Autumn has arrived

We're the most informed generation, so we'll reach a point where maybe its time to move on from having a relationship with our devices to having relationships with ourselves and those around us. Yeah, I know I'm preaching to you through this medium so it's ironic, but at least I'll try and make a difference. Maybe this is my way of being accountable, so I can remind myself that it's probably more important to focus on the person who's trying to have a conversation with me while I shamelessly scroll through the likes. When you're staring at your phone, it's like you're there but you're really not. You're just a shadow.

test shot.

On my commute, today: does karma really come around? Cause I want to watch it knock you down. I got popcorn, soda, front row ticket, showed up early just so I wouldn’t miss it. You know I gotta see the trailers, revel in all your personal failures. Damn it really is true, you feed anger it then consumes you. #karmabars #whyamilikethis Portrait of artist and wine, circa 2018.

Gothenburg (Ekåsa) - Sweden

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