FREE this month !! Activated Charcoal is all the rage in the skin and beauty industries because of its ability to lift up dirt, grime and other kinds of build-up due to the toxins we’re exposed to everyday. We decided to include this ingredient in May’s Only For You product – the Purifying Charcoal Gelée Masque. It’s unique gel-cream texture invigorates your scalp while also thoroughly cleansing and hydrating your strands. 💆🏼‍♀️ #charcoalhairtreatment #charcoalhair #magicshampoo #freehaircareproducts #hairproducts #monat #hairrepair #hairgrowth #hair #shampoo

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DeVerne Augustus shares: ⤵️
3 years ago, my hair was dull, felt really rough and gross. It just didn’t look healthy, and was full of flakes along with my beard. If I touched my beard, flakes would fall out like snow. .
Being a hair pro, I have a smorgasbord of products available to me. Having hair that I felt was gross, made me feel gross about everything. With everything I had to choose from, why was I struggling? .
The 2 products you see in this pic fixed my hair troubles. I noticed an improvement in a few days. Then in a few weeks the flakes were gone, my hair looked brighter, healthier, and over all better. Felt great, too. It has ever since. .
I even use this as my body wash, and all of my skin has improved. Rashes & dryness from medication is gone. My fingertips and knuckles haven’t cracked and split for 3 winters now. They used to crack peel and split from always washing hair at work. .
This is my story. Yours could be different or even better! There is only one way to find out.
I’m not the only one who’s been helped. My clients love this stuff more than anything I had ever offered to them. Hundreds of thousands in the US and Canada are loving their hair again because they are having so many More Great Hair Days.
What’s your hair biggest struggle? I promise you it is not permanent. .
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Three C’s in life -Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. 💭

📍UK BOSSBABES ➡️ Are you ready to make a choice and take a chance on a once in a lifetime opportunity that will change your life for the better❓If you are let’s chat 🤳🏼 #ahealthyhairrevolution #ukfoundersclub

Repost of my team leader @marthaburtenshaw (I had to put conjunctions to make it all fit!) "A great time spent w/ old friends & making new ones. A time to relax & to push myself, soaking in the beauty that we've been blessed with. Several people have asked me what my favorite thing about the trip was, & it was all great -- the ship, the beaches, the snorkeling, the food! But the very best part of the trip wasn't any of those things.

Monat puts a huge emphasis on gratitude in everything that they do. The family who owns Monat came from Venezuela, & our founder, Senior Luis, grew up in poverty. They see Monat as an opportunity to make dreams come true for everyone they come into contact with.

Before we sailed, Monat organized a fundraiser to earn enough money for every single crew member to have two hours of time to Facetime with their families. You see, most of the crew come from developing countries, & many work for 7-9 months at a stretch, 7 days a week, without being able to see their families. They send every dollar home. They can go for months without any contact. & what is really crazy is that NO ONE -- no group, no celebrity or sports star who sailed with them has ever done something like this for the crew before.

Crew members stopped us all week asking "Are you w/ the shampoo company? Thank you thank you thank you! I got to talk to my family!" It brought us to tears! & Monat didn't stop there. They matched the donations raised by the Market Partners & purchased smart screen technology for the only school on Bermuda dedicated to teaching children with special needs.

So what was my favorite thing about this amazing trip? It was knowing that families who are otherwise apart got to spend virtual time together. Mothers & fathers got to see their children. Spouses & children in far away lands got to see their loved ones - something all of us take for granted. My favorite thing was the reminder to count my blessings & know that, in some small way, we were able to bless the 1,600 people who worked so hard to give us a magical week."

More testimonies - seriously you have to try these products!

This is one of my clients, since we posted this picture some months ago, and being a Monat Market Partner I have been inspired to be a Monat exclusive salon owner. We used the Hydrate system in this picture. I also have made the decision to no longer offer relaxer services. If you are transitioning off of relaxers MONAT is the way to go! No big chop necessary as the products help mend broken bonds! I am in LOVE with these products!

Little lady Yzma got a bath today🛁 And now she smells amazing!! Love this sensitive shampoo for the babies😻

Having fun at work 🧖🏻‍♀️ I love being able to transform hair 😱products used: 1st wash black, 2nd wash smoothing, hydration masque, smoothing deep conditioner and of course top it off with a little oil! I love our black shampoo because it gets rid of the brassiness in blondes, instead of using harmful chemicals like purple shampoo! #monathaircare #monathair #monatblack #monathelps #monatglobal #monatworks #monatbeforeandafter #monatuk #healthyhairrevolution #naturallybased #magicshampoo #monat #leapingbunnycertified #monatopensdoors #antiaginghaircare #rejuvabeads #brunette #blondie #blondiehair #blonde #redhair

Hair Stylist Testimonies are my favorite. The first photo is a hair stylist who dyed her hair the first week of October, and her colors faded beautifully over 3 MONTHS. Swipe left to see a fairy princess get some pink locks that her hair stylist mom dried with paper towel, just to see if it would bleed.
When the hair follicle isn’t coated with gunk, the color actually penetrates the cuticle. The result is longer lasting color that won’t bleed. #naturalhaircare #happyhair #healthyhair #magicshampoo #vibranthair #fashioncolors #hairstylisttestimony #prettypinks

Olivia’s testimony....... Guys!!!
This can't be made up!!!!! Look how much my receding hairline has filled in!!!!!! I am getting thicker, longer, healthier hair!!!!! All by using magic shampoo! 🎉🤗🎉🤗
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#tomorrow is #summer #cut day!

I #never thought my hair would grow so fast I could have a summer and winter cut??? #magicshampoo

True story!
If your hair is limp, thin, thick, straight, curly or won’t hold a curl or your natural curl isn’t really curly anymore. Maybe you have thinning hair or hair loss due to age, hormones, medications etc.
Do you “care” about what your putting on your scalp {and therefore into you body}? Well my magic shampoo doesn’t have toxins, chemicals, sulfates, silicones/waxes etc!
Message me!

So Bermuda was fantastic!! I am beyond blessed😘 The travel in the past couple years has been great to reunite with new family and how wonderful these are trips earned with my company by sharing something wonderful!! Next stop Bahamas!! Who is going with me??? You have plenty of time to earn this extraordinary adventure!

Seriously results like this one after the other!!! Never get tired of seeing them! High end shampoo on the left and Our Balance line on the right. This customer had dry, frizzy hair and suffers from thyroid issues. I love seeing how happy customers are when they realize there is something that helps and is amazing to say they least 🙌 What are you struggling with?
#balding #thyroidissuses #psoriasis #hairloss from chemo? #magicshampoo is even for those that aren’t struggling! For normal hair! We have a product for every type hair. There is seriously something for EVERYONE! Results don’t lie. #magichair #besthairproductsever #lovemonatproducts #monatmagic #beautifulhair #iminlovewithmyself

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