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When Daastan gets pampered by Maa and my sisters... 🙈😇😍
#major_missing #love_u_all #bliss

#collegelife #major_missing #bnw

Another month. Another year.
Another smile😊another tear.😭
Another winter⛄ and another summer too,🌞
But there can never be another you.all 😘👫👬👭❤
#major_missing 🔥

Hope we meet soon❤

There were days when there used to be shrillful chaos and still all the muddle heads would be in medieval peace just because they were the creators of such havoc. Still the mind be calm and composed whereby thoughts wander reforming to construct 'em, the actions!
Have had so much of pleasure and the days were filled with nothing but thrill and excitement; at least to me!! Been a family ever. No regrets. Being us. Chuck fake and hate! Nothing can ever comprise to the family of my people. Yes, my people. They were, they are and they will always be my people.
I miss all of you a lot. I know I also responsible for this. But, you all know that I, myself was helpless. I couldn't do anything than just take it all in. It wasn't easy for me. Ofcourse, everyone repeated the same thing iver and over again that you have to be more understanding and mature and growing up is inevitable. So I just let it go! Because I knew you guys would be there for me forever! Seriously! The fun we had was literally somewhere beyond the limit! We were the only people who came to enjoy and not to just walk in and walk out with a certificate in hand. I am so proud of all of you who were a major part of my life itslef. Now that tears have blinded me, I will have to put a halt to my loooong loongggg essay!! #major_missing #my_best_family #love_overflows_even_when_your_miles_apart #can't_stop_missing_the_fun

To the only 'one' who never dis-appointed 'Me'! #major_missing.


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