Just prove yourself right by believing in yourself and doing what you said you will do, doing what people said you can't do. Because you will surely find fulfilment in that.

Twas a good day👌🥂😉 with our CEO @lavanessie 😘😘representing @popnchopuk at the @livelystonesuk event #MakeItHappen2017 at UCL 📷: @paulamelissaphotography

When God blesses the works of your hands 🥂🥂. My first official event as a business owner😄😀🤗. @popnchopuk #LivelyStones #MakeItHappen2017 #MIH17 #PopNChop 🍤: @popnchopuk 📷: @paulamelissaphotography 🎤: @livelystonesuk

“You gotta get back up every single time you fall.” More Wednesday wisdom for you all from one of our talented young men. #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #youthknowledgewins @nyumcsilver @blackmensmile

SHOUT OUT about what you believe in! Don't be shy! There is a growing, ethically-minded community online, and we need you! Voting with your money supports brands doing their bit, and sharing your finds makes it easier for others to do the same.
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If you're passionate about ethical fashion, I'd also suggest joining forces with Fashion Revolution, who campaign for greater transparency and share tips on how to improve your clothes consumption.
And for individuals also sharing their best tips, finds, and journeys, why not try following a few bloggers? Check out this Healthy Living Bloggers list published on our #facebookpage which includes #beauty, #food, #fitness, #fashion, #green and #lifestyle blogs. #recommendedarticle From ¨Simple Ways To Live More Ethically¨ by CuriouslyConscious #sustainablelifestyle #beauthentic #actglocal #makeithappen2017 #livtyler

Another successful C.H.A.M.P.S young men’s roundtable at Unity Prep Middle School today. Our CHAMPS did an amazing job leading the conversation and we can’t wait to come back. #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #CHAMPS #mybrotherskeeper #healing #brooklyn

A typical Friday brainstorming with one of our Make It Happen C.H.A.M.P.S for our next peer roundtable. #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #CHAMPS #communityhealers #peersupport

Make It Happen is hiring! We’re looking to bring on a Program Coordinator to help us in our work supporting young men of color. Job posting is below https://www.courtinnovation.org/careers/program-coordinator #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #weworktogether #itisfunworkingwithshawnandkentoniswear

Today, @makeithappennyc staff and two of our Make It Happen C.H.A.M.P.S (Community Healers And Mentors for Personal Success) completed a men’s roundtable conversation with boys from Brownsville Collegiate Charter School. The conversation was amazing and our C.H.A.M.P.S look forward to more powerful discussions. If you would like to learn more about what our CHAMPS can offer, hit us in the DM. #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #CHAMPS #peersupport #communityhealers #boys #healing

Today we had a chance to play in the MLK Block the Shots one day basketball tournament. @makeithappennyc staff and youth made it through with no additional injuries. Congrats to everyone for putting on an amazing service day. Happy MLK day everyone! #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #weballtogether #mlk #dayofservice

Just finished work and decided to pay a visit to my gym and do a workout to Heart radio for a bit of research now I can’t move but I want to look my best for my photos as I’m running out of time #presenter #gym #gymmotivation

Thank you to NYLAG for coming to our office yesterday and running a financial literacy aka “Adulting” workshop for Make It Happen. The information provided to our boys and young men was key. #makeithappen2017 #wehealtogether #financialliteracy #adulting #healing

Last year it was #MakeItHappen2017. This was the year that taught me to take risks and leap with purpose. For this year, I want to focus that energy and #BeTheLight2018. What does it mean to be the light for myself, others, and my community? How? This will be the year I learn to live for more than just myself.

Last New Year’s Eve, I spent it alone in my apartment with half a bottle of wine. I had just finished watching yet another video on design and business when I poured myself another glass. All I could think at this moment in time was that I needed to find a way to catch up. I was suppose to be applying into a master program but instead, I switched to design. I told myself I needed to work twice, three times, four times as hard as I’ve ever worked. I told myself that I needed to work as hard as I can until I no longer have the urge to compare myself to anyone else. With a couple of minutes left until midnight, I turned up the volume on my Spotify playlist and poured myself one last glass. As the firework began to sound outside my room, I stared out the window, glass in hand, and said to myself, “Don’t worry. You’ll make it happen.” Fast forward to this New Year’s Eve and I am standing on a rooftop in Saigon with a glass of champagne in hand. With a couple of seconds left until 2018, I looked around at the amazing people I’m lucky enough to call my team and thought to myself— You did it. #makeithappen2017

This is the result of when you want to take a family photo and the brother wants to sleep already. 😀😁😃 2017 is a breakthrough year for us. My brother graduated at Level 1 SPED early this year. My sister finally started her mini baking goods business. And as for me, I got to meet Lee Dong Wook face to face in Taiwan. 😂😂😂On a serious note, I had 2 (super awesome) couple clients who entrusted me (with the help of my grandmother) in supplying their customized wedding rings. Yes, I officially entered the wedding industry. 💍💎 For orders and inquiries, send me a pm. 😉😃😁Hahaha!

Grateful and truly blessed beyond belief. It was truly #makeithappen2017 Thank you for an amazing 2017, Lord! ☝❤ Cheers to a blessed and amazing 2018! Happy New Year from our family to yours! 🎉🎊🎆🎇✨ #ThankYou2017 #HappyNewYear2018

Next year, I want to do more. I want to curate my craft so I told myself I'll finish atleast one new project a month. I want to read and work on myself more so I agreed on reading atleast one book a week. That'll be at least 52 books more than I read this year, sounds good enough to me. I'm already exercising 5 times a week right now, so why not exercise the full seven days? Why take a break from being healthy right? There's more, but the main thing to keep in mind is this-- new year resolutions don't work unless *you* do. Instead of saying what you want to do next year, start mapping out a plan for how you're going to make it happen. Make sure it's specific so you can keep yourself accountable and tell someone (or Instagram) about it so they can keep you accountable. New year, better you. Don't tell me WHAT you're gonna do, tell me HOW you're gonna do it. So what will it be? #makeithappen2017 👊🏼

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