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You've studied hard! Help make those lessons stick with reminders around the house! #MakeItStick #Postit

my mom always taught me…if you have a dream, make it come to life by creating a powerful vision board. @Postit #makeitstick #ad #Postit

• because I'll never forget where I started... (5/15 • now) • –— l o.
#slowandsteady #makeitstick #makeitcount #summer17

Scotch and Post-it will always be the products I'll choose to stay productive and organized. These have always been my obsession! 💖 Thank you for being a part of my life not just in school but also now that I've graduated! Stay organized as well and post your own Scotch and Post-it story 😙 #MakeItStick #BeHandsOn

A @postit Note goes a long way. #MakeItStick

Let's talk organization! I am a hot mess sometimes when it comes to my to-do list, but I love me some @postit notes 📝 to help me in the process. I shared a post on Monday that joined a 21 day productivity challenge in writing 5️⃣ things at night that I want to make sure to accomplish the next day, and I get such satisfaction in crossing it off the list. Sometimes I will add something to the list after I do it just so I can cross it off! Am I alone with that one?! Share with me your best organization tips... #capturingjoywithkristenduke #partner #postit #makeitstick

Last ever underage game, think it's time to start taking life more seriously 😁 #makeitstick#21s#holla

As I’ve written in the past, there are only 3 things you need to travel around the world: a passport, a credit card, and a smart phone. The passport gets you across borders, the credit card will buy you whatever you need, and the smartphone allows you to book rooms/transportation, research and communicate.

What things do you travel with?

I've teamed up with the Post-it® Brand to share the ways I stay motivated and inspired while traveling. Follow along at #Postit #makeitstick


Make sure you sign the right Christmas package from Santa. #MakeItStick

🎶On the first day of Cookies, my Trainer gave to me... 🎶 Energizing Peanut Butter Protein Balls!🎄
Ingredients: -1 c Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
- 2/3 c raw honey or agave
- 2 tsp. vanilla
- 1/2 c flax meal
- 2 c oats
- 1 c Vanilla Protein Powder
- 48 large Dark Chocolate chips
Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Roll into 1 inch balls. Press down on a plate or cookie sheet until slightly flattened. Press a large, dark chocolate chip into the middle of each cookie. Refrigerate or keep at room temperature.
#12days #cookies #fitsnack #12daysofchristmas #12daysofcookies

Win at parenthood with a thoughtful note like this. #MakeItStick

Kicking off our #WarmUpResolution series with the most important part of your day - your breakfast! This is the foundation of all healthy diets and resolutions. Make it a 'super' meal by having just one superfood before 9am everyday. You can keep it simple - an egg or a cup of berries or even one glass of milk.
Follow our #WarmUpResolution series throughout this month - we are trying to make your inevitable New Year health resolutions stick!

#resolution #newyear #healthresolution #newyearresolution #warmup #makeitstick #superfoods #Parry #ParryWellness

A Post-it® Apple Disenser is a perfect gift for everyone who is always in a hurry and loves to leave notes. #MakeItStick

Happy Workout Monday!! Let’s crush today!! Feeling strong after my IHF Fit Club Workout!! #mondaymood #monday

Remember those 260 open orders we had 5 days ago?? We are offically down to 73 open orders!!! 🎉🎉 Spent the last 12 hours adding decals to all of these but finally, here are the last of those 73 orders! Yay!!! Just need to add some hardware and to pack them up 🎅🤶

Walking the Mersey way marshland in the snow 🌨️ #wewantasnowday #makeitstick ❄️❄️❄️

Because if snow falls and I don't post about it... Did it ever really happen?
#snow #winter #itssnowing #makeitstick #Germany #cold #selfie #walkies #greyweather #gotmyhotdrink #sunday #netflixbinge

December is a month full of baking and lots of sugar! Looking for healthier recipes without sacrificing the flavor?? Check out my FREE 12 Days of Healthier Cookies! Link in my bio to sign up! Happy Baking! #hoildaybaking #cookies #12daysofcookies

Doesn't it seem like the kids are always the ones who want to make cookies but then the parents are the ones who get stuck eating them 😂 Enjoying a "little" snack while getting the rest of our orders packaged up. Don't be surprised if you get some cookies in your orders 😉 haha, I'm kidding.... I don't share my cookies 😂

God stil 👍 #makeitstick

I love welding...#makeitstick

I love this easy DIY Holiday Room Spray welcomes all those who enter your home. It is inviting, uplifting, and will promote a happy environment during your holiday festivities and is nontoxic.
15 drops Frankincense oil
15 drops Grapefruit oil
30 drops Douglas Fir oil
In a 4oz glass spray bottle add essential oils and top off with water.
To use, shake the bottle then spray.
Note: Depending on the size of your spray bottle you may wish to use more or less, but make sure to keep the ratio of twice the amount of Douglas Fir to equal parts Frankincense and Grapefruit. Link in bio!!! #essentialoils #roomspray #nontoxic

Let your smile change the World! But don’t let the Works change your Smile!! #truth Happy Friday!!

