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Cute, sad, beautiful, scary. It evokes all our feelings. Amazing. Sculpture by Nicole Watts. #mahlimae #unicorn #eatdanish #sadness

Something new this way comes...
I pledged at the dawn of this new year, to find more confidence within; to break free from the binds of fear and self doubt to which I have long been answerable; and to seek meaningful ways of sharing more of myself.

Though some things remain sacred, there is much I have never spoken of in regards to my process and the ritual surrounding my creations. This image is but a clue as to what I have planned, as the first steps of what is a very gentle yet intentional process, are crafted.
Stay tuned...

I'm beyond honored to have a piece by one of the most talented artists I've ever seen, @mahlimae . Her creations, Echoes, are so evocative and have a quiet balance of melancholy and strength. This little Echo is incredibly personal to me and I will love her forever. If you've never seen her beautiful creations do yourself a favor and take a look. Thank you Nicole!❤ #art #sculpture #echo #mahlimae #thirdeye

This is the cutest thing ever ! Im entering the competition of @thesacreddimension for the aura crystal rock #thesacredgiveaway5 #mahlimae #hope_to_win #crystal_kids

Okay, I'm almost done. Only highlights and contour left!
This drawing is inspired by @mahlimae 's dolls that are just the prettiest! I hope you like it 💜
#mahlimae #doll #drawing #watercolor

'Happy Birthday' by @annieowensart
It was incredibly difficult choosing just one of Annie's pieces to share with you. Her work is both delicate and expressive in a way I find both intriguing and greatly inspiring. I take a lot away from this piece in particular, which in turn, has a lot to offer.
@mahlimae has TAKEN OVER beautiful.bizarre, check in all day to see some of her favourite artists!


Soooo in other news Little Pem arrived today💚She is just Delightful and after a little warming up she's getting on fine with LJos & lil Sparrow (who was slightly skeptical but that is just her nature..hence her name😉) Super Blessed to have welcomed our home to a third @mahlimae Echo - Nicole, She is Safe now and At Home 🏡 Isabell @nordicfairies No Worries- she is Loved♡♡♡ Aren't they all just Magical 😍 ***Please SCROLL♡ #mahlimae #echo #seraphinite #labradorite #chalcedony #angeleyes #art #artdoll #sculpture #fae #lostsoul #oddities #beauty #loveandlight ♡☆

My Echo family ❤️❤️❤️ #echo #mahlimae

What up, guys? I wanted to give a little shout out to some of my favorite artists. Thank you for creating such beautiful and unique pieces. Each one of you understand a different part of me and share it with all of is lucky enough to have found you. I respect and appreciate the hard work, passion and parts of yourselves you guys work in to every creation. Your works make me feel less alone in the world and make my existence just a little easier. Thank you so much.
& @toxictoons
#respect #art #artist #supportartists #blueeyeswhitedragon #yugioh #monsters #goth #spooky #eerie #cute #woodland #toxictoons #abigaillarson #mahlimae #reidf #rocknroll

look at this echo ?! isnt she just perfect 🌹💔💜💜🔯☪️ @mahlimae nicole u are incredible #mahlimae#artdoll#wildlife#wildone#naturespirit#natureguardian#art#loveofart

me encantan estos pequeños seres que crea ~ @mahlimae ~ ✳ son entrañables ✳ y de qué manera transmiten.

i like how this photo turned out/ looks like my echoes are characters from a tim burton inspired tail. 🦋❤#mahlimae#art#dark#melancholy#ddarkart#scuplture#nicolewatt#coolart#magical

💞 This is perhaps a bittersweet post, My Friend and Fellow Echo Mom has had to rehome her beloved Pem😔 ~ I am to become her new Guardian 💗 Have no worries Isabell, I'll look well after her and will gladly share photos📸 Dearest Nicole @mahlimae Our Lil Community takes care of one another 💞 (I s'pose I'm Mom 3 tbh) #kindness #lookafteroneanother @cannacapqueen This is fitting as this has occurred on your birthday ♡ #magic #Repost @nordicfairies (@get_repost)
pem ❤🌿☘️#echo#mahlimae#igart#art#myheart#fragile#soul#lostsoul#foundahome

While we are discussing Australian artists we can't forget Tasmanian sculptor @mahlimae! Her emotive clay sculptures are magical little woodland creatures come to life! I love them so much - I have two in my own collection - thank you Nicole ❤️

We recently adopted this precious little soul❤️The magical creator of this beautiful Echo is Nicole Watt @mahlimae , her amazing energy and spirit is passed on into her lovely sculptures! If you ever had the pleasure to see one in person, or are lucky enough to own one of these endearing little souls, then you know exactly what I'm talking about! Swipe left she had a little photo shoot💜 #mahlimae #mahlimaecho

It's really important to me that my girls learn the land on which they walk, how to identify plant species, understand their properties + respect what they touch.
Earlier in the season we harvested leaves of blackberry, rosemary, eucalyptus, melaleuca, sage + pine needles for our smudge bundles which they helped to roll + bind
Now dried and put to use, they create a beautiful fragrant smoke for cleansing which to me, smells just like home

A #drawing collage inspired by @mahlimae (Nicole Watt) character's! One day I'll get myself one of her sculptures 😍❤️. Also inspired by @tylerthrasherart who keeps creating amazing crystals on skulls and cicadas.. even though his giveaway is gone I'll thought that I could still participate in the drawing challenge #crystalsonshitgiveaway 🤓 I'm not good at drawing #crystals and they usually look better painted! 😬
oh well! Did my best.. 😘
#leuchtturm1917 #kurutoga #pencildrawing #arrows #mahlimae #tylerthrasher #collage #surrealism #instaart #artstagram

One of the things I am passionate about affecting through this venture is slowing things right down.
Reaching back through the ages and paying homage to the time honoured practices; the wisdom + the ritual
Connecting with those who yearn for that which is handcrafted + purposeful, simplistic yet powerful; who wish to take a step back from the synthetic + excessive and reclaim their intimate connection with nature and her primitive simplicity through their self-care + spiritual rituals
Looking forward...

It is a unique and wonderful thing to find another human from across the seas that understands your mind so effortlessly without ever having met.
Immense gratitude goes to my friend and talented artist @dzoolivier for his intuitiveness + endless patience in weaving together mere wisps of ideas and crafting them into the deeply symbolic reality that is my new logo (see profile pic)
His recently initiated passion project @noaliken is another space to watch as he explores ancient symbolism and the realms of the Otherworld
This also means we are inching ever closer to our official release which very exciting, thank you all for your support + patience to this point!

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