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Thanks in part to @midwesternbite, I have my final selection ready for the #magnoliamysteryquilt with @meadowmistdesigns! I'm madly in love with all of these fabrics. How could it not be fabulous? Can't wait to get started!

My November #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt flower units are pieced! I get more excited by this project every month, Cheryl @meadowmistdesigns! 🌹

I always get so excited when Cheryl @meadowmistdesigns kicks off her next mystery quilt. Today she released fabric requirements for her upcoming #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt and I shopped my stash... and surprised myself with this pull. The background is #KonaCotton Silver, but I am going to need to order more yardage. I'll give this a few days to see if the pull sticks or if I dive back in to try again! 💖

Fabric prep for the #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt is complete! I am liking my fabric selection even more this month and looking forward to starting to see and seeing what Cheryl @meadowmistdesigns has in store for the s this year!

I got my #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt blocks for October completed just in time for the November instructions which will be released by Cheryl @meadowmistdesigns tomorrow!

Sooooooo I'm considering joining in with the Magnolia Mystery Quilt-along generously hosted by @meadowmistdesigns . Admittedly I'm having some anxiety over this. One, I have plenty to do and do NOT need another project. Especially over the summer when it's so nice out. Two, I tried to join in two years ago and had to bail out pretty quickly because my husband was having some serious back issues and my responsibilities around the ol' homestead increased exponentially. Which is by no means the quilt-alongs fault. Just bringing up old memories is all. The idea of joining happened sort of by accident. I read the fabric requirements and fabric D used 4.25 yards of fabric. I just so happen to have 4 yards of Kona Pomegranate that was too small for its intended backing. How easy to snag another little bit and boom. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrolling through the posts of all the quilts created using one mystery pattern. It's seriously fascinating. Wouldn't it be cool if mine were among them? Yes. Yes it would. I innocently asked my sister if her daughter had a quilt yet (my mom quilts so it's not impossible). No. No she doesn't. Just some bedspread purchased at the store that's falling apart. Her room is Neapolitan. So pinks and a brown. I'm not much for brown but I do have a cool pink. With mermaids. (My niece's name is Ariel and no you can't overdue that connection because hello Disney.) And an orangeish that matches the mermaid's hair pretty well. Toss in a random white and there you go. Fabric pull. I'm going to attempt to not stress about this. If I can't keep up it's ok. For some cool inspiration check out @justinenickle , she has an amazing octopus quilt in the works where she cut up Mendocino mermaids into small squares. I love how random the bits are in the patchwork and I'm hoping chopping up my Sarah Jane can achieve a similar effect. It's a mystery though so I won't know till the end if it actually works. That's my spheal for the day. Carry on with your Monday. #magnoliamysteryquilt #sarahjanestudios #modagrunge #konasolids #sewing #quilting

Best nine (errrr 18) take two. The Yurt Sweet Yurt mini quilt, staggered quilt, my daughter's twin sized Coral Wall quilt, of course the Milky Way Sampler BOM I've been working on, the Volcanic Eruption / Fire and Ice quilt (the finished quilt STILL unphotographed -sorry), the Wayward Transparency quilt, the Sarah Jane fussy cut mini quilt, the Magnolia Mystery Quilt and last but not least sewing with all the scraps from the Volcanic Eruption quilt. Phew. Lots of these projects to finish up. All in all it was a great sewing year don't cha think? #staggeredquilt #quilttheory #coralwallquilt #coralqueenofthesea #MilkyWaySampler #blossomheartquilts #bhqbyyou #fireandicequilt #volcaniceruptionquilt #waywardtransparencyqal #sarahjanefabric #sarahjanestudios #magnoliamysteryquilt #volcaniceruptionquilt2 #sewing #quilting #foundationpaperpiecing #paperpiecing #modagrunge #basicgreygrunge #showmethemoda #showmethemodagrunge #allisoncoleillustration

Day316/365. My November clue is complete. #magnoliamysteryquilt #meadowmistdesigns #project365 #socialquilting


Piecing this one slowly, but surely. (I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.) why, oh why am I giving this one away???? #magnoliamysteryquilt

Latest finish! #magnoliamysteryquilt from #meadowmistdesigns I love this pattern!!

Finished mystery top from Meadow Mist designs. Basted, flange and binding prepared. Made it smaller than designed. 34x36. #magnoliamysteryquilt #meadowmistdesigns

December: Quilt Top Reveal
First block sewn. ✅

While it’s too hot outside to sit in my #magnoliamysteryquilt is caught up to the next instalment @meadowmistdesigns

Finished piecing the top last night (but it looks pretty similar to how it did on the design wall =] ). I just need to track down some backing fabric before quilting can begin! #magnoliamysteryquilt

Started sewing the blocks!!! And I'm thrilled to find out that because my fabric is so wide, I'll have more than enough to finish the quilt without adding other fabric!
Although, I'm loving the idea of using the print as a border... will see once the top is complete. #magnoliamysteryquilt #auntlilsfabrics #evfdesign

One block completed for the #meadowmistdesigns #mysteryquilt #magnoliamysteryquilt I can’t wait to@get it put together!

