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Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca

#sunshine #sunglassess #madretsma

Soft smiles in 'sterdam #madretsma

¿ 52°22′0″N, 4°52′0″E ? #madretsma

Crazy to read everything reversed, right?! #madretsmai #madretsma ❌❌❌

#madretsma ❌❌❌


London Walk now on Youtube!

London Walk is out now! Check link in Bio.

#madretsma ❌❌❌

New music coming the 24th of this month. Thanks by the way for 6000 Soundcloud plays!

Tip #8: Don’t compare yourself too much to professional artists. Especially not early on. @madretsmasmusic

Tip #7: “I want to be the best producer in the world - if it's not going to happen that's OK, but I'll still have that goal.” (Nicky Romero) @madretsmasmusic

Tip #6: Go into the studio without expectations, just mess around and have fun! (Martin Garrix) @madretsmasmusic

Tip #5: Tune your kick! A kick sounds better when you tune it to the rest of the song. This can be done very easily by boosting your kick at frequencies that represent the 1st and 7th root note of your key. For example, when writing in a minor you could boost your kick 2 dB's at 55 Hz(A1) and 3520 Hz(A7). Thanks for the massive support on the last Tip of The Day! @madretsmasmusic

Tip #4: Learn one key very well. If you want to write great melodies it's a good idea to focus only on one key. When you fully understand a certain key you will be able to convey any emotion you want with it. (Kshmr) @madretsmasmusic

Tip #3: Produce for AT LEAST one hour per day! If you want to get better you have to put in the time. @madretsmasmusic

Have you heard it yet? Link in bio @rickkode

"Insanity" is OUT NOW! Go check it on youtube and soundcloud (link in bio)

"Insanity" coming very soon! @rikkoedoot

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