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It is a euphoric feeling to be in love, especially if you have fallen for your best friend! When you have a tiff with your husband you can vent out with your best friend (both of them are the same in my case)
Here are a few unknown facts about us-
1. We met in school, we were good friends. We started dating in 12th standard – it was a puppy love then! And exactly 10 years later we got married! 👫🍷
2. Harsh is a senior software engineer, dealing with gadgets and gizmos all day long. On the other hand, I am a Social Media Marketer. Diverse fields! But “Soulmates find each other, they have the same hiding place.” Ours being – Travelling! 🏖🏕
3. We always planned of going to road trips, adventure camps, romantic holidays together after marriage. We had the desire to explore new places since our childhood.🗽⛱
4. I am a coffee lover, Harsh being my barista!☕️
5. I take frequent rounds to the kitchen in the evening to check that my chef – Harsh makes the most delicious food! Yes, I am not very fond of cooking and he loves cooking unconditionally. He doesn’t mind doing that even after a hectic day at the office!👨🏻‍🍳
6. We both share all our household chores. Being a female, I have no obligation to do that alone! We both are big-time feminists.👰🏻♥️
7. Harsh is a good flatterer (in disguise). He is full of humour and sarcasm, which does annoy me sometimes but always brings a smile on my face without failure! 🥂😃
8. We don’t count the cities or the countries we travelled together. We recall the infinite memories. Talk about them under the night sky full of shining stones. 🌟🌟🌟
9. Slow internet connections, slow walking people, yes sir-yes mam people pleasers, narrow-mindedness makes both of us go mad. 🤦🏻‍♂️
10. We both love our travel blog and are very grateful and proud of it! After all – “ Hum udna chahte hain, daudna chahte hain, girna bhi chahte hain, bas rukna nahi chahte!🏃

Today is a fresh start! Looking forward to great day with positive vibes and pixie dust! If I were at the parks today I would totally be rockin these pumpkin spice ears by me #thebowmama and tee by @magicaltradingpost
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Today has been simply magical! Also! Thank you for all of the kind words about my Not So Scary costume! 🙈✨🏰😭💕🌤😍💙 #waltdisneyworld #magickingdom


The "kingdom's" cast had been to the palace for another #magicalday!

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🦄🦄 Magical Acrylic Candy Giveaways for Cass' Unicorn Party 🦄🦄 #unicorn #magicalday #magical #candies #lifeslittlechoices #printsbycharlotteanne

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