No better way to spend a rainy, cold day than making a new quilt. #magnoliamysteryquilt #meadowmistdesigns #bellasolids

Magnolia Mystery QAL quilt revealed. This was so much fun for me. I used Christmas fabrics for this one (Jol from Moda). First time paper piecing (stars on the back, courtesy of the Chevron Star pattern from Freshly Pieced), first time fmq (so I tried a lot of different stuff, just to see how my old school Bernina 1530 would do. I love that machine!) I tried different threads and basically just played. #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt #modajol #konacoal #kaufmanshimmerfabric #essexmetalliclinen #leeheinrich #Berninausa #oldschoolbernina #meadowmistdesignsmysteryquilt #meadowmistdesigns #chevronstarpattern #freshlypiecedpatterns #dyelotmatters #buyenoughfabricbeforeyoubegin

The combination of no Christmas projects and the need for therapeutic sewing has led to some good progress tonight! #magnoliamysteryquilt

3 clues all sewn yesterday for #meadowmistdesign #magnoliamysteryquilt I am ready for December clue release on the 7th.

I finished these a week ago, true to form I've left this post till the last minute. #magnoliamysteryquilt

Ready for December! #magnoliamysteryquilt

I finally got my November stage of the #magnoliamysteryquilt finished. I am really enjoying this project, @meadowmistdesigns !

A fruitful afternoon at the sewing machine...ready now for the December clue! #magnoliamysteryquilt

32 Flower Units, 4 Left and 4Right Partial Flower Units. November’s clue done @meadowmistdesigns #magnoliamysteryquilt

All caught up. #magnoliamysteryquilt

Let it be noted that I do actually make quilts 😂😂😕 #magnoliamysteryquilt #yesimbehind #yesthiswillbeaquiltsomeday

This step felt like it took forever, but totally worth it! #magnoliamysteryquilt ..
Now that I see it coming together, I'd like to do this again in pink and green. What colors would you like to see it in?

November: Flower Units 😊🌸

Day316/365. My November clue is complete. #magnoliamysteryquilt #meadowmistdesigns #project365 #socialquilting

After living with my #magnoliamysteryquilt #magnoliamysteryquiltalong #meadowmistdesigns block for a week, I decided my fabric was boring. Thanks to @paigiepuddles for giving me a "stash" from which to choose new fabrics. I'm loving how this looks. It's so much more fun than the boring silver kona I had planned. #gotmyquiltywishesgranted #konapunch #konacoalgrey #konasilver #joeldewberryfabrics #randomorangebatik

I finished the partial flower units for the #magnoliamysteryquilt I finished the backing and binding for the #waywardtransparencyqal That leaves me a little wiggle room to pick back up the #treemendousquilt which is a great project to do just a little here and there. I still need to catch up on the Milky Way BOM. @foxfishe has me all pumped to finish up some old WIP's. Also I have FIVE quilt tops now that need quilted and the backing is even made for all but one. This new puppy is making basting challenging these days though. #sewing #quilting #basicgreygrunge #modagrunge #showmethemoda #showmethemodagrunge #konasolids #cottonandsteel #sarahjanestudios

The November instructions for the Magnolia Mystery quilt have been posted and we are making Flower Units this month 🌺. Here are some of my units, I decided to use different fabrics for my Fabric B. #magnoliamysteryquilt

Half of the whole flower blocks and all of the partial flowers are finished, #magnoliamysteryquilt @meadowmistdesigns @modafabrics #grungebasics

My November #MagnoliaMysteryQuilt flower units are pieced! I get more excited by this project every month, Cheryl @meadowmistdesigns! 🌹

I’m a little behind this mystery but I hope to catch up this month. Step 2 of magnolia mystery. #magnoliamysteryquilt #magnoliamysteryquiltalong #meadowmistdesigns #meadowmistmysteryquiltalong #sewwiththebest #sewlikemymom #lovepatchworkquilting #missmymomma

Magnolia mystery quilt along from @meadowmistdesigns -November assignment done- full flower and partial flower units- #magnoliamysteryquilt

Ready for next month! #magnoliamysteryquilt

32 blocks + some side blocks done, looks promising .

My latest piecing for the #magnoliamysteryquilt from @meadowmistdesigns! The mini is from the trimmed HSTs from last month's piecing. I like the whole double-dipping thing, Cheryl! 😉

All caught up with this #magnoliamysteryquilt @meadowmistdesigns and looking forward to the next instalment

Mini mountain of #hst #magnoliamysteryquilt

My November section of the #magnoliamysteryquilt is complete! Absolutely loving this QAL by @meadowmistdesigns, per usual! Now to wait patiently until December! #qal #scrappyquilts

As the saying goes, think twice, sew once...or something like that. Something doesn't look quite right. #magnoliamysteryquilt #magnoliamysteryquiltalong #meadowmistdesigns #hadtoripitout2x #oops

November blocks completed ✔️for the @meadowmistdesigns #magnoliamysteryquilt

HSTs for #WaywardTransparencyQAL, piecing for #magnoliamysteryquilt, and a big bunch of mess. I’m rotating between pressing, trimming, and piecing, and I’m having so much fun!

November done! #magnoliamysteryquilt

First November block for the #magnoliamysteryquilt done - no trimming this month!

First block for the #meadowmistdesigns #magnoliamysteryquilt finished!

Not sure I’ll get any sewing done today, but it sure is pretty to dream about getting some sewing done! #magnoliamysteryquilt

Oooo, I'm really happy with these colors for the #magnoliamysteryquilt 😍 These Half Geese units are for the 2nd clue AND Tomorrow We Get CLUE 3! I'm just a tad bit excited 😆 and of course I had to make mini HSTs with the extras 💕 #quiltalong #konacotton #kona #mysteryquiltalong #quiltalong #qal #funsewing

Only just in time, but I've made my 72 half geese. #magnoliamysteryquilt @meadowmistdesigns

72 half geese units @meadowmistdesigns #magnoliamysteryquilt I also stitched the cut offs 😂😂😂

Caught up with #magnoliamysteryquilt Ready for November instructions

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