💥 Here’s a fun core circuit to complete🔥
SLIDE to see all of the movements.
1️⃣Reverse crunch to box jump
2️⃣reverse table top toe touches (s/o to @hillaryswank_24 for this one saw and had to try!)
3️⃣In + Outs
4️⃣Banded bicycles
5️⃣lying leg lifts, flutter kicks and scissors!
I completed 4 sets of 15 reps of each movement! Save and try these for yourself🤪

The summer will wake up the doubt from the work put in. ⌚ starts N:0W

@iam_lykesdat x @zbo305


SL Balance w/ Multi Planar Adduction thru Dorsiflexion.

Applying band #resistance at different planes of movement can reduce the #effect of #Valgus on your knees. This can help prevent ligament #injuries and improve overall activation.

@bossmann99 x @madeperformance


Single Leg Balance w/ Lateral Reach.
2 x 15 per leg

Eliminate muscle imbalances by strengthening #glutes, #core, #abductors & #adductors.

@bossmann99 x @madeperformance


Against all the odds.
Small towners, with BIG dreams

@isaiah_reese13 x @zbo305


We'll be in better company, with our own reflection.

Excited to see @snipercv return back to #UCONN. 🏀🤫 "The Day in the Life of a Sniper Ep. 1"
Click the link on his bio

Shoutout to @imamanni @88ikiru for the footage



Always had a love hate relationship with lifting and I’ll shy away from it every chance I get. Been training with the whole squad lately. Shoutout to @__sed____ for the extra push every session! Workouts by @kaylo_bf @made_by_seymouresults @madeperformance

Yesterday’s workout with the team. @madeperformance @made_by_seymouresults @bhall21_ .
Trying to keep up with the workouts that the athletes do is forcing me to push harder every time. of course I modify what I need to but either way i push through 💪🏽

Train like an athlete
Book your session today
Another day at the office grinding with my team. Summer 18’ is here, come grind with me and get your summer started off right.
#Madeperformance #StunnasFit #Summergains

He who trains here stays ✨Blessed✨ The community that we’ve built here makes this place more than just a gym, for many of us a second home. Proud to be apart of this team🤟🏽 If you’re ever around stop by and say what’s up, you can even take a class on us...come see what the hype is all about 🙏🏽

Working on some drills with the team! a lot to get better at and learn but I’m willing to work on it until I get it 💯 Blessed to be apart of this team and have @gabrielstunna lead the way! Doesn’t matter where you start, just start‼️#summer2018 #thestunnasfittakeover

Did a bomb lil workout today with my girl @cinn_ and ended the session with some 💥🥊 s/o to @ronaldrancel and @made_by_seymouresults for the tips. got a long way to go and still learning. check out that aqua bag at the end though. (Shit is so hard😂) Miami you ain’t ready for what Stunnasfit has coming 😈

On my birthday there was no #celebration, but more so an important need to help prepare @the_angolan_bf achieve his lifelong #dream to play in the @nba. These next couple days are very important for his evaluation and amongst others in this process at the NBA Combine. Bruno really got the upside to make waves with his potential and put his country of #Angola on his back. Last night at 1130pm every minute, every rep, and every sweat counted towards his #progression There is no need for a day off right now. I'm honored to be apart of his #process. No other way than going up! Good luck young fella!

Thank you @draftexpress for the #NBAPreDraft resources.


More of my favorite go to 🍑 activators and finishers. You have the option of completing the movements with a resistance band or a dumbbell. so i’m just showing you both. Whichever one you go with make sure to keep proper form the whole movement (wrists below the shoulders, knees below the hips, foot in dorsiflexion which means toes point towards the shin) • for the donkey kick you lift the heel squeeze the flute and kick up
•for the fire hydrant you contract the core, keep that knee bent at a 90 and bring your leg out to the side 🍑😜 I dare you to do three sets before and after your workout 🔥🔥🔥 S/o to @leonfit23 for his patience and being my camera man!

Made Speed 101 Coming Summer 18’
- SAQ Training
- Strength Training
- Corrective functional movement
🚨 Registration opens 4/30
1st session: • Jr. Athletes 7 years old - 14years old)
2nd session: • HS/College/Pro Athletes
“Slow feet don’t eat”
Great work going into camp!! Good luck this season bro, your time going to come. 💯
• Athlete: @unappreciatedgreatness (FSU RB)
#Made #FSU #NCAA

Confidence is being able to say, " F*ck you, I'm the Shit!" Without opening your mouth. Say it with your walk, with your smile. Say it with your entire being. -
Most of the time, I find myself in situations where I have to force myself to be confident. But I don’t let that phase me. I just show up and show out. I do my best at whatever I’m presented with and I don’t focus on what the next person is doing or how they’re doing it. Do your own thing and be sure of yourself. That within itself makes you stand out. 🙏🏽

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