When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see faults? Or do you look at yourself and love what you see?

It's hard to learn to love yourself, but if you tell yourself enough you'll start realising you believe it.
If you love a child, would you let them eat food deemed as excessive or unhealthy? The answer is most likely to be no. But why? Perhaps you think it'll make them sick? Sugar rush? Etc, so why do you do it to yourself? If you love yourself as much as others, you will find it easier to make those better choices, move your body more so you keep active and be the best version of you possible ❤😁

My fit crew at work are freakin awesome! Abdul helped me practice my @strongbyzumba warmup today before we hit the weights. I love how our practices are also functional as we got ready to lift.
PS, it was a bit sloppy at the beginning but this is why we practice so we can improve each time. 👍🏼💪🏼
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8 tips for success.. 1. Read every day
2. Focus on high-level tasks
3. Make your health a priority
4. Learn from people you admire
5. Plan your day the day before
6. Keep your goals in front of you
7. Take action, even when it's scary
8. Have a powerful and inspiring why

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In the past 3 months I’ve learned that you can’t just work on your health when it’s easy. Or just when it’s convenient. Or just when you feel like it.

You have to show up every single day. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you are busy. Even when you feel like giving up.

On days where I don’t feel like pressing play I am thankful for a community who pushes & inspires me to keep going.

If you are looking for accountability, encouragement, or just want to get to know an awesome group of girls working on becoming their best selves... joining a bootcamp is the perfect place to start ✔️

Send me a 🙋🏻‍♀️ if this sounds like something you need in your life ☀️

Transformation Tuesday! In honor of back & bicep circuit day today!

This is 3 weeks difference..Sept 8 (end of Round 1 LIIFT4 In blue) To Oct 1st (before start of Round 2 of LIIFT4 in black). During those 3 weeks, I did the hybrid LIIFT4 calendar.

My arm muscles especially were more defined and toned! I didn't lose weight, but tone and muscles improved! And strength!! I cant wait to see where round 2 takes me! I started week 3 yesterday, and will complete the full 8 weeks the week of Thanksgiving.

Wanna check it out? It is fun, hard work, but only 4x a week for 30ish min a day! Drop a 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ for more details!

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Making poor food choices can have a great impact on your everyday behaviour and energy levels. A lot of people believe that eating clean has little to do with achieving great results and success in any aspect of life. But the truth is that they have never been on that end of the spectrum where they can really start to feel the difference & benefits of eating clean and maintaining good eating habits.
Do you believe that eating clean has a positive impact on your mindset and perspective towards everyday tasks? Please share.
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Hard hachi bu | I am a HUGE fan of pretty much any book about the Blue Zones (areas of the world with the longest living people). One thing I loved reading about Okinawa elders is that they will say “hara hachi by” before eating to remind themselves to eat until they’re 80% full. ✨
Being mindful of how much you’re eating, the speed at which you’re eating, and how big your portions are can be super helpful in managing weight. Seems obvious enough right? Next time you’re ready for your next real meal, make it a point to try and change one or more of the following habits to become a more mindful eater:
1️⃣the size of your dinner plate (or bowl or cup) to a salad or appetizer size
2️⃣turn electronics off while eating
3️⃣ask yourself if you’re no longer hungry
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Do you buy a coffee ☕️ every day? If yes, guess what? You CAN afford health! 💪🏼 What if you put that money you spend on that coffee towards health instead? I understand the cost of living is rising all the time & our salaries don't appear to be but here is an example of one simple change you could make if health is important to you 🍎🍋🍑 Or if not coffee, there would always be something else that we buy on a regular basis we could go without or cut back. It's called having options & making better choices 😊

If I can make this small change, anyone can!!! 👊🏼 I choose health & make it affordable for me by sharing my results, health benefits & passion with all of you - there's another option right there! 🙌🏼 #makehealthapriority #onesimplechange #anyonecandothis

What's shaking,good looking? 😉

Spreading some love to all of you out there doing the RESET program! Losing weight has never been this healthy and fun. 😊

Cheers to a new week ahead of us. ✨

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After 2 strenuous years of dealing with Autism, Epilepsy, Lyme Disease, Financial Strain, Untimely death & Family Betrayal, I lost myself. I ate to suppress my feelings and gained 77 pounds of emotional avoidance. After a wake up call of high blood pressure and prediabetes, I knew it was time to begin a fast. Starve my flesh and feed my spirit. Physically I was obese but emotionally I was anorexic. This is Day 4 of following the @joethejuicer protocol and @medicalmedium juice protocols together. I have more energy than I’ve had in years and I know that things are changing in my life too. When emotions come up now, I write them down, pray about them and release them. This is only the beginning! What are you holding on to? Are you also suppressing your emotions? We live in an unhealthy word that celebrates our ability to just ‘get on with it’ without a thought to how we may be damaging ourselves and those around us with our poor choices. Make physical, emotional and spiritual health a priority 🌸💜🌸 #fasting #prayaboutit #starvethefleshfeedthespirit #renewal #rebirth #restore #medicalmedium #rebootwithjoe #weightloss #emotionalMOT #ancientwisdom #god #bekindtoyourself #makehealthapriority #barleygrass from @vimergy #juicefasting

Tired of eating potatoes and sago??
Try this Upwas special healthy custard
This custard is prepared from SHINGADA OR WATERCHESTNUT flour
Shingada is full of nutrients like fiber, many vitamins and minerals. Its rich source of potassium and a healthy snacking option during fast. Its keeps you fuller for long and adds variety to your meals.
Recipe is very easy !! Just three steps:
1. Mix 2Tbsp of shingada flour in one small cup cold milk.
2. Heat the mixture till it thickens and switch off the gas
3. Now add sugar as per taste preference and Stir well. Then refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
You can also add dry fruits, cardamom and also fruits to this. .
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I LOVE fall! I think I’m even more excited that the fall weather has finally begun since The Whole30 Slow Cooker book has arrived!! The official release date is 10/23, but you could preorder it to get your copy shipped ASAP!
Better yet, @melissa_hartwig is going on a book tour for its release!! I was lucky enough to see her on her last tour in DC ❤️
Check out: http://Whole30.com/tour to see if she’s coming to your city!

@whole30 did it again, these recipes are amazing!! Not to mention there are Instant Pot recipes, too!! 😍

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My breakfast this morning. 👌🏽Bursting with deliciousness color & millions of phytonutrients ❗️😋 Keeps me thinking clearly & going strong 🧠💪🏼
What’s your breakfast routine?
Need energy?
I’ll be happy to share mine. 😊

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