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So very excited and proud for my mother, mentor, and friend @sheacoulee ✨👑💕🙌🏽 #sheacouleé #maisoncouleé #rpdr9 #queen

crying blood because I was so happy to meet @jujubeeonline at @precinctdtla last night !!

Feels like a Monday ✌️ #lesecoutilles #voyageanantes #maisoncouleé

obsessed 😍 #maisoncouleé

😘😘😘 I love you mommy #maisoncouleé

WHO WORE IT BETTER? 🔥@sheacoulee @iamcardib #QUEENS 👑


These are amazing 😍 I love them 💖
Can't wait to meet them 😭💖
@sheacoulee @sashavelour @el_matadero
#halloween #sashavelour #sheacouleé #houseofvelour #maisoncouleé #sashea

WHO WORE IT BETTER? 🔥@sheacoulee @iamcardib #QUEENS 👑

Dressed to the 9's! 👑 #RDR9 #Top5

#MadameCrushMonday 👑 9️⃣ 👑
It was so QT kiki'ing with my bitch @sheacoulee and the rest season 9 top five! Talent, poise and grace! (And @trinitythetuck's tuck is actually even more mesmerizing in person! 👏🏽) #Top5 #RDR9

Feeling so #blessed & #cocky. Honestly, truly, #MaisonCouleé was D. All of the Above

#DragCon #SheaCouleé #KenzieCouleé #MaisonCouleé #RPDR #RuPaulsDragRace

BAE COULEÉ coming through with a casual slay 🙌🏽 I hope you guys at @rupaulsdragcon had fun & a chance to see @sheacoulee & the rest of my squad #MaisonCouleé 🏰 #ALLDAY
Coat by yours truly, @gimmetigerlily 🐯🌺
Hair by @wigsandgrace 👑
Bodysuit & garters by @bang__london 🍑
Glasses by @islynyc 👓

We love a casual rave! 🤸🏽‍♀️ #TBT #idontdancenowimakemoneymoves #💯

Freaking em out at @rhondaintl! ⬆️🌅😱🥞⬆️ @billydec 👑 #BreakfastClub

Same time and place next week, right?! 🥞 @rhondaintl #ClubRhonda #BreakfastClub

About last night.. or this morning? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️🌅 @rhondaintl #BreakfastClub #RiseNShine

Happy Birthday to the Princessa de la Maison Couleé, @kenziecoulee! Kenzie is a Leo to the core -- loyal, lion-hearted, fiery and fierce! Very happy to have her as part of the squad and excited to see where her many talents take her 💋 I love this pic of her and @sheacoulee serving you Tiger Lily top knots behind the scenes of 'RIDE' 🦁🎁🎂🎈

Vacation totally threw me off my game & I forgot to do my #GimmeTigerLilyTuesday 🐯 To make up for it, I'm hitting you with the creme de la creme! This by far the most expensive piece I've ever made -- the blue feathered fit-for-only-a-true-Queen coat for my ride or die @sheacoulee 🤤 The entire coat was painstakingly hand-sewn by Shea and I and it was truly a labor of love. I will never forget the all nighters at Atelier Couleé with Maison Couleé collaborating on this look together before the finale. It was such a special time in all of our lives and a reminder that you eat with who you starved with. ❤️ #ThatsTheWayItWas #TeamTosh

Omg loved seeing all my babes together in the same room yesterday for @danpolyak birthday! 😍 #squadgoals #MaisonCouleé 🏰

So relieved Drag Race is over for the season, TBH!! Time for some butt massages and blunts! 💆🏽 SO PROUD of my ride or die @sheacoulee for her amazing and fearless journey!!! Forever my Queen! YOU DID CHICAGO SO PROUD! 👑🙏🏽❤️😘 And condragulations to our new reigning Queen @sashavelour! You are a visionary and an artist; your point of view is unprecedented and you will be a great leader. Very proud to call you & the House of Velour my friends. Can't wait to work with you again soon! 💕🥚✨#americasnextdragsuperstar
Here's a cutie throwback to behind the scenes at Drag Con! If you can't massage your lesbian counterpart's butt, who's butt can you massage?! 🍑

I love you @sheacoulee, you're an incredible mentor, artist, friend, queen. As season 9 comes to a close tonight and a winner is chosen, I know that you have been a champion in my heart before, during, and after drag race ✨💕🔥 #maisoncouleé #sheacouleé #kenziecouleé
#drag #rpdr9 #teamshea

My #MCM goes to my angel baby @danpolyak 💕dressed to the nines for the @rupaulsdragrace finale! 👗👔 #teamSHEA #MaisonCouleé #BITCHIMFROMCHICAGO 👑

Feels like a Monday ✌️ #lesecoutilles #voyageanantes #maisoncouleé

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