started with pinterest yesterday and this is the end result, thanks for the calamari @rmaskell35

It’s not what happens it’s how you handle it! #truth

I love getting packages with awesomeness. These beauties are off to @evelynrogerbeauty for her masks and scrubs. These labels have the slightest iridescence to them that make them almost sparkle.
If you want to check out some awesome cruelty free, small batch, amazing face stuffs check out her Etsy! The Lavender Grains smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft. .
#branding #makerofrad #mor #makersgonnamake #smallbusiness #freelance #freelancegraphicdesigner #custombranding #laboroflove #mommamaker #skincare #erbs #labels #makeitstick #naturalbeauty #crueltyfree

Well here we go. Working our way through the last 260 open orders.

Get a new feel for your study table or your office desk with the touch of Post-it® Adhesive Roll. #MakeItStick

Great stocking stuffers under $15! Link in my bio or Order here www.mydoterra.com/kristinmcconnell #stockingstuffers
Here is your dōTERRA gift guide organized by price!
When you purchase 200pv in Dec you will receive a FREE 15ml Frankincense and 5ml Holiday Joy with ornament (with LRP by the 15th). Check it out! www.mydoterra.com/kristinmcconnell #essentialoils #nontoxic

Happy Monday!! Don’t give up keep going!! Your legs are not giving out your head it! Keep going! #motivationmonday Have you worked out yet today??

Never home but always reppin.

#SoFlo #Realtor #STLOUISLIKETHECITY #MakeItStick 😂😂

Is it Christmas spirit to cuss at your gingerbread house? 🤭 The annual gingerbread “fun” continues! 🎄
#itssohard #makeitstick #mobilehome #gingerbreadhouse #allthecandy #iatemostofmine #lindsaysisbetter 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈🎄⛄️🍾🚃🏠

I can't wait to try this haiirspray!!! 😍😍😍😍😍#bestintheworld #hairspray #cosmetology #stylist #makeitstick #longlasting #brushable

Beautiful morning at our cabin to cut down our Christmas tree!! 🎄 I love this time of year!! #nofilter #christmastree #homegrown @

Happy Sunday! What are your plans for today? We are heading up to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree!! 🎄 Is your tree up yet??

Lost count of the number of track days on these Michelin Pilot Super Sport 4s.
#shreadedsaturday #causetracktires #trackcrazy #needmoretraction #makeitstick

sometimes “work” means making a PB&J sandwich on the floor, with the back of a knife, because lessons in communication take funny turns 🙃 #2017WCA43 #ncaa #communication #coaching #makeitstick


Remember you have always been beautiful you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter and stronger!
Will you join us?
We’re about grace, not guilt.

We are striving to bridge a gap in the fitness and self-love industries. There is a way to love and make peace with your body, while also striving to make positive changes. And there is a way to embrace your unique shape while sculpting new muscles and refining that shape into one that is happy, healthy, and strong.

Join us to get into the best shape of your life! This online gym will help you build a Body that brings you confidence, strength and health! --> Fitness, Nutrition and
Lifestyle Challenge -->Effective 20 Minute Workouts -->Healthy Recipes --> Clean Eating --> Meal Prep --> Hormone Balance --> Balance Metabolism --> Mindset --> Happy,Healthy & Strong!

and so much more!! Sign Up Here!! https://www.ihffitclub.com/store/dtWvHLxM
#merryfitmas #25daysofchristmas #onlinegym

Fun times with my penguin. #growthmindset #grad2cert #makeitstick

Learned so much this week at the master training certification course. I passed phases 1 and 2. And need to pass phase 3 then I earn the designation of master trainer. So excited for this.
But during the week, the facilitator recommended a fantastic book with tons of research about learning and how to help people retain information. My manager bought his team this book Make it Stick. So excited to read it!! I am so blessed to work for a company that feels it is important for both professional and personal development. I love it!
#makeitstick #atd #learning #mastertrainer

Oh my! Look at these adorable reindeer headbands!! 😍😍 My child was throwing a fit so i had to use a candle 😂

Газета Independent опубликовала материал, в котором предлагаются четыре стратегии для запоминания изученного. Если вы собираетесь чему-то научиться, вам понадобятся знания предмета и знание того, как именно сам процесс обучения и работает. Плохая новость заключается в том, что многие педагоги и родители придают большое значение именно знанию предмета, но упускают важность понимания процесса обучения самими учениками. Психологи из Вашингтонского университета Генри Родигер и Марк МакДэниэл, которые являются соавторами книги о науке об успешном обучении очень подробно и интересно описывают эти стратегии. Все бежим и читаем: либо Independent, либо книгу 📖📖📖 Henry Riediger and Mark McDaniel "Make it stick: The Science of successful learning" #educationbook #makeitstick #fourstrategies #learn #london #uk

Four strategies for remembering everything you learn have been described in Independent. According to them, if you are going to learn anything, you need two kind of prior knowledge: knowledge about the subject at hand, and knowledge about how learning actually works. While parents and educators are pretty good at imparting the first kind of knowledge, the 'meta-cognitive' aspects of learning is more hit-or-miss. Henry Riediger and Mark McDaniel, psychologists at Washington University and co-authors of Make It Stick: The Science Of Successful Learning, say that "how we teach and study is largely a mix of theory, lore, and intuition." To cut through that lore, please read either Independent or the book 📖📖📖

Last day to get your orders in! Due to the wonderfully overwhelming response and popularity of our items we are having to stop taking Christmas orders after today. Our store will be on vacation mode while we get caught up on orders. Thank you all for your love and support.

