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Thinking about what you are going to have for lunch already? Why not try my mushroom pasta 🍝
Just sauté 100g of chopped mushrooms in a tbsp of olive oil for 5 mins then add in 1/2 tsp of dried thyme, cracked black pepper and some sea salt, cook for a further 5 mins, stir in 100g of cooked pasta, plate up and top with freshly chopped parsley, a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt. So simple so delicious 😘 #madeleineshaw

If you are eating your breakfast while you are reading this, then put down the pancakes. Eating mindfully is the best way to beat the bloat. If you are someone that gets bloated a lot then try for 3 days to eat all your meals away from your phone and laptop. Take time with your food, chew it’s 10 times in your mouth. Take breaks, relax and enjoy the taste of every bite. Sounds simple right? It’s pretty hard actually as we have trained our selves to multi task. Give it a go! It’s amazing how it can make you not over eat, feel less bloated and more calm. Let me know how you go 😘 #madeleineshaw #mindfuleating

Good Morning!
I was asked in an interview yesterday how I get my 'me time' now I'm a mum. It's pretty hard to have 'me time' but little moments like making a cup of tea while he has a kick about on his play mat, or while he's feeding doing some meditation/deep breathing, it's those small things that make you feel more like you and nourish your life. I'm sure as he gets older I'll have more time like this but at the moment I'm enjoying just starting at him, it's like the best Netflix show ever and it's on 24/7 #newmum #madeleineshaw

This recipe has become my go to dessert as it's so easy and I can just manage it one handed. The base is made with @goodhempfood hemp seeds to make that incredible amazing chocolate nutty layer that teams perfectly with banana and coconut cream! Full recipe is in the link in my bio! #goodhempfood #madeleineshaw

Happy Friday! I am a massive hat person and when winter rolls in I'm never without one, especially on our morning walks. This hat arrived this morning and it's the dream. I have a MASSIVE head and was worried it wouldn't fit as there was only one size but it does 🙌🏼. I've put a link to the hat on my insta stories. Have a wonderful weekend 👌
#madeleineshaw #getheglow

Shay turned 7 weeks today. I can't remember life without him, yet it feels like it's gone so fast. Every day is sort of the same, feed, wind, play, sleep, soothe. But he changes so much everyday he's started to try and chat to me it's so cute. Today he's decided he doesn't want to sleep 😴 so we're pacing the streets hopefully he will nod off soon 🙏🏼 #newmum #madeleineshaw #gettheglow

I've come to learn that being a mum is really challenging. I have moments of bliss where he smiles at me and everything seems wonderful, but there are also moments of him not feeding well, pulling off the breast, crying for hours, making me cry as I desperately try and fix what's wrong. It's only been 5 weeks but it's been the biggest journey I've been on. I didn't realise it would be this emotional. The books make it sound simple, feed the baby and then put them down to sleep, while I was pregnant I thought I can do that. However I've found babies (well my baby) to be more complicated than that. I've made a promise to myself to not give self such a hard time. Being a mum is something I'm learning and it takes 10,000 hours to get good at anything 👍 #madeleineshaw #mummydiaries 📷@Katsfilms

Seamus is now over 5 weeks 😳 this pic was taken 5 weeks before he came into the world.I do miss my bump I'm of course loving having Seamus in the world but I did really love being pregnant. ❤️ I'm just still so amazed that I made this incredible boy, he's been smiling me this morning and it's just pure magic #madeleineshaw

🍂I've started to get back into cooking now Shay is getting more into a routine. While he has a kick about on his play mat I'll make a tray bake. Last night I just popped some salmon fillets in a tray, cut up some courgette popped it in with some cherry tomatoes, olive oil and sea salt. Super simple! This all went in the oven for 15 while I fed him. I made it with two salmon fillets so I can have leftovers today with some quinoa and salad greens. When you're time poor - It's all about a tray bake! 🍂

Image from my new book a year of beautiful eating, which has loads of easy tray bake recipes, my fav is the cod and asparagus 👍#madeleineshaw


Feeling like a proper wifey today, donned my apron and made @madeleine_shaw_ ‘s butternut and coconut soup for tea, then homemade toffee apple crumble for pudding!

