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A couple of cheeky cockies.

Does this weather make anyone else wanna lay around and do absolutely nothing?! Only in Houston you’ll get rain, snow, and sun in the same week. .
Model: @theglenn.coco
Concept: @angiejustshootme

To Walk a Pale Land, Part 3 in a series. Taken in a relatively obscure part of the New Mexico Badlands. No, this is not Bisti! This is a pale desaturated landscape, eerie and lonely. There is Low Level Lighting present with a single Goal Zero Micro Lantern about 30-40 m to the left. The goal here (pun intended) is to get the light temperature correct to show the landscape as realistic as possible. The Goal Zero has a very neutral light color and worked very well. The red rock of the SW usually works best with a warm light temperature, but this area is different. I have used a variable color temperature LED light panel in this area, and a color temperature of around 400-4200 K works well. Many LED lights are up around 6000-7000 K and are too blue. Many LED lights with warming filters are around 2700 K and are too warm for this type landscape. Around 4000-4200 K is the "Goldilocks Zone" for neutral light, at least to my eye! Cheers, Wayne Pinkston. ________________________________________ #longexpoelite
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The sky is the limit. 📸 @jaydiaz_photography 💃🏻 @smeaghannas

Right now, you are everything someone is searching for 🌹

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I love the water. So when I took an interest in photography a little over a years ago, I naturally gravitated toward waterscapes. One day I came across a documentary that showcased an artist who did amazing underwater photography at night. He did this thing called light painting and used a unique and special method of photography, something I’d never heard of before: long exposure. I was fascinated, mind blown – I purchased my first DSLR and I developed a passion, or maybe a slight obsession for capturing light.
This Kemah Startrail image is 200, 20sec exposures, stacked and color enhanced.
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