> Insert some inspirational quote about stepping out of the dark into the light here < 🤦🏻‍♂️nah but seriously this cave was definitely one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. There was thousands of bats hanging off the ceiling. Later they all started flying, swooping all around us. All their screeching was deafening and the smell was so pungent. The bat guano was about a foot deep and if you dared to look closer you saw the ground was alive with millions of cockroaches. I had read pythons like to hang off the ledges and pick-off unsuspecting bats but we were lucky not find any 😅. I initially doubted why I even came down into this cave in the first place but this ended up being one my most memorable experiences from our entire trip


Photograph by @nayvu
— New York, NY


New videos are live in my bio, check em. Sorry if I didn't tag anyone, tag yo self please! Lots of insanity went down but here's what turned out alright on film hahaha. Also sorry for the crop, if any of yall want the full image hop in my DMS!

I tagged along with @damageduluth for two events they've put together giving back to the community. Pictured first is the Grand opening of the Cloquet Skate plaza. The local skaters put in years of hard work to get this set in foundation, and it's truly motivating to see this pay off. The second is Bayfield Applefest where Damage put on a show, gave out products and helped coach the young skate scene.

Huge thanks to Damage for putting these events together and coming through for the scene, @qoop333 for the years of groundwork to get this immaculate plaza put in place, and the local skaters for supporting the cause.

Check the link in my bio for videos, and Damage for a recap of these showings.

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