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Rhynchospora latifolia (Giant whitetop, sandswamp whitetop, star rush)


Lovi ailesi, keyifli hafta sonu diler...🐾🐱🐾🐼😊

These Cypress trees were unreal! Also hollow inside. Very interesting.

I really need to be here again.

This place...I have no words! 🌻🌻🌻

Gaillardia pulchella (blanket flower, gaillardia, Indian blanket)
"Kiowa Indians believed the flowers brought luck. The Acoma and Laguna Indians rubbed the plant on mothers' breasts to wean infants, and believed an infusion of the plant improved a drummer's skills." - @fl_native_plants

Volume up! 🔊
Me and Adam went to Morris Bridge Park recently and weren't lost but did go way off the trail. Lo and behold an owl started communicating with us and jumped from tree to tree towards the direction of the trail to lead us back. This happens to me A LOT with owls and the fact that Adam was with me made it so special. He started playing owl sounds on his phone and it was so magical!

Reflection 🔎
This is where I turned around though. I got an uneasy feeling that increased with each step and finally turned around. I was alone and my gut doesn't lie!


🌳 The mighty Southern Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)! These are one of the most iconic symbols where I grew up and I always feel safe when there is one nearby. 🌳

I mostly see spiny cow thistle but this isn't spiny - I think it's Sonchus oleraceus (common sow thistle, hare's thistle) - but I could be wrong! Feel free to correct me anytime y'all. I'm learning as I go. 🌿🐷🐰

So much green everywhere, pretty much the opposite of most photos I see on here where it's still snowing! 🌳🌿🌴🌲🍃🍀💚 Tonight's low is 44° though.

This trail just kept getting more narrow and I felt truly one here, with mother nature and the indigenous people who lived and died here. I can't really explain it more than that. Words seem shallow. But I could feel them all around me, guiding me, protecting me. Any moment I expected to see someone standing down the trail from me!


🍊 Here in Florida we have orange trees in the wild but a lot of the time they're very sour. This is most likely bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium). I brought one home and it's sitting on my altar. I like to keep it changing and seasonal! 🍊

I love finding old cans and bottles!

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