر باشد.
با وجود این که یادگیری مهارت خواندن برای افراد مبتلا به خوانش‌پریشی دشوار است و این مسئله می‌تواند دلیل ضعف یادگیری در دیگر زمینه‌ها نیز باشد، مصاحبه با تعدادی از افراد موفق مبتلا به این عارضه در مقاله‌ای از مجلهٔ Fortune به این نکته اشاره دارد که افراد مبتلا به خوانش پریشی دارای توان بیشتری در خلاقیت و حل مسئله هستند و یا می‌توانند این توانایی را در خود گسترش دهند.

ریچارد برانسون‌، مالک شرکت هوایی ویرجین (@virginamerica) از جمله مبتلایان به این عارضه است که از آن به عنوان نقطهٔ قوت خود یاد می‌کند.

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🌱I have a small garden area on the side of my house. Yesterday I started to plant my herbs🌿 , peppers 🌶 and tomatoes 🍅. I also have strawberries that come up each year. I love having this small garden so close. We also have a large garden where we plant our Zucchini, Cauliflower, onions, watermelon, Squash and more!! Do you have a garden? #gardening #herbgarden #organic #nongmo #homegrown #kale

Look what is now available on our site! You can now purchase flower bundles to go with your celebration and bow boards. 💐
4 colors to choose from!

Workout at the park! #momlife #noexcuses #parktime

Love this picture @themrsofthehouse shared displaying our beautiful celebrations board ❤ I also love how instead of a red heart she changed it to a grey for an added soft touch.

Happy Friday!! What are your weekend plans? #friday #friyay

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