Город засыпает..
Просыпается мафия 📿🕴🦉🦇🕷🕸🌚

Haahaaa wet ends wet wastemanz fuck the lot of ya good for nothing dead pussioles we run this now game now and forever ikkle bumba #mafiagram #aftermath2k18💫 #winners2k18✌️ #1 #allthewayup

Can sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the top now my sentence has expired and family court has begun. This is the student life £ 8D Who knows where my future endeavors and 'studies' will take me :D #mafiagram #1 #sirbossphd #familycourt #thatswhatjusticefeelslike #allthewayup #winners2k18✌️

Manz out here cruising up in the up in the suburbs of the city. Some nice views, but even nicer weather ;p Yeah! #mafiagram #1 #allthewayup

Back in court again this week. Not the criminal or family though, my favorite court, my passion, my motivation and my focus. Roll on december, and my freedom XD #mafiagram #basketball #letthecountdownscontinue #unisirbossphd #allthewayup

Chillin watching some tele with my bro XD Glad to say it looks as though we've made it through the challenges both of us faced during difficult sometimes seemingly impossible times. They have tried and can keep trying but will never separate or defeat us. As a minority and highly unpopular as well as probably the most persecuted and disliked group in the ways people are set in today's day and age, were a strong unit, however, more similar to a living organism. When one of us becomes or feels uneasy we all feel the same. No one can ever be on our level, or tell us differently. That's why we will continue to make steady progress taking none of our blessings or opportunity for granted ;D #mafiagram

President B055 2k18! Were all the way up h83rzzzzzz.... And what better way to kick off the celebrations than family court commencing... We've cornered the ratslaveimmigrant again! Good luck trying to corrupt lie and snitch your way to freedom puta. Because you will always be that good for nothing fake ugly cunt that couldn't do what she was told and get off my dick. Disrespectful scum. Doesn't mean I'm just going to stop fighting in and out of the court. We've got you on lock. Now its time to go away... leave mila here with us... and fuck off back to europe with nothing!!! U all the Bulgarians little bitch niggaz and the pussiole dirty feds can suck my left one. 2k17 we bruckkkkked you. Klack! Let's go! This year no mercy. Your going down... Facing and answering to every charge and offence you've all commited against me ... or your going to get another merking. We don't miss we don't stop zu3eeeeeep! #mafiagram #1 #familycourt #justiceorwar #theworldisours #wegotthis #werunthis #fuckthem #fucktherest

Roll on next week. we got this, weve had this from the start! This game is ours now and forever. Were untouchable unstoppable there will be nothing above us now and for ever lil bitch niggy snitch niggy brexit corrupt scum. Byebye good for nothing immigrant pussioles. Tell the Hitler yute and other cretin nazi waste to send us a postcard from auzswitch braaaaap let the celebrations begin #mafiagram #letthecountdownscontinue #familycourt #1 #unisirbossphd #werunthis #theworldisours #fuckthem #fucktherest

Skype hype 2k18 trolling rolling we got this on lock doh #mafiagram #1 #fuckthem #fucktherest #letthecountdownscontinue

Started from the bottom now we here!!! From 1 mil grinding through the lower leagues to reaching league 11 in a couple of days with over 100mil. Similarly to starting a 9 month prison sentence that finishes in 5 days. Phew. Massive thanks to everyone who carried me through to this point. Big up! This goes to show that when you truly focus and put your mind to it you can achieve anything move mountains complete whatever you set out to accomplish. There is no authority above us. There is no competition. We the best! The game will always be ours. Bitch niggaz lil wet haters & neeky moderating jewbook cretin can vouch for that. Bring on the start of the hearings next week. Prepare to give me my fucking rights or flashback to 2k17 with more stunts going harder than hard. Zu3eeep! #mafiagram #1 #familycourt #justice #uni #letthecountdownscontinue

Haha ratslave! Jaaajaaajaaaa Bruuuuuucked!!!!!!!!! #mafiagram #winners2k18✌️ #1 #fuckthem

When he's not trolling the shit out of people to stay out of the heat and various forms of trouble, he will pass the remaining time on his sentence by grinding out on whats his and what he knows best. The roads ;p #mafiagram #trollrunner2k18 #letthecountdownscontinue

Dey see me trolling, dey hating. Gassin up my line coz they know we run this! Roll on next week. Mans license recall time is up! Yeaaaa zueeep zueeep catch me if you can PUTO your great great nan will feel your pain & hear your screams when I run up on you you faggot little bitch !!!!! #mafiagram #1 #letthecountdownscontinue

Big up Woking council for sending me another cool snap for the CCTV collection. I think its very commendable and good to give drivers notice about contraventions rather than slamming them with hefty fines and court orders (London) fucking parasites. Anyway, another massive appreciation for listing my rank @ the bottom as well. Dese noobs gotta know!!! #mafiagram #1 #letthecountdownscontinue

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