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How does @gabbycvdouglas stay on task when her schedule gets busy? Take a look: #makeitstick

...fats... #makeitstick

Last ever underage game, think it's time to start taking life more seriously 😁 #makeitstick#21s#holla

look who I’m teaming up with this year to show you how to win at achieving your goals – @Postit Brand! 😍 #Postit #makeitstick #ad

Let's talk organization! I am a hot mess sometimes when it comes to my to-do list, but I love me some @postit notes 📝 to help me in the process. I shared a post on Monday that joined a 21 day productivity challenge in writing 5️⃣ things at night that I want to make sure to accomplish the next day, and I get such satisfaction in crossing it off the list. Sometimes I will add something to the list after I do it just so I can cross it off! Am I alone with that one?! Share with me your best organization tips... #capturingjoywithkristenduke #partner #postit #makeitstick

• because I'll never forget where I started... (5/15 • now) • –— l o.
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A @postit Note goes a long way. #MakeItStick

Scotch and Post-it will always be the products I'll choose to stay productive and organized. These have always been my obsession! 💖 Thank you for being a part of my life not just in school but also now that I've graduated! Stay organized as well and post your own Scotch and Post-it story 😙 #MakeItStick #BeHandsOn

Turn household chores into a game with this fun, bingo chore chart! #Postit #makeitstick


They're back!!! All colors fully restocked! Grab yours before they sell out again 😁

Our popular celebrations board is now available in BIRTHDAYS!! Link in profile #makeitstick

We are offically on vacation!! All orders that are due out before the 1st have been shipped. The shop will remain open for orders since we will be back soon! Have a wonderful week and stay tuned later today for an announcement! #makeitstick

Are your kids ready to commit their lives to Christ? Talk to your kids, and then talk to your kids’ ministry leaders this weekend if you think they are truly ready to make the biggest decision they will ever make! #MakeItStick #KidsMin #KidsMinistry #JourneyKidz

I'm a busy Mom so I understand it's hard to find time for ourselves. IHF Fit Club will help you fit exercise into your day, learn to cook healthy meals your family will love! And so much more!! You will have access to quick, fat burning workouts you can do at home. No more spending long hours at the gym. These quick and effect workouts will burn fat for HOURS after your workout and will help boost your metabolism. Join us link in my bio!! #ihffitclub #onlinepersonaltraining

Went a little different with this custom request. Combined two of our current board designs into one. Wish we would have got a photo of it fully put together before shipping off. Maybe next time! 😁 #makeitstick

Who has a little Hadley?? I have an "oopsie" decal to get rid of. $5 +shipping to the first with their paypal addy! Measures approx. 10.5"x4" only oopsie is I barely nipped a little off the top of the L but hardly even noticeable. #makeitstick

#Cramps during the summer is on a whole different level. It's evil. It waits until you arrive at work and then strikes. You can't work because you can't leave the bathroom. You can't go home because that would mean walking to your car and driving. Everything is terrible.
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#Repost @postit ・・・
How does @gabbycvdouglas stay on task when her schedule gets busy? Take a look: #makeitstick.
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Kids will likely take their faith as seriously as you take your faith. Take a moment with each of your kids this week at bed time to talk about what it means to accept Christ and share your own testimony of how and why you accepted Christ. #MakeItStick #JourneyKidz #KidsMin #KidsMinistry

How does @gabbycvdouglas stay on task when her schedule gets busy? Take a look: #makeitstick

Fill your goal list for the rest of the week with Post-it® Notes. Accomplish your tasks easily and stay productive all throughout. #MakeItStick #MondayMotivational

Here are some great discussion starters to get your kids talking about salvation: - What does it mean to be saved?
- How can we receive Jesus as our Savior?
- What should we do after we have accepted Jesus and become a Christian?
#MakeItStick #KidsMin #KidsMinistry #JourneyKidz

If you could be mentored for one week by any living person in the world, who would you choose and why? (Tag them in your answer please).
Our July *Make it Stick* Personal, Business and Professional Coaching Class still on going. Subscribe Now! Call/Whatsapp: +2348182939935
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Do you have plans this coming weekend? Get ready and make sure you don't forget anything with the help of Post-it® Notes. #MakeItStick

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