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✨ Interested in having healthier skin? With this @environskincare 45 minutes consultation and skin scan we can see how your skin is deep down and then you'll receive a mini 30 minutes Facial to treat your skin.💆
The whole point of the scanning is so that we can see deep down and target the ailments so we can truly help improve your skins health. 🙌

Having monthly Facials and using Environ skincare can help reverse signs of sun damage and ageing.

Not only can we see deep sun spots that can develop over time into pigmentation (or worse) we can see broken capillaries, your water and oil levels of your skin and any deep/fine lines wrinkles and even measure them! 📝

Then when you've been coming in for your monthly bespoke targeting facials and using corrective home care, you'll be able to come back and do it again in six months time and see the restoring results.

I've seen big improvements with my clients when doing these events and I wish everyone can have this opportunity to really understand how their skin is and what they can do it help. 💓 This is why I love Environ and this is why so many of my clients are happy (and healthier).💓 It's £20 to secure a place but is refundable on Facials and any two Environ products on the day.

PM me to book in or email whitewillowlondon@gmail.com ☀️🙌💓

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Facial Care for Men and Skin
If you are looking for information on facial care for men, you’ve come to the right place. According to research, most guys don’t spend a lot of time worrying about their face.
Many guys are not aware of this but our skin is different than women. The research tells us that on average, a man’s skin is roughly 25% thicker than our female counterparts. In addition, the texture of man’s face is rougher.#beautylondon #london #face #beauty #mensbeauty #menscare #menslook #menshealth #maidavale #russianinlondon

You've got to love London, most beautiful cherry blossoms. Maida Vale.
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Preparing for the thunder! ⚡️

Is there anywhere nicer than W9 on London summers day #w9 #lovelondon #maidavale #summer #sun

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