On our drive home tonight we almost ran over these two male lions sleeping in the tall grass - we watched them wake up and get ready for a night on the town; not ten feet from our Jeep! #letlionssleep #igerslions #masaimara #mahalimzuri #africanlionsafari #lionking #hakunamatatalifestyle

Gracious giraffes cross our paths during a morning drive of animal riches. Yes, she is expecting a baby giraffe! #adventuretravel #masaimara #giraffes #mahalimzuri #igersinafrica #impala

Photos from Safari at #mahalimzuri #kenya where we got engaged

Jambo! Karibu! Sawa Sawa! Nigel hosts: The Wild Thornberries, Chapter One, The Maasai Mara of Kenya.

There are not enough words to thank our friends at Mahali Mzuri - you’ve given us the most magical retreat we could ever have imagined and made all of our Safari dreams (of which we have many) come true. We miss you already!
🥰✨🙏🏼👨🏼‍🦰🎤❤️👩🏼‍🦰📸 #thewildthornberries #nigel #marianne #maasaimara #mahalimzuri #kenya #honeymoon #partone #adventureswithnigel #theresfinallyagingeremoji

Beautiful hotel bathroom
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Mahali Mzuri seeks to offer guests the perfect combination of creature comforts, modern luxury, and traditional interests. So don’t be surprised when the star gazing, candlelit dining, countless activities, and just the right amount of animal adventures have you thanking your lucky stars… or just one: Branson himself. #nairobi #mahalimzuri #safari #mahalimzuricamp #mahalimzurisafaricamp #theworldofenvy #becomepartofourworld

Serious hair goals 💁🏻‍♀️🦁We’ve followed this guy for 3 days out here on the Maasai Mara and nature simply amazes me. Earlier this season, he killed nearby lion cubs because they weren’t his in the midst of establishing dominance in a new pride. While this is normally something that would rip my heart out, I am kind of in awe of the circle of life here in Kenya and appreciate the means of survival for all the animals that call it home ❤️ #vletravels

I’m absolutely not a very good sunset photographer [my iPhone is my BFF most of the time because the lighting throws me] but this is straight out of the camera - no filter, no crops, no nothing! Safe to say Disney did their research, because I felt like I was in the #LionKing last night 😍🦁 Not pictured: pineapple cocktails + homemade chips 🥂

I like big cats and I cannot lie 🦁 #lionking

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