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On some fresh note , after a spent a minute enjoying my victories here I am - gained some muscle, lost some fat, gained some experience and may be lost some people from my circle. If you know me you know I take life lightly and my goals are always happiness and laugher 🦋. My second competition UKBFF was nothing short than a dream , so much fun and crazy emotions. Needless to say I am proud of myself and the hard work mixed with celebrating life every day! 💕Only had 10 days to prep and still won for myself! The only competition I will ever have is myself and the way I was yesterday! Always striving to do better! I love this lifestyle - work hard, play hard, surround yourself with positive people and those who are rooting for you no matter what - thats my formula for success!!🙌🏽 When you enjoy what you do, you get to enjoy the results that come with it. So again all you see is all you get - 100% natural, no illegal substances to aid this journey! Just me showing up for myself 💪🏼To top it up I had my bestest people coming to watch me and enjoy the carb up after the show 😂 Huge admirations to my coach @williamsfalade who despite his own competition prep was always there for me! Last minute preparations ! Next focus is on more change , because without change there is no progression - change in diet, eat and live life so I will never have to prep again! Bring on plant diet and home made organic cakes 😝Is this even possible - competition ready all day every day 😊change your habits change your life .... "We gotta make a change
Its time for us people to start making some changes
Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
And let's change the way we treat each other
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
What we gotta do to survive " 2pac 🙌🏽❤🖤

Зимата е само състояния на духа. Другото е одеало от 100% натурална небагрена овча вълна, оплетено на ръка и рисуване по кожата с @goodinkbulgaria. Малки неща, които правят впечатление.

🇮🇹 🌹 Nella box di #settembre di @fairyboxteam, che Sven è stato così gentile da inviarmi come pensiero, c'era anche questo #idrolato biologico di rosa bianca bulgara (*rosa alba*) di @alteyaorganics, un'azienda a conduzione familiare che coltiva e raccoglie rose (ed altri meravigliosi fiori) e ottiene, tramite la loro distillazione, preziosi oli, nonché un prodotto secondario di questa distillazione: le acque floreali. 💜Non vedo l'ora di provarla! I prodotti Alteya si trovano su Amazon. /🇺🇸🇬🇧 🌹 In the #septemberbox by @fairyboxteam, which Sven so kindly sent me as a gift, there was this #organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (*rosa alba*) by @alteyaorganics, a family-run company, located in the famous Rose Valley, that grows, harvestes and distill #roses (and other wonderful flowers) to obtain precious oils and their byproduct: floral waters. 💜 I can't wait to try it! You can buy directly from their website.
#greenbeauty #greenbeautyblogger #greenskincare #naturalskincare #cleanbeauty #toxinfree #chemicalfree #floralwater #hydrosol #acquafloreale #madeinbulgaria

I have the best grandfather in the world. His ability to imagine, create and repurpose objects is phenomenal. He created this portable wheel from an early 60's film reel rewinder. ❤️🔺❤️
#filmreel #potterywheel #madeinbulgaria

45 street, streetweat fresh from Sofia, Bulgaria. Check out these stunning intarsia T-shirts using the link in the bio 👆
#streetwear #knits #madeinbulgaria #sofia #dots

Coucou les mouettes ! Notre imprimé signature s’invite sur nos teddies pour petits et grandes. Une belle idée cadeau à offrir à celle qu’on aime, dont c’est la fête dimanche 28 mai ♡
#letempsdessourires #coucoulesmouettes #madeinbulgaria #emoiemoi #bonnefetemaman


18K White, Rose and Yellow Gold - Custom Order made by Bloom Jeewellery #BloomJewellery #MadeinBulgaria #TrinityBracelet #CustomOrder #GoldBracelet #Iconic

My new canvasbag for my #Mama "Dancing Vegetables" 38/41/10 cm, 100%cotton, 15 EUR + shipping! DM for orders 🥑🍆👍
ПРИВЕТ! Эта сумка под названием "Танцующие Овощи" для моей мамули ❤️🥑🍆🥒, она очень ей рада!!! А из НОВОСТЕЙ следующее ❗❗❗У меня появилось в наличии мноооого хороших сумок, они шиты под заказ, натуральны, ткань двунитка, очень хорошие швы. Размер 38/41/10 см, длинная ручка, 100% cotton, сумку можно использовать для шопинга, на пляж, в спортзал, студентам и всем учащимся для книг, для покупок ❕❗❕❗во избежание загрязнения планеты полиэтиленом.
А вы позаботились о сумочке для себя? Сумка может быть в вашей идеей, позже буду выкладывать уже сумки с рисунками, как эта 👍👍👍👍
Все сумки по тэгу #totebagoangels 👍👍👍 цена сумок 15 EUR + пересылка

Brand: H&M
Size: 36
Colour: light grey
Materials: stretchable cotton
Made in Bulgaria
Price: 110.- ชุดเสื้อกล้ามผ้ายืดใส่สบายยยย สภาพดีงาม ดีไซน์เก๋ ความยาวคลุมเข่าพอดี รอยยับเกิดจากการเก็บค่ะ

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The magic of the bulgarian rose 🌹 🇧🇬

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