Hello December!! I love this time of year!!! What are your goals this month?? #hellodecember

Day 30 Planksgiving --> Hold Plank of your choice for 1 minute! -->Can you believe this is our last challenge!! You did amazing I'm so proud of you for sticking with it! I have to say I'm going to be sad not planking with you all everyday. I will be hosting this challenge again next Thanksgiving. Next month will be devoted to a healthy Holiday season. #planksgiving #core #corestrength #abs

Of course I wanted to buy all the things! This corner was my little slice of Heaven for the morning.

This photo was taken at one of my favorite stores. I can stay here for quite awhile & feel as happy as can be ☺️

I've rounded up 6 things that you need to do within the first 6 months of launching your blog.

1️⃣-REACH OUT FOR PARTNERSHIPS. Yes, that includes stores! You don't have to be a hugely popular blogger to secure a partnership. I'm speaking from experience!

Click the link in my bio for more ways to give your blog more exposure & gain a steady following.



We, Filipinos, give thanks to a hero who fought for the independence that we are all enjoying now. Mabuhay to the Father of the Philippine Revolution, Andres Bonifacio! #MakeItStick
#crafts #craft #DIY #art #bonifacioday #adhesive #poster #paper #design #goodvibes #floral #postitph #instagood #stationary #office #school #desk #creative

120 decals cut and pulled and ready to be added to 120 birthday baords 😂 Trying to keep up 😉 With a 2 yr old and a 10 month old, I swear this took me like 2 days to do. Lol

Day 29 Planksgiving {90* Bird Dog Plank}
-->Hold 90 Degree Bird Dog Plank for 1 minute! -->90 Degree Bird Dog Plank: Remember the plank we did last week that reminded you of being a pointer dog? Do that again, except take your extended limbs out to 90 degrees.
Try both sides. (Yes, it’s the hardest one so far!) ❤️Why we LOVE it: This plank is a great core workout as well as a great move to help improve (and challenge) your overall balance! #planksgiving #plank #challenge #balance #core

❤️ It’s all about mindset!! When it rains ☔️ look for Rainbows 🌈 When it’s dark look for Stars! ⭐️ #bepositive #lookforthegood

Too much in a hurry to sign documents? Post-it® Sign Here shows you which pages to jump to for that signature. #MakeItStick

#sophyac #makeitstick

Day 28 Planksgiving {Drag Plank}
--> Hold Plank Drags for 1 minute! -->Plank Drags: Find a slippery surface (think: socks on the kitchen floor, boots on a playground ledge, mossy wall, burp cloth/dish towel etc) and try dragging your feet up & down, in & out, or a combo of both….. ❤️Why we LOVE it: This planks is a great dynamic core workout, and it’s a fun way to switch up the traditional plank hold. #planksgiving #dragplank #plank #challenge #strength #core

Oh my goodness! We hit 24,000 sales last night!!! I can not believe it! Just want to say thank you to all of our wonderful customers throughout the years. It's been an exciting journey.

Taking time to reflect on my day and take inventory.

We LOVE what companies like MOCEAN are doing - blending social media with superior customer service. It completely mirrors their in-store experience which is why we love them. They are a fantastic model for showing how to use social media in a fun, authentic and vibrant way. We can help you show your personality 😍🤓🤡😇😎🤗 without spending enough money to make you 😭. #Repost @mocean_cape_cod with @repostapp
Want your list done fast and easy? Just send it in to us at MOCEAN!
We will match or beat any online cyber monday deal today, plus provide you with personal service, free shipping or delivery, and gift wrapping. PLUS: you get to support the local Cape Cod community and leave your money here on Cape Cod.
Just call or email us your list or screenshots and we will confirm your order right away! It’s like BLACK CARD CONCIERGE right from us at MOCEAN CAPE COD!
Patagonia. Ugg. Sorel. The North Face. BIC. Surftech. Bōte. And more.
Don’t believe all the hype about needing to jump online today. Experience the MOCEAN difference today or everyday this Holiday Season.
Email: shoplocal@moceancapecod.com
Call: 508*477*1774 *pricing and orders are subject to availability in store or from supplier. Every effort will be made to make sure we can fulfill your order and make you look like a hero!
#shopsmartshoplocalshopmocean #moceancapecod #makeitstick #dontclick #privateshopping #mashpeecommons @capecodchamber @mashpeecommons

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