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Tomorrow @makarastudio - Friday September 18

8 am

Moving and breathing and shifting

164 Montrose
Brooklyn NY, 11206

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Favorites. Come celebrate the glory of this beautiful day with #makarastudio 8:15PM @makarastudio #lilacs

Hand picked sage from Niles last summer in Utah. We wrapped it in a teepee in Montana at @makarastudio @hannahharpole retreat. Still burns and cleanses like it was all yesterday. @bonsi420 @plusbien are we driving across the country again?
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Start your week off balanced. Come join me tonight for Community Reiki. Sign up for a slot at makara studio/reiki.com . 8pm-10pm . Donation-based . @makarastudio . Williamsburg. #makarastudio #reiki #yoga #acupuncture #healing #brooklyn #williamsburg #nyc

Hi Friends. Really stoked to be a part of the Makara community. Located at 164 Montrose Ave, this sweet studio feels like another home. See more here @makarastudio.

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Join me at Makara tonight!!! After taking a little break teaching my evening class at @makarastudio in Bushwick due to my broken wing, I'm back tonight thanks to @hannahharpole who switch her class with me! Please join me on Tuesday nights at 8:15pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am at Makara Studio in Bushwick. #makarastudio #yogainbrooklyn #yogainnyc #yogaforlife #yogacrazy #yogi #prospectpark


Sunday at 6:30 PM we will restore and unwind, coming into peaceful transition for the coming week. Most of us are in sleep debt so come put some napping in your account at #makarastudio @makara for 90 minutes of complete relaxation. 164 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn NY. Every Sunday. 😴😴😴

Morning people and morning people wannabes- @makarastudio is doing 8 AM classes Tuesday and Thursday. Led abridged primary series with flow variation, if you know the drill or are curious. All are welcome! Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17th. Did I mention all are welcome? 164 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206

คนเรามักกลัวการ เริ่มต้นเสมอ แต่แม้นเมื่อใดที่ได้ลงมือทำ #ความกลัวนั้น มันก็ไม่อาจเอาชนะ การเริ่มต้นของเราได้เลย. 🌿🍁🍂 #มาการา #มะกะรา #มกรา #MaKaRa #ceramics #pottery #Makarastudio

I teach yoga @makarastudio at 164 Montrose Ave.
W and F at 7 AM to move and Sun at 6:30 PM to restore. Needing this now more than ever. All are welcome. ❤️

My friend @runningfairy is teaching a mindfulness focused practice class today at noon at @makarastudio. Join her if you are around! #yoga #mindfulness #williamsburg #makarastudio #class #yogaclass #eastwilliamsburg #brooklyn #practice

I'm teaching tonight 7 pm. Come see me! @makarastudio #eastwilliamsburg #makarastudio #pilatesmat

Favorites. Come celebrate the glory of this beautiful day with #makarastudio 8:15PM @makarastudio #lilacs

Gooood mornanggggg Friday is NOW

There is no better connection than human connection. Had an amazing class this morning. When you and your students vibrate on the same frequency magic really can transpire on the mat and in the room.

Today's theme is trusting in your innate nature. Cultivating your skills knowing that all those hours amount to worth and in the end you gain a better sense of the value you have to offer the world. Believing in yourself when change occurs even if it's hard, will give you a strong foundation that nobody can crack.
Days like these reinforce that I made the right decision to follow my heart ❤️

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet" - Bob Marley

Which person are you today? Come join me for class this evening, whether you are feelin the rain or looking for a refuge from it. Schedule for today and this week!💦 🌦💧💧
Makara Studio // Today, 8:15PM: open level vinyasa
Makara Studio // Thurs, 7AM: open level vinyasa

Makara Studio // Fri, 7AM: DONATION based vinyasa (open all levels)

Good morning! Teaching schedule this week, helping you to maintain the beautiful feelings of love whether it was self love or love for others felt yesterday 💗

Today! 1:45 PM at Shambhala: DONATION vinyasa flow (open level)

2/17 WED - 7AM at Makara: DONATION vinyasa flow (open level) + 15 min meditation after
2/17 WED - 8:15PM at Makara: vinyasa flow (open level)
2/19 FRI - 7AM at Makara: DONATION vinyasa flow (open level) + 15 min meditation after

Sometimes you just have to commit yourself to focus on one task at a time. I told myself to get on my mat for at least 30 minutes. What came out of that 2 hours later was a lovely sequence created for all of you to enjoy in my classes this week ☺️ look forward to seeing you there!

Schedule @ Makara Studio//

Wed 2/10 ~ 7AM: DONATION base vinyasa (all levels welcome)

Wed 2/20 ~ 8:15PM: Open Level Vinyasa

Fri 2/12 ~ 7AM: DONATION base vinyasa (all levels welcome)

The mountains are calling for me- can't wait to spend a portion of this summer up high in the clouds🚵🏻🗻

it's been lots of pre-medical studying for me and with one more week to go, Sofia and I decided that it is time again to celebrate the strong women and their partners/families around us!
Tomorrow, Walk.Talk.Yoga will host a Holiday Brunch inviting all our parents-to-be and new parents!
Until then we are hosting our #WalkTalkYoga prenatal/postpartum session today at 3:30pm @makarastudio in Williamsburg!
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