Piling the spinach onto my chickpea and lentil dhal 👌
#homemade #food #eat #dhal #spicy #madeleineshaw #healthy #nutrition #clean #fresh #instafood #instagood

This is how happy we are that it's the weekend! Note Joseph's mildly amused expression at Cc's antics - this was taken while the little ones were enjoying @madeleine_shaw_ 's delicious peaches and cream popsicles - you can read all about it on Pret A Parent now...📸 @helenmarsdenphotography .
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Another recipe adapted from @madeleine_shaw vegan recipe plan - bean chilli topped with avo.. Getting my vits in before indulging in London all weekend!

I love this outtake from our shoot with the beautiful @madeleine_shaw_. Look at my nephew Joseph head in his hands..."What has Aunty Claire got us doing now!?" You can read my lovely chat with Madeleine on Pret A Parent now. 📸 @helenmarsdenphotography 😘
#madeleineshaw #gettheglow#healthyfood #mom #momlife#motherhoodthroughinstagram#cooking #family #nutrition#styleblogger #fashionblog #instagood#kidsofinstagram #thatsdarling#flashesofdelight #instacute#mytinymoments #lifestyleblogger#huffpostgram #happymama#abmlifeissweet #vscomom #parenting#makingmemories #mindset#mindfulness

Lentil spag bol from the new @madeleine_shaw_ vegan meal plan available on #glowguides - perfect comfort food on a cold day!

I love using seasonal produce like pumpkin in my pancakes this time of year. To get the colour perfect for this recipe it’s all about using the gorgeous rich orange yolks of the @clarence_court Burford Browns eggs. Topped with caramelised bananas, coconut flakes and maple syrup this breakfast is Sunday morning go to.
#madeleineshaw #eggs #breakfast #ambassador

I have often thought that preparing children’s food – especially when weaning my youngest – is a lot like working in a canteen. It’s a production line of uninspiring meals, served to unenthusiastic customers, who invariably give disappointing feedback – like chucking it on the floor. Or as my youngest likes to do – swiping everything off the high chair table with one clean sweep of her arm. Which is why I couldn’t wait to meet bestselling health coach, author and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw.
Hers are the only recipes I’ve tried where the outcome even vaguely resembles the picture and that were tasty enough to try again. It is probably why she has amassed a 272-k following on Instagram and when I was buying the ingredients for our shoot and pulled out her book to check the recipe practically everyone I showed it to said: “Oh I love her food”. Here we are trying to act natural (me not her) thank you so much @madeleine_shaw_ you can read the full story on Pret A Parent - link in the profile above. 📸@helenmarsdenphotography 👌🏻
#madeleineshaw #gettheglow #healthyfood #mom #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #cooking #family #nutrition #styleblogger #fashionblog #instagood #kidsofinstagram #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #instacute #mytinymoments #lifestyleblogger #huffpostgram #happymama #abmlifeissweet #vscomom #parenting #makingmemories #mindset #mindfulness

Sorry if the #fooddiary posts are getting a bit boring, but they’re really helping me stay on track so I’m gonna keep doing them! Breakfast was an adaptation of #madeleineshaw porridge with pomegranate(I used apple instead of pear, and walnuts instead of pistachio). Lunch of scrambled eggs with pesto and avocado on toast. Dinner was salmon, quinoa and roasted veg. Didn’t really fancy exercise this evening, the girls were both up in the night last night (literally as we got one settled the other woke) so I was tired. But I forced myself to start and once I got going got into it #bbg #bbguk #bbgcommunity #bbgpostpregnancy #postpartumbody #whatsonmyplate #womp #whatieatinaday #13weekspostpartum

This recipe has become my go to dessert as it's so easy and I can just manage it one handed. The base is made with @goodhempfood hemp seeds to make that incredible amazing chocolate nutty layer that teams perfectly with banana and coconut cream! Full recipe is in the link in my bio! #goodhempfood #madeleineshaw

Hey every one💕
I could not be more excited to FINALLY show you all Shay’s gorgeous nursery that we have been working on! 😍
I'm sure any mama's out there will know how fun it is getting all the elements together; I think all the little details I chose really make a difference to create the perfect space for Shay to play. I hope you enjoy the video... Link is in my bio! 💋
#madeleineshaw #mummydiaries #gettheglow #newmum

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