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Marcus: “mom, do you know who Martin Luther is?” Me: “no, Kuya can you tell me who he is?” Marcus:”he was a man who helped with black and brown people be together with white people but he got shot for it by a bad man”

Me:”was it good that the man shot him because he wanted to have every skin color together”

Marcus: “no, I have friends that are black and brown. They are nice”

#bethechange #coloredandwhitesareonlyforyourlaundry #letthemloveeveryone #skincolorisnotadisease #equality #forequality #loveoneanother #loveoverhate #marcusjayden #jaxenmatteo #makeabetterworldforeveryone #housejaurigue #mlk #martinlutherkingjr #ihaveadream #kidthinksheiswhitetho #noschoolday #theylovetomatch #weareallaliensinthiscountry #weareallimmigrants #yourenobetterthananyoneelse #educateyourself

Never stop discovering! 👫💚

Yesterday my kiddos did a color wheel for the first time! 🎨. For a 5-years-old child it's amazing to discover the mixtures and how they can get all the colours that they want only mixing blue, red, yellow and white 🔴🔶🔵. This simple activity has been like doing magic or an experiment ✨🔮. They were so happy! 😁

Purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists
My purpose is to try and leave people better than I found them and to be true to myself and what I believe. Definitely not there but will continue to work on it.
Thanks to @katie_sowden ❤️ for this - definitely someone who represents this daily #everypersonhasvalue #bebetter #loveunconditionally #forgive #makeabetterworldforeveryone

Green Tara

Tara, whose name means “star” or “she who ferries across,” is a Bodhisattva of compassion who manifests in female form. In Tibetan, Tara is known as “Dölma” (Sgrol-ma), or “She Who Saves.” In particular she represents compassion in action, since she’s in the process of stepping from her lotus throne in order to help sentient beings.

Om is sound representing the entire universe, past present and future.
Green Tara Mantra: Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā/Sohā

The central part of Tara’s mantra is a loving play on her name. According to Sangharakshita, a traditional explanation of the mantra is that the variations of her name represent three progressive stages of salvation.

1. Tāre represents salvation from mundane dangers and suffering. Tara is seem as a savioress who can give aid from material threats such as floods, crime, wild animals, and traffic accidents. Tara is therefore said to protect against ordinary worldly dangers.
2. Tuttāre represents deliverance into the spiritual path conceived in terms of individual salvation. In traditional terms, this is the path of the Arhant, which leads to individual liberation from suffering. This is seen in Mahayana Buddhism as a kind of enlightenment in which compassion does not figure strongly. Tara therefore offers individual protection from the spiritual dangers of greed, hatred, and delusion: the three factors that cause us individual suffering.

3. Lastly, ture represents the culmination of the spiritual path in terms of deliverance into the altruistic path of universal salvation – the Bodhisattva path. In the Bodhisattva path we aspire for personal enlightenment, but we also connect compassionately with the sufferings of others, and strive to liberate them at the same time as we seek enlightenment ourselves. Tara therefore delivers us from a narrow conception of the spiritual life. She saves us from the notion that spiritual progress is about narrowly liberating ourselves from our own suffering, and instead leads us to see that true spiritual progress involves having compassion for others.

We are all potentially Tara. We can all become Tara.

So earlier I posted a photo of a stunning rainbow colored cake, I shared that we were at #PrideHouston in spirit because going with a very busy 2 year old would have been difficult. Some one I have known for over 10 years messaged me asking why I would want to go and expose my innocent child to the Pride Parade. It made me so angry that this person feels this way and felt the need to share it on my Instagram, she is also a mother of a young boy. My simple response was that I wanted my son to grow up loving and respecting people regardless of defines them because at the end of the day we are all humans and human kind could use a little more love, especially at this time. I don't care if you are gay, straight, trans, confused, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, black, white, fat, skinny, ect, you deserve the same respect as any other human. 🌈🌈🌈 #mamaraisedmeright
#raisingmysontobeagoodman #lovemore #hateless #loveislove #prideeveryday #makeabetterworldforeveryone #takeyourignorancesomewhereelse #beniceorshutup #dontbreedhatesimplyeducate

Sea turtles play a key role in marine ecosystems by maintaining the health of seagrasses and coral reefs. World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated every year on 16th June, it is meant to talk about and focus attention on the ancient and magnificent marine creatures, whose nesting sites on the beaches are frequently affected by coastal developmental projects and other human activities like tourisms, etc. #worldseaturtleday #16thjune #2017 #saveturtles #conserveturtles #doyourbit #turtleconservation #marineecosystem #sustainability #makeabetterworld #makeabetterworldforeveryone #healthyworld

"We have a long way to go", that statement broke my heart. It's sad that people are still so uneducated, (Stupid as hell), in this day and age. It angers me that people see race or religion as a reason to hate someone and unfortunately they are the one we need to fear. People wake up! Ignorance is what we should fear! It comes in all shapes and sizes! Listen to people, how they speak about others, it's always a clear sign of ignorance. Unfortunately they were raised the wrong way, (by idiots), it's our job to educate them, help them. I know it's not easy but we can't want a better world if we're not willing to do our part. We see the consequences everyday if we don't stand up to help. #stopthemadness #ignorance #ignoranceisnotbliss #changetheirperception #changepeoplesperception #fuckracism #educatepeople #makeabetterworldforeveryone

"SE AMABLE con todo el que conozcas, porque cada uno está peleando una dura batalla". #ziglarquotes #bekindalways #bethebestyou #makeabetterworldforeveryone #believeingod #trustinyourself #succesuptoyou

I've discovered an amazing place to eat in Melbourne: @lentilasanything
I'd love this kind of place to exist everywhere where those who can afford it help the ones who can't and we're all together around the table, sharing a delicious vegan meal.
#lentilasanything #helpyourcommunity #solidarity #makeabetterworld #makeabetterworldforeveryone #veganfood #healthyandgoodfood #youarehowyoueat #youarewhatyoueat

Terkutuklah mereka yang menghilangkan nyawa tak berdosa di #suriah , liat videonya amat ngeri... Astagfirullah... ada apa dengan orang2 itu??? #prayforsuriah #makebetterplace buat anak2 dan warga sipil. #peace✌ #love ,
#makeabetterworldforeveryone (MJ)

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