Have you said NO to single use plastics? Change a habit today! #supportingplasticfreejuly #makeachangetoday #havelessbemore

Some things are for you and some are not. Think about it Nobody said making a LIFE decision was going to be easy...I chose this fit life to better my health and of course to shop till I drop🛍🛍.. If it were easy then there would be no complaints. Do what's best for you. Go be great!! #taketimeoutforyou #stepoutsidethebox #champ #dosomethingaboutit #talkischeap #stepoutsideofyourcomfortzone #setgoalsandsmashthem #setgoalsandcrushthem #makeachangetoday #begreater #getinspired #motivation💪

Have you ever thought to yourself🤔 What will it take? What will it take to get something different in life.... whether it be health, fitness, family, finances, relationships, mindset, motivation..... blah blah blah! You get my gist 🧚🏻‍♀️ Despite what area of life it is for you... it’s the same answer! C.H.A.N.G.E yep that’s it! Make a change | do something your not currently doing 💜 #makeachangetoday #youareincontrol #timeisnow #onelifetolive #dontsleepwalkthroughlife #changeisgood #changemakers #stepup

I have seen great things happen when the right people get together! Love ABA, RBT life, Let's do more of that!!! #autismawareness #makeachangetoday #changestartswithyou #supportmatters

"4 years of failure teach you a lot. It gives a fresh look on life and on how you can run an online business. Finally breaking through to help the masses after learning from these failures that have helped shape my lifestyle and my WHY to where I am and where I want to be. The Family time for me has not changed. In fact it has become the corner stone to push forward and take action daily. All our actions count, one step at a time." Wanted to share this for those who are wondering if it is possible to start the side hustle!! _ TipsWithDav

This is why I say DITCH THE SCALE!! IT LIES!!! This first picture is from 2011.... I weighed 120 pounds 6 months after baby #1. I may appear "fit," but I was actually far from it! I lost all the baby weight quickly because I was working 50-60 hour work weeks, had no time to eat and lived off Venti lattes morning, noon and night.
This second picture is from 2014... weighing in at 140 pounds 6 months after baby #2. This was my heaviest and completely outside my comfort zone. I was still working long hours, but this time, I was using food as my emotional comfort. I was stressed, overworked, trying to figure out how to parent TWO KIDS and balance it all. My emotional and mental struggles are actually what prompted me to start taking care of myself. I knew that I needed to start with ME in order to improve the other parts of my life.
And now, this third picture is from 2018... weighing in at 135 pounds.... only 5 pounds lighter than my most unhealthy moment and yet I feel AMAZING!
I have learned how to eat proper and eat clean. In fact, i eat more now than I did back then. I exercise regularly and I am constantly challenging myself. I may have started modifying, but I just kept pushing to see what my body was capable of.
I may be 15 pounds heavier than that first picture, but I am healthy, I am finally confident in my own skin and I am happy!! I have found balance with food, where I still enjoy my glass of wine or an occasional piece of dessert and NOT feel guilty about it!!! If you want to find this balance and feel confident in your own skin again, give me a 👍 below or shoot me a message for more information on how you can get there too!!!

For today's post I bring attention to LGBTQQIP2SAA.
Every year my city of London hosts a Pride Festival, this year spanning July 19th - July 29th. Events for everyone will be taken place all across the city. Awesome to see a proud 2-spirit member on the cover of this year's program.

Sadly, being LGBTQQIP2SAA is not recognized all over the world as can be seen in the second photo. The closer to red the countries are the harshness placed on sexual orientation, some places punishable by death.

We, along with our LGBTQQIP2SAA brothers and sisters, must do better to ensure EVERYONE can be proud of who they are. It's almost 2020 and we really need to work on this. Thank you.

#inclusionforall #lndnont #prideparade #lgbtqqip2saa #allies #morecompassion #everyoneisdifferent #celebrateprde #acceptanceforeveryone #makeachangetoday

❤️ True words! ✨FIRST STEPS of anything are always such the hardest thing! ❤️ But taking those first steps can lead us to some of the greatest achievements of OUR LIVES‼️ ✨✨. ☀️I know sometimes your mind says don’t take those steps , but in all truth what if you did and you accomplished and achieved so much more than you ever have!!! ❤️💋💋😘 Don’t let your mind change what you are truly capable of !! CHANGE YOUR MINDSET AND ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS AND DREAMS💪👍♥️💋 #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #makeachangetoday #achievement #firststeps👣 #sucessfulwomen #notions #truewords👌 #wiseup📚📖 #womenhelpingwomen

Eggplant pizzas. Yummy! I did peel the skin off mine because it was tough this time. But delicious and healthy dinner. Added some 2% cottage cheese and a fresh tomato.

I’m naturally a very positive person, my nickname growing up was Smiley Ky. But I will admit to you I also used to deal with #anxiety and #depression and have had times where I felt swallowed up in fear and there was this constant pressure in my chest and the tears were always near the surface. BUT I started to realize that no matter the circumstance there was something positively look for. Some days it was obvious and right in front of my face. Some days it was harder to find. Maybe it’s just the sun shining, or you found your shoes quickly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But remember there is ALWAYS something positive to see. #positivemindset #positivemom #positivityisachoice #positivemama #positivelifetips #bepositive✌ #positivitymatters #makeachangetoday #makeaneffort #momlifebelike #momlifeinspo #mamalife #makeadifferencetoday #mamaofboys #mamaoftwo

@taslimjaffer has been hitting the pavement in support of One Girl Can for many years! Originally from Kenya herself, she believes that we can all make a huge difference with small efforts! Join our #AllGirlsCan campaign through the link in our profile.

What if we all did a random act of kindness today 😉 #benicetopeople #helpsomeone #actofkindness #makeachangetoday #positivequotes

This is huge! Thank you so much everyone for your incredibly generous contribution! 32 more days like that and we’ll make the most beautiful and meaningful film in the world! It only takes 100 people to put £10 every day! We can do it! 🙏🏼💖💞🤲🏼🙌🏻
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If you serious about changing your credit score. Text me @ 713-560-1937.

If you don’t like where you are, then move. You are not a tree!
We don’t have to stay in the same job, same house, a restaurant or whatever it is if we don’t like it. Some decisions are easier than others...sure, its easy to leave a restaurant if I’m not getting good service but leaving a job I don’t like is much harder. However, it can be done. 🌿🌿🌿🌿
You just have to take action! 🌿🌿🌿🌿 #takeaction #takeactionnow #flylikeabird #flylikeaneagle #notatree #bebolder #makeachange #makeachangetoday

Here are a couple of my favorite moves from 80 Day Obsession leg day! I know there's a lot of room for improvement on my form and to bump up my weights. It doesn't have to be perfect, just give it your best effort. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all! This program works. This is my second round and I already see and feel the results. It's not easy, but nothing that is worth it is ever easy.

Danced for these little guys a few days ago and let's just say one of them gave me a applause I will never forget 🤣🤣😃. #kids #makeadifference #makeachangetoday

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