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Be kinder to yourself and let your kindness flood the world #love #makeithappen 📷 @edwinete @rio_studio 🙅🏿🕺🏼❤️

Anchoring is SO me! Had a great time at Mr. & Ms. Lucknow 2017. Thanks to #emperormedia and @aanaraguptaactress for a great event ❤️ #giglife #anchoring #host #nitibhakaul #beautypageant #eventlife #hustilng #makeithappen

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People are moved by either inspiration or desperation!

They told me to be realistic 😂
So i didn't listen 😋
Make your own path, be successful 👍👊 ==============================
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Follow @motivated_wolf for more motivation!
Follow @motivated_wolf for more motivation!
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This cat @jamesproche3 has some crazy body control and ball skills.!! He got the juice and the playmaking ability that you can't teach! #TRPT™ #MakeItHappen #GrindWell #SMU #EasyWork


Sunday FUNday...family style. @harris314 & I logged 6 for day 186 of the #runstreak whole @annepickering and the kids power walked to @starbucks for coffee & morning treats-before we rush off to a tennis match & swim meet=a perfect Sunday in my book🙌🏻🏃‍♀️☕️🎾🏊🏻‍♀️ Get your run or walk on today friends & make it family style if you can ❤️ #sunday #justdoit #noexcuses #family #makeithappen #run365withjen

Time is seriously running out, what legacy do you want to leave behind?
We must live to make history...

Did you know that when you purchase Young Living oils (or any of their products) you join a team? I had no idea when I signed up! Doing your research on who you're grabbing your stuff from is VERY important, because they'll be the ones providing resources, answering questions and being there for you on your oily journey. Let me tell you about my sweet team! ⠀

I am a part of a team called The Happy Oilers. ⠀

We are a community, a tribe, a good ol' group of people using and falling more in love with oils everyday. We pursue health, but we love a good pizza (and love people who love good pizzas too). We use essential oils for EVERYTHING, but we are totally a fan of those who just want to give oils a tiny chance. ⠀

We have a private Facebook groups (big and small!) where questions and searches can be made at any minute! We have been gifted an INCREDIBLE Happy Oils Handbook that covers everything from basics of essential oils, to tips tricks and recipes! We have TONS of amazing videos and resources that help you feel a little less overwhelmed when you first start your oily journey. ⠀

We are a group of like minded friends, wives, mommas, business women, creatives, encouragers, dream chasers, hard workers, knowledge sharers, adventure lovers, and fun havers. I am SO blessed to be on this team and am thankful for every person on it as well! We've got amazing leaders who have set us all up for success on our individual journeys to wellness, and who love on us all the time. ⠀

Want to be a Happy Oiler? Send me a message or leave a comment, and I'll give you some more info! I'd love for you to be a part of the team! And for my friends on the fence- if you buy a kit with me this month, you'll get a FREE Happy Oiler's Handbook!!

Great Saturday at our Escondido office...DDA (double digit attendance)
4 guest. ..not bad, those who were there were suppose to be there. The rest...shall come at thier appointed time. God's timing. ..we will continue to plant and care for the seeds, until which time God opens up the flood gates and blesses our commitment to His Word and His people.
Sunday hike with business partners. ..clarity for the week gained! !!

I woke up one day and realized that life was too short to settle,that I was created for a purpose much bigger than myself, and that I am destined to pursue dreams bigger than I ever imagined. Life is simply too short to pursue anything other than what sets my soul ablaze. My darling, you were created for such things as these as well💕 #findyourthrive #makeithappen #knowyourworth

Outside of business, what is your passion? I work towards women's rights and women empowerment.

When two fierce competitors join the same team, it's magic! Every Sunday, I get to co-host with @gibsonnasya and it is consistently a highlight of my week! Come hang out with us tonight at 6pm, at the Bert Church Theatre, you'll be glad you did 👌💯🔥 #wonder #yyc #magicmic #venueairdrie #real #alifesaved #sundayfunday #makeithappen #tattoos #blackandwhite #bestofthebest #instagood

You're in control. Inspiration by @foundr

Shshshsh MAKE IT HAPPEN with HARVEST COTTON TALE ( Hospitality Group ) music is everywhere ! #jazz #life #hotels #hoteliers #chefs #restaurants #travel #tribe #milesdavis #blues #harvestcottontale #harvestcottontale #makeithappen #portugal #lisbon

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Tiny sewing space ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈..finally!#makeithappen #littlemissssewalot

When it seems like nothing is working out. One disappointment after another. When it's for you, it's for you. You won't have to force it!

Before and after, same sheet. I really disliked my pencil drawing which you can see on the left 😩and I couldn't stand the fact its in my sketchbook looking like shit so I decided to use my shady acrylic paints, which I had since I guess 2008 😂, laying deep in the box, waiting for their moment to shine. The tones I had were quite miserable as well, but oh well. Now I'm feeling much better, cause I like what I see. I painted it on top of the existing drawing.
I guess creativity really kicks in when you have to work with limited sources or under limited circumstances because that's when you start experimenting with approachable materials, techniques, time just to achieve the best possible result. And yeah, I should restock my acrylic/oil paints 😂. #mixedmedia #drawing #painting #sketching #sketchbook #canson #artistsoninstagram #instagood #instaart #vampire #failure #creativity #fabercastell #wisecat #beforeandafter #practisemakesperfect #makeithappen

Koenigsegg Agera R in front of a dope yacht!
👇Rate this car from 1-10!
Photo by @paul1lacour

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