So we were celebrating two things last night 😍
1. M eating yummz food after recovering from tonsillitis
2. J for getting a distinction in his grade 8 music exam
We kindly informed @thegardenslug that as a result we'd be eating with pitchforks.
As you can see, they took us seriously. Thanks guys.
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So incredibly proud of you boo. Jude just got news today that he not only passed his Grade 8 Rock & Pop guitar exam, he got a Distinction for it. I know how hard you worked for this, and I can think of no one else who deserves this more than you. Your reward - ANYTHING you want from @thegardenslug tomorrow 😘 Love, M

P.S. fun fact - we weren't together when this was taken - it's a screenshot from the first and only official video we took together when we were starting our then duo, Mae & Jude. A friend videoed this, told us he saw sparks. Two months later he was like "CALLED IT!" hahaha
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#usthehippies turned 3 yesterday and in true gender equality fashion, I gifted @judelawrence87 with a box of flowers courtesy of @floralsactually, and a haiku written by @wordsforasong.
I also secured a picture of him looking masculine with said box of flowers, but in the interest of his honour and pride that picture will not be shared in public. As yet. πŸ‘½
#maejudemusic #floralsactually #wordsforasong

Thank you for braving your own fears long enough to let me share a big part of myself with you. Adults learn swimming slower, especially if they dealt with past water trauma, so you did really well today 😘

I thought only passion and drive moved mountains - turns out Love does that and more.
4 Valentine's of gigging later - today we enjoyed a nice slow day without gigs, just lots of food. I could get used to this 😌

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Mid-gig jitters and wiggles πŸ“·: 4-year contract deal music photographer @sherylpat
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To @thegardenslug, thank you for giving us a music home once every year, for the last four years.

Friends and loved ones who were here tonight, or any night over the last four years (some of you all four), from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for always being so supportive. You are all amazing and we love you as much as we love three little pigs (yet they still haven't named it after us but just saying). Have a good advance vday y'all πŸ’šπŸ’›β€ Love, @usthehippies
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@usthehippies coming soon to a cool cafe near you. Saturday night 10 Feb for two sets with us to beat the v-day crowd. See you there derps 😘

PM us for rezzos at @thegardenslug
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #thegardenslug

Ayam in your heart no matter where I go πŸ’š
#usthehippies #maejudemusic

#throwback to when @usthehippies sang at #gitnbasia - this was probably the moment in time my voice started to pack up and go on a holiday without me πŸ˜‚

Feeling much better today and have set the goal to drink a whole pail of water to recover by tomorrow. Fingers crossed!! πŸ“·: @annapicklelisa
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Moments after stepping off the stage at our @gitnbasia gig yesterday afternoon - it's been awhile since we gigged together but @judelawrence87 still makes me go 😍 everytime he picks up his guitar.
I mean, I have to deal with his serious face when I'm trying to flirt with him on stage but I'm over it whatever
Captured on fancy film by @sherylpat πŸ’š

#usthehippies #maejudemusic #gitnbasia

Thanks for hanging with us today at @gitnbasia guys 😍 We had a ball of a time and we hope you did too!
#gitnbasia #usthehippies #maejudemusic #localmusic #sgmusic #sgbuskers
πŸ“·: @sherylpat

One of us is eating fruitips can you tell

#usthehippies #maejudemusic

Sweater weather with my hippie @judelawrence87 who I'm starting to think I like as much as rainbow donuts 🍩
We're working on our songs for the upcoming instalment of @gitnbasia on Sunday 1 Oct - just a 40min set starting at 3pm but we'd love to see you there so come derp out with us 🎢
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #gitnbasia

Workin on some new stuff tonight cos we just want #attention πŸ˜‰

#usthehippies #notsosubtlehint #newsong #maejudemusic

We come from the school of thought where date night and derp night are basically the same thing
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #thegardenslug #datenight #orderpnight #rusticcafes

When you hungry af but bae thinks you look fine so she can't stop snappin' and you just stare at her with a knife till she gets the hint πŸ”ͺ
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #timbre #substation

Another throwback from spring cleaning - this one's while I was still working with @judelawrence87 and just around the time @usthehippies was born. Looking back, I'm not sure I was ever a corporate rat. Who would believe I worked in an office once?
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #throwback

HAI GAIS DID CHU MISS US? @maesummernight has been coughing like a spoilt train for two weeks now so our plans to film covers for yall have been put on hold... So here's us derping out instead. 🎢
#usthehippies #maejudemusic

@judelawrence87 eating my brains cos... Our favourite cafe in Punggol CLOSED DOWN 😭 EMPTY STOMACHS AND BROKEN HEARTS
But never mind lah for the first time in forever our off days coincide so it's still gonna be awesome. LUFFYAW 😘😘 #usthehippies #maejudemusic

This kinda turned out like the perfect expectations vs reality potential meme for #acroyoga but I still love it cos it's our style of #derpyoga and much laughter was involved in the creation of this shot.
Thank you @judelawrence87 for picking me up from the studio to bring me to the doctor and accompanying me throughout the wait with your music and antics - and also for letting me create shapes while crushing your feet πŸ˜‚ Love you lah 😘

Now meds please do your overnight magic and give me back my throat! .
. πŸ“·: @shakethenana who somehow managed to get a still shot amidst all her laughing at us laughing
#usthehippies #maejudemusic #yogamovement #acroyoga #acro #yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming

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