First off , what is an interior designer? •Interior designer: This type of designer Has more of a macro view of a space & goes into detailed space planning. It is not to be confused with interior decorator. It sounds so similar but yet, it’s really two different worlds .Interior Designers are mostly concerned with architecture and the actual building of a space.
To become a successful interior designer, it’s a MUST that you invest in your education. Go to school and do research on the design program that you are interested in. Make sure it’s accredited and make sure that you also love the environment. No ,it doesn’t cost to be creative and bring spaces to life through vision BUT if you want to be taken seriously-education is important. Don’t let your education stop at just going to school. Read books, look at videos and seek more and more information in your leisure time. Do free projects for family and friends as well. This is a great start if you really are passionate about being an interior designer. It will help you to get your hands dirty and also helps you to build your own portfolio. After you’ve finished your education, you will have to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Exam. If you pass the exam you can then own the title under the proper design standards. I also believe that in order to achieve excellence in this career field you have to have Confidence in your self and your work. If you don’t believe in YOU , how can someone else?

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I am that I am... To feel is to show, but to BE is to KNOW. Knowledge of self is much deeper and broader than the Human Conception of life. You are everything that moves for it moves through you and with you. Don't limit your perception by just what you see and hear because the best things in life are felt.

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