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Will never say no to extra loops with mates, even if it is hotAF 🔥👊🏼 #wymtm #thehitters #extraloops #tdu2018 #dayslikethis

Rapha blop pup
#rapha #tourdownunder

Just bangin the descent with Luis Leon and the Movistar boyz. My Spanish is a stinker, was hot as hell but that Movistar kit, that be litAF. How good is RADelaide 🤘🏼 #yesterday #proAF #thegoodlife #cyclingpic #dayslikethese

11/10 cooked 🔥🔥🔥

grateful to be back in the adelaide hills. always amazing what a change of scenery can do to your motivation.

Patagonia's done, now we're flying up to Arica in the north for our next leg across the Andes to Buenos Aires.
#pasnormalstudios #fairlight #restrap

Are you guys familiar with the Rolling Dreamers Club? Their community is united by the common enjoyment of a challenge and carrying it out together, exploring new places and sharing sports experiences. Cyclists, runners, triathletes and even those who simply like being part of a community that appreciates the beauty of sport: training, travelling, meeting up, having fun.
You can simply be a part of their family. You will become a member of their Club giving you access to their ClubHouse and the training lab services and the chance to participate in workshops and in the events held throughout the year. Courses, meetings, co ee and a chat, being a part of the Club, living and supporting it. For more info… visit their website rollingdreamers.com
One of their members and ambassadors is the Polish Malena Nowotarska, now living in Florence, Italy. Her tagline ‘dream big, ride bigger’ is pretty much in line with the Rolling Dreamers Club ambition, so you get the point… And in line with our ‘woman on wheels’ item of this week we’d like you to introduce Malena to you. Like she has introduced herself to @petosagan lately as you can see on one of the pics.
Follow the @rollingdreamers and @malenaowotarska here on Instagram and let’s make the connection.

Is it your instagram or actually your bike’s? #makebikeportraits

Gallery of the big boys down under bangin it under a sweltering 🔥summer of Cycling TDU stage 2 #wymtm #peleton #givingitanudge #thelocker #cyclinglife #tdu2018

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