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Heartbreaking!!!! 💔 I think people should see the face of the fur they wear.
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(This Beautiful Racoon is your next fur trim collar or what also may be referred to in the furbearer business as a "TRASH KILL") Stop this Barbaric trade.

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#makefurhistory #vegan #fuckfur #furtrim #furcoat #furhag #rihanna #jlo #drake #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo #fashion #ugly #fur #canadagoosejacket #stoptheslaughter #animallover #furfree #makefurhistory

. #MakeFurHistory .
I can't wait till winter is over so I see less people wearing dead bodies as a fashion statement . wear faux fur for fashion .

Merci à @daviddesrosiers de Simple Plan qui supporte la campagne Fini la fourrure en portant notre chandail lors de la tournée du groupe! //
Thanks to David Desrosiers from Simple Plan for supporting the campaign Make Fur History by wearing our t-shirt while on tour!

Stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone. #MakeFurHistory #FuckFur #AnimalRights #Vegan

Apparently it's 2017 and WE STILL need to wear badges to point out that ripping the fur off a living and breathing creature for fashion - despite there being wealths of other options - is a shitty thing to do. Grow some compassion. #fur #endfurfarms #makefurhistory

INK NOT MINK ☮️.... #makefurhistory 🐾❣️🐾

This week, Germany voted to end fur farming. This is so huge for animals. Fur farms are stark, dirty places. The animals' fear is tangible as you walk through the rows and rows of cages. The animals can usually see and smell the forest around them, but live trapped and afraid for their whole lives, only to die to become fur trim or pom poms on the end of a scarf. The end of this industry cannot come fast enough.
Silver fox. Canada, 2014.
Jo-Anne McArthur/#MakeFurHistory

What is this was your dog. Wild or not. Its wrong !! #makefurhistory #peta @peta


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Throughout the seasons bobcats enjoy different environments… it’s like they have vacation homes! During summer months elevation is everything; bobcats aren’t particular about their habitat as long as food is abundant. As winter approaches, bobcats are influenced by the snowpack and make their way to warmer environments; usually arid south-southwest facing slopes with open rocky terrain.
To move around and explore, bobcats use steep cliffs and rocky outcroppings that afford them a degree of protection. They can also be found using human made trails and roads. In higher elevation where it snows, like Great Basin National Park, bobcats will find their way around using fallen logs, other animal trails (game trails), and snowmobile tracks
They are territorial and must walk their range regularly to keep it defended from other bobcats of the same sex. That’s a lot of walking!
Daily naps and resting points are an essential part of the bobcat life. Who can blame them? A nap always makes for a great day. The bobcat’s ideal resting areas are often steep with sloping rocks overhead. They prefer to have dense vertical cover. Overhanging roots, hollow trees or lying next to a fresh kill can make for a perfect nap spot too
Flickr: Thies Photo
#knowyournevadaneighbors #bobcat #wildlifeconservation #wildlifeprotection #unitedforwildlife #worthfightingfor #animallover #nevadawildlife #nevada #natureteamforever #outsideisfree #nevadagrown #nevadadesert #mothernature #wondersofnature #50shadesofnature #discoverwildlife #fightforwildlife #ilovewildlife #beautifulwildlife #topwildlife #explorenevada
#bantrapping #saynotofur #TheMoreYouKnow #LynxRufus #makefurhistory #wildcats

Fur belongs on cute animals! 🐺🦊🐰💕 #MakeFurHistory

INK NOT MINK ☮️.... #makefurhistory 🐾❣️🐾

@ardene was forced to stop selling these socks that were mislabelled as faux fur, they are actually rabbit fur from china, there is so much "faux fur" out there, from socks like these, "faux fur" trimmed coats, those little Pom poms that are all the rave now, speak with your dollars #boycottchina #makefurhistory #saynotofauxfur

Many fur trims come from animals brutally trapped by devices banned in UK for their cruelty. Time to ban the import of them too. #furfree
#furfreeeu #furisdead #furiscruel #saynotofur #notourstowear #makefurhistory #animalwelfare #animals #animalrights #fashion #vegan #vegetarian #furisnotfashion #animalactivist #bethechange #antifur #saynotofur #respectforanimals

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A massive high-fashion online retailer and its subsidiaries will no longer sell fur, a huge victory for the animals.

The Yoox Net-a-Porter Group announced their decision to adopt a fur-free policy in line with those of the Fur Free Alliance (of which The Fur-Bearers is a member). Alliance members Humane Society of the United States and Lega Anti Vivisezione are noted as major players in working with the American company. “YNAP is on a very important journey towards managing environmental impact responsibly,” says Matteo James Moroni, Head of Sustainability at the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group. “This journey began with the launch of our first sustainability initiative, YOOXYGEN, in 2009. Our fur free commitment announced today was inspired by a thorough and rigorous educational process with the HSUS and LAV regarding the protection of animal rights. We aim to act as a catalyst for change in the industry, sharing knowledge, innovating and leading by example.” The magnitude of the decision was noted not just in fashion blogs and magazines, but in prominent mainstream media as well. “Given that Yoox Net-a-Porter is widely seen as the pioneer and leader in the online high-fashion space, that fur is generally seen as a high-fashion staple, and that the group has 2.9 million customers in 180 countries, 29 million monthly unique visitors and 2016 net revenues of €1.9 billion, this is a pretty big deal,” penned the New York Times. “It is the most prominent retailer to take an anti fur stance yet.” The decision of a major retailer to stop selling fur is a major victory not just for those who believe that we should #MakeFurHistory, but for the millions of animals who won’t be killed for fashion. Congratulations to Yoox Net-a-Porter, and thank you to everyone who speaks out as consumers for the animals!

#MakeFurHistory #furfree #crueltyfree #wildlife #furfarms #fashion #compassion #conservation #consumerrights

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