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I am so ready for a little chaos.
A dynamic has been brought forward in the trailer I haven't really put any thought into - Octavia & Madi.

Theory: Looks like Madi is revealing her #magicblood to Octavia - see last 3 screenshots. Could this be the making of our next Commander? Will Madi ascend? O is the current reigning Heda.
Will this play to our #RedQueens advantage against Eligius prisoners?
By the looks of things, Madi may be used like a chess piece in this game of survival between the rival clans.

Octavia to Madi ~ I know what it's like to be the girl under the floor. You don't have to be afraid anymore.

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Я измучила её и обжигала воском, но я добилась своего. Благодарю за всё. Камера в руках. #model#photography#photograph#magicblood

Feeling my delicious depths as I spiral down through my womb. Day 3 of my moon cycle and it's been a beautiful time. I have intentionally created space to rest, to be and say yes to things that are nourishing me. I am so grateful to have a deeper and more honouring connection to my womb and cycle than I ever have before. The downloads I have been recieving have been profound to say the least. By creating space, journeying into your inner world & resting - doorways open up, galaxies unlock in your favour and you are able to see things from a higher and broader perspective (if you so choose). I travel in between worlds and have so much love for this temple of mine. My body has been buzzing and I am seeing things much much clearer in my life. What a gift each month that we have to delve deep and return brighter, stronger and more aware than before. If you haven't started using a moon cup, ladies I highly reccomend it. More kind for your body and the environment plus it saves you money. If you still use sanitary items, only use organic - the others have horrible chemicals in them. Enjoying all aspects of my wild woman and soft woman ✨🔮💠